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Oprah Gift Getter to Re-Oprah Some of Her Gifts

11/23/2010 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned one of the "Oprah" audience members who just won a brand new car -- and a bunch of other awesome stuff -- is stealing a move from O's playbook ... and plans to give away some of the goodies to other people who "deserve it."

We spoke to Nikki Ivey -- who walked away from "Oprah's Ultimate Favorite Things" episode with everything from cookware, to jewelery to music and of course a brand new Volkswagon Beetle -- but she told us she isn't keeping everything.

Ivey says she plans to give away some of the items to deserving people -- a la Oprah -- and plans to sell some of the stuff off to raise money for her church. 

However, there's one item she ain't so eager to part with. Ivey says she had been praying for a car ever since her truck hit the 200,000 mile mark ... so she's gonna hang on to the Beetle.

But Ivey says ... because her prayers had been answered, she felt it would be "right" to sell off some of the gifts so she could donate to her church.

Ivey says she'll be figuring out who gets what sometime in the next few weeks.



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Gsharon 710    

BS. After the way she slithered into the Jackson home with no regards for her treatment of MJJ, giving the world all her money could not get her fans back.

If Joe had not been there that fake ass would have asked the children about MJJ's court cases.

Selfish, selfserving, ass kissing , Jealous of MJJ's worldwide fans,do anything for ratings, lying, non -repenting washed up, back-stabbing, wanna-be God.

Why give so much to people already blessed, have your pic taken giving a homeless man a HUNDRED bucks, putting his life in jepordy, when that could have fed hundreds peanut butter sandwices? She is not dumb, but did not care if this homeless man was killed for a hundred bucks as long as she knew people would hear about it.

She would have been respected more for leaving the Jackson children alone, and having a show about how to safely help homeless in our country.

Anyone who glorify this person must be lacking knowledge of how she really is and makes no apology for her selfish acts.

1437 days ago


I cannot even comprehend some of the comments here. I think that Oprah has been SO giving over the years and some of you come back like jealous fiends. Unreal.
As for this woman re-gifting? Good for her. It's the very reason she was one who was chosen to be on the show and to receive these wonderful fortunes.
Some of you should look in the mirror sometimes. Your hateful dispositions is just terrible. If I can see it, so should you.

1437 days ago


What was the tax bill for these people that received all of the gifts? Surely the IRS has a stake. I also think that Oprah does this for her own finances, she probably gets all the gifts at cost or below from the manufactures and in turn writes them all off at retail price or higher as a business write off. All the while the media hypes the angle of the receiving of the gift from Oprah. It was a self serving financial ploy for Oprah.

1437 days ago


Good for Ms. Ivey - she has a big heart!

I could not watch the big Oprah giveway this year; it made me too sad. Being an unemployed mom of 4 this year, I am finding holiday cheer impossible to muster.

1437 days ago


She is really gonna just keep the money to buy drugs and alcohol for sad.

1437 days ago


With so many people suffering now in this economy, it shows a lack of compassion and even a little arrogant for this kind of giveaway to her audience members. I agree with other commenters that she should could have made a better choice giving to organizations and communities really in need. The individuals receiving these gifts will have to pay taxes on them (at least on the car). I hope Oprah made them aware of that. The gifts were provided via Oprah's huge marketing budget and donations by the companies in exchange for their mention on the show. One more thing, Rosie O'Donnell's talk show began these giveaways. Now, most of the other shows do it.

1437 days ago


It would be nice to part of that receiving end but wonders if she would get upset if it could trade it to pay for student loan and meal for a year. *sigh* *wishing upon a star* **sigh**

1437 days ago


WOW! I didn't realize there were so many jealous people in the world. Don't hate on Oprah because she's living large and you're living paycheck to paycheck. If you're happy with your life, then that's great, but it doesn't give you the right to judge someone else. I think all of you need Jesus!!!

1436 days ago


I can't stand Oprah!! or her ME,ME,ME attitude. She thinks she is God's gift to the world.. God has given a lot of people to the world as a gift, but it certainly wasn't Oprah!!!

I wonder if she told all of the "Special" audience (which she hand picked) that they would have to pay gift tax on everything they received. I doubt it.

I can't wait until we get to hear that she is having some sort of plastic surgery, she really does need it.

On her show, when she interviews a guest, the cameras are on Oprah 75% of the time. And if the guest happens to be a singer, we get to watch Oprah sing along (like 50% of the song) I only used to watch her show if there was a guest I wanted to see, now I don't watch it at all, and I certainly will not watch her new show. JUST SAYING.......

1424 days ago


i totaly agree she nothing great all she doing is showing everyone how rich she is hello not like some have to work our ass off to get any money yes there alots of poor people out there why not help them first as for god where was he when people die for no reason was he having a cup a tea at the time dont give me god crap he will look after all my nephew died at 6 months old nothing wrong with him they put it down to cot death so where was god then when he died on mothers day explain that one to his mother love to hear the results

1415 days ago


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1409 days ago


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1409 days ago
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