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18th Birthday Bash

An Adult Affair

11/23/2010 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Today's Miley Cyrus' 18th birthday -- but she already got her adulthood on with an A-list only birthday party ... and some dude sucking on her neck.  Yeah ... they grow up so fast.

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WOW!!!.....Good role model for teens? Fantastic whore.

1430 days ago

Peter Sc    

Thats why I fear for the teenage parties my daughter will participate in and here they start drinking at age 15 as part of our cultural heritage.

1430 days ago


What a slut. And now that she is legal let me say that I would love to bang her.

1430 days ago


wow. just plain wow. slut-tastic! So....Miley's MOM was in attendance at this birthday? Miley's been around the block one too many times. True Dat.

1430 days ago


She is 18 years old, wearing darling and provacative clothing, then making out with a guy......NORMAL. Plus, she is a pop star. Is she supposed to become a nun because she has young fans??? She isn't doing drugs or getting arrested, she is normal for where she is at - so give her a break.

I wonder at anybody that rides the morals of their kid on a freaking pop star. If you interact with your kid and spend time with them, show them an example to live by, then they probably won't be floored by Miley's actions.

Glad my life is a microscope

1430 days ago


Gosh..what a fantastic role model she is! NOT!!
Oh how proud to have another slut to pollute this world we live in..just wonderful.

1430 days ago


This is only unacceptable in the USA. In Canada, specifically Quebec, 18 is legal age to buy and consume alcohol and tobacco, get into bars and strip joints, and be a general sleazy adult... then again, here in Quebec, by 18, we've all graduated high school about two years ago and have either been working like adults or in college acting like a 21 yr old in the states.
Point is - in my country/province, she's an adult, let her have her fun on her birthday. Or all you Americans trying to tell me you were clean little virgins at 18? ... right.

1430 days ago


mu kids wont be watching this lil whore again

1430 days ago



you're going to tell your kids that you watched a video of someone spying on their beloved hannah montana while she was flirting with a boy on her 18th birthday, so you don't want them watching that 'slut' on tv anymore?

YOU are choosing to expose them, not Miley.

1430 days ago


O.K., I usually don't like TMZ because they are a scandal rag and disrespectful. But that was funny!

1430 days ago


Sadly it is pretty much without a doubt that she is to become the next problem child and slut of Hollywood. Classic. Parents divorced and always were WAY to lenient with her and she has incredibly spirited disposition. She is going down the road to sex,drugs and booze town. Stupidity is a disease that is so easy to catch when you are young. I know I had it and it took years to get rid of it.

1430 days ago

Andrew Hedgman    

I bet all the parents that are commenting on this saying how bad she is have no idea that their kids do a lot worse than that. This is what 18 year olds do, dont say you never did that when you were that age. Take a look at yourselves before you judge others, especially others that you have never met in your life!

1430 days ago


She is 18 now not 12 get over it people! She is not doing anything any other 18 year old has not done, it is just that there is always cameras following her to capture it.

1430 days ago


Come on, do you really think that she's still a virgin? And actually that's how most girls her age act. That's just life! If you don't have fun as a teenager, when will you have some?

1430 days ago


Cute pick. Doesn't he know that bustin a sag is so nineties.

1430 days ago
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