Oprah Gift Getter to Re-Oprah Some of Her Gifts

11/23/2010 8:00 AM PST
TMZ has learned one of the "Oprah" audience members who just won a brand new car -- and a bunch of other awesome stuff -- is stealing a move from O's playbook ... and plans to give away some of the goodies to other people who "deserve it."

We spoke to Nikki Ivey -- who walked away from "Oprah's Ultimate Favorite Things" episode with everything from cookware, to jewelery to music and of course a brand new Volkswagon Beetle -- but she told us she isn't keeping everything.

Ivey says she plans to give away some of the items to deserving people -- a la Oprah -- and plans to sell some of the stuff off to raise money for her church. 

However, there's one item she ain't so eager to part with. Ivey says she had been praying for a car ever since her truck hit the 200,000 mile mark ... so she's gonna hang on to the Beetle.

But Ivey says ... because her prayers had been answered, she felt it would be "right" to sell off some of the gifts so she could donate to her church.

Ivey says she'll be figuring out who gets what sometime in the next few weeks.