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18th Birthday Bash

An Adult Affair

11/23/2010 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Today's Miley Cyrus' 18th birthday -- but she already got her adulthood on with an A-list only birthday party ... and some dude sucking on her neck.  Yeah ... they grow up so fast.

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I have to admit for a roll model for teens this is inappropriate. But for god sakes shes 18! I'm sure a lot of people have lost there virginity at 14. People really just need to leave her alone! It's called growing up and apparently people don't realize that.

1428 days ago


So she is a slut for a guy kissing her neck? NO... Think again. If you think she is a slut go ahead and look up the definition. She is not going around the block and having sex with every guy that walks by. She is not exposing herself to every one. I mean come on !! If she was a slut, she would be making porno movies like Paris Hilton.

Just because there is a picture of a guy kissing her neck does not mean that she had sex with him. Is there any proof that they did rock the bed that night? Think about it people. Yeah she is not a good role model for her fans but at least she is not doing drugs and so forth. She has not been arrested nor has she been in rehab. THINK IT OVER PEOPLE

1428 days ago


OK, and all of you seem to forget what it was like being 18! Hypocriotical @sses!

1428 days ago


Looks like a good ole fashion body shot to me...I think people are overreacting on this one..

1428 days ago


If she wasn't the daughter of a well known person.....she would just be a not so well known ho.

1428 days ago


Ok people act like this girl was supposed to stay a little girl or something first of all that picture could be a whole other thing she could have just been standing there and he walked up to kiss her and she turned away or something but whatever it's her business whatever went down we were all 18 once and some of you here are about that age now and can't not one of you throw the first stone!! Not trying to preach here or anything but it's funny how when or if the shoe was on the other foot we would be soo pissed if people were calling you names and passing soo much judgement I think we all forget that these celebs wether it be child or adult they are all still human too so quit putting them so high up as to think that they shouldn't or couldn't do no wrong!! They are just people too! not perfect!

1428 days ago


ehhh whatever, How many teens act just like her? wayyy to many to count the only reason she is getting the heat is because she is who she is. If she was a good role model there would still be fast little girls like her. Lmao some parents are like " my child is such and angel" lol some of them need a REALITY CHECK!

1428 days ago


The whore here is TMZ! What a childish group of folk making a living intruding on other peoples' lives. Some people will do anything for a dollar! I wonder what dirt we would find out if the TMZ staff was put under a microscope! Then again, probably none since they have no lives of their own!

1428 days ago


She is no longer a kid. Let her grow up. I find it hard to believe that everyone except Miley Cyrus is a saint. I am sure many of you all have drank, smoke, kissed, etc.

1428 days ago


Meh, the problem with this isn't that she shouldn't be allowed to do it. Or that she's an 'adult' now. It's that she chosen to act like this since she was 15, does it in public places where she knows where she's going to be spotted, then 'freaks out' when it's 'leaked'.

This kinds of pictures get plastered all over facebook of normal teens when they get into this stuff, and usually people look at them and go "what a whore." Miley isn't getting treated any differently than any another 18 year old. The masses that are creeped out/making fun or being general *******s (I do agree that comments can be unfair sometimes) are just bigger.

1428 days ago


Enough already. It's a picture from her PRIVATE birthday party of her getting kissed on the neck. BFD It's not like a video of her blowing some dude at a bus stop is circulating. Leave her alone for God's sake.

1428 days ago


hmm i thought she would end up with a guy that had a small ounce of class but even the kids from the suburbs where there pants the below there ass,i guess she is just into that

1428 days ago


WOW! who cares, she's 18 and how many young girls are pregnant by the time their 16 or's so funny how mtv can host 16 and pregnant and make it seem like it's normal to be pregnant at "16".Now that we have miley with a guy kissing her while she just turned 18.."BUT" she's the slut.If you don't want your children watching her then "dont" it's as simple as that.

1428 days ago


Miley find a guy that can atleast pull up his pants

1428 days ago


Mileys a hot young woman.............hell yeah go miley dont let anyone get u down most ppl just wish they could get with u

1428 days ago
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