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18th Birthday Bash

An Adult Affair

11/23/2010 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Today's Miley Cyrus' 18th birthday -- but she already got her adulthood on with an A-list only birthday party ... and some dude sucking on her neck.  Yeah ... they grow up so fast.

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Wow, you are all flipping out over a kiss on the neck?? First off, do we have nothing better to do than sit back and examine everyone elses lives and then procede to call them "sluts" because of a kiss on the NECK?! Grow up, look at the time we live in, you tell me your children haven't seen worse than that? She is 18 now, she couldn't be a Disney Princess her entire life. Overdramatic much?

1429 days ago


Wow, hey, to you who think it's wrong for her to do that kind of thing in public, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU DO WHEN YOU GO TO A CLUB?! Wanna not let your child base their life around someone they don't even know? YOU'RE the PARENT. YOU hold the INFLUENCE. Stop freakin whining about how an 18 year old girl is going to change your child's life. NEWSFLASH- they don't even know her. And who called her mother a slut? List the facts to prove that. Please. I really wish that you would. I am a senior in high school (I'm actually in school right now) so let me just tell you, as I look around the room, there are kids talking about doing things and ACTUALLY DOING THEM RIGHT NOW IN SCHOOL 10 times worse than what Miley is doing. So get off the freakin computer judging other people's kids and GO PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR OWN!

1429 days ago


What does bustin a sag mean? Get over yourselves. You know the saying takes one to know one, remember that when you are calling her a whore.

1429 days ago


LMAO. Big deal. She made out with a guy during a party. She is a legal adult. She was not naked. She did not flash her privates. They did not engage in sexual intercourse. SHE MADE OUT WITH THE GUY.....PERIOD. Who gives a flying fu**? You people who are screaming that she is a slut for kissing a guy are insane. Get over it already.

1429 days ago



1429 days ago

colleen gasaway    

does anyone else think of lindsey lohan when they see this?

1429 days ago


I have tons to say about your mean comments!
I wrote all in my blog -

but seriously?! she's 18!!!! give her a break!

1429 days ago


I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, there is what looks like a glass next to her and frankly, I doubt is a glass of water. I remember being that age and doing crazy things, but this girl is just plain slutty.

1429 days ago


Leave that poor girl alone....Who hasn't been 18. Happy birthday Miley!!

1429 days ago


WHO CARES!! WE have all been there and done that... ALL your kids will do it too regaurdless if Miley is doing it or not... She is a teen in the spot light if we had someone looking over our sholders it would look the same!

1429 days ago

Old grandma    

Get a life people, im betting not one person commenting, ragging this young WOMAN didn't do the very same thing at that age, i was MARRIED at that age with KIDS! get a grip, she is having fun, well deserved in my opinion, she is now an adult and enjoying herself, leave her be! im proud of her, at least she is having the time of her life and has made herself who she is, if the cameras were on you, would you be wearing a habit at age 18? i doubt it!

1429 days ago


Next time...GET A ROOM!!!

1429 days ago


jeez, this is a surprise? She was acting a horny little thing at thirteen... But she's legal now, I'm sure she'll be going thru hundreds of hot guys... She has like too much testoterone or something, like a horny boy in drag.

1429 days ago


the people commenting on this are just jealous that they are either not that popular and/or not that young and pretty anymore. we all had our time and day.... LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE!!! Parents should be the role models not T.V Stars..

1429 days ago


since when does making out with someone make you a "whore" or a "slut" ... you people really disgust me, grow up a bit please - what were you doing on your 18th birthday? sitting in church? I think not.

1429 days ago
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