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18th Birthday Bash

An Adult Affair

11/23/2010 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Today's Miley Cyrus' 18th birthday -- but she already got her adulthood on with an A-list only birthday party ... and some dude sucking on her neck.  Yeah ... they grow up so fast.

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VALLIVEDU.Krishna Rao    

M I L E Y ,

1397 days ago


You guys are all haters. You are just mad because you will not be getting any of that young tight stuff.

1397 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

Young? Sure. Tight? Not really...In more ways than one.

1397 days ago


Hoe in training. Just Saying...!!!

1397 days ago


She knows she's in the public eye and everything she does or says will be out there for everyone to see or read about. You would think she would have some respect for herself and her fans. One thing she's got going for her is she made it alot longer than her dad, but she won't last either. As for her mom and Bret Michaels, I don't believe it.

1397 days ago


It's not like she was naked. it was a kiss on the neck. Do you actually know different. She is 18. It was her birthday party. Eighteen remember, Old enough to serve old enough to vote. Gee i bet old enough to get a kiss on the neck.

1397 days ago


I agree with earlier comments. Now that she is 18 I would have no issue help her to stretch!

1397 days ago


NOBODY has to be a role model for your kids, that its YOUR job. Im sure not all eighteen year olds act like her & besides that's her business not yours to judge! Get over it!

1397 days ago


Wow the parents sacrified their marriage and this is the result. Self indulgent, self absorbed, and selfish. Way to go Cryus parents...fame was more important wasn't it?

1397 days ago


Yeah, and in Africa, there are provinces where 10 years olds have babies.
Is that ok because it is "normal".

I think promiscuous behavior steals your youth. It takes a long time to grow up. Acting out just labels you as cheap and stupid.

1397 days ago


Give her a break. She is not a Slut just because she's kissing someone. Grow up people. She is trying to live as normal as a person can in the spot light. Happy Birthday Miley!

1397 days ago


This little girl has been getting away with so much its unreal,for all the people saying "shes 8 stfu".You forget months ago when she was NOT Legal and shaking her ass on stage bent over in front of a crowd of older men?

You forget the flat out whore pictures of her when she was 15?

She is a ignorant typical little whore, sadly found too much in this new generation-text.

As a 28 year old even im sicked by how flat out stupid/untalented/whorish this little girl has been allowed to act so far, it will not matter soon, she will be in rehab giving bj's for meth soon enough, only making news on TMZ when she's overly crack-whorish.

1397 days ago


umm what planet are you people from??? She is an 18 yr old teenager!!! What do you think happens when girls become teenagers?????????? grow up people my god she was getting kissed big deal!!! She is allowed to have a life outside of tv.

1397 days ago

barbara seal    

As a mother of 4 daughters, I have gone through the independent stage of reaching 18! However, she has a following of young girls in her Hannah Montana role and I think she is setting a bad example.
I watch the show with my 7 year old grandson but recently I have not
allowed him to watch As a mother in my observation of her, she is much more mature and sexual than she should be as we all know from the layout of provocative pictures. Now that her mother and dad are getting a divorce for mom playing around with Brett Michaels, that is her role model

1397 days ago

random poster    

If this had taken place at her home I would say who cares, but she's in a public place and she knows there are cameras around.

Yes, parents should be the ultimate role models for their kids, but kids are nonetheless influenced by the celebrities they admire. She's old enough to understand that and she should know better. Get a room.

1397 days ago
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