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Bristol & Mark -- In a NYC Groove

11/24/2010 1:00 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

"Dancing with the Stars" third place rump shaker Bristol Palin was spotted with partner Mark Ballas hustling through the streets of Manhattan on Wednesday.

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas

These two move quick.



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I actually prefer BP than her annoying mother but..... she did not deserve to be in that show for more than 2 episodes. She's not as bad as Kate Gosselin but close.

1396 days ago


Seriously Harvey haven't you beaten this girl to death. We all know you are a Palin hater. Come on she is a 19 year old girl. Move on Harvey, MoVE THE HELL ON.

1396 days ago


Gimme a break. Love the final slam on her weight with the "last morsel" remark.

Karen: I agree a little bit with you on the "middle finger" remark. I think at this point she knew she had nothing to lose and wanted to get a jab back at the conspiracy theorists, though. Agreed, she could have used something better than middle finger and I don't doubt if you already don't like the girl, it would make you dislike her more. She has mostly bit her tongue all season though, and I am able to overlook it a bit easier perhaps...

1396 days ago

C. Fox    

Bristol Palin: The only contestant in 11 seasons of Dancing with the Stars to actually GAIN weight during the competition. I guess that's what happens when you don't really practice, dance or compete.

1396 days ago


Uh... yomama... I give props to who I want for what I want, ok?! And I don't have to explain one bit of it to you. Twits like yourself need to grow up and get over it and come up with a REAL argument and stop hating on Bristol cuz you don't like her mother. How stupid is that?!?! You people think you are so much better! What have you done? Who are you? Oh yeah... A NOBODY!! So STFU & come up with something original!

1396 days ago


Seriously TMZ you can be real a**holes sometimes! Were the words looser and morsel really necessary?

For those with the nasty hateful comments... Are you really that insecure and down about yourselves that you have to put this girl down? I guess that just makes you feel all awesome to tear someone down online. Get a life!

I missed the middle finger comment she made. However, I don't blame her for saying it. The ridicule against her, since being on DWTS has been ridiculous!

I'd like to see you hateful people get out there and do it. Plus deal with the crap she ahs had to!

1396 days ago


When everyone said how bad Bristol was on the show and that she didn't deserve to be there all the Palin disciples were saying "well if you don't like it, don't watch".

So back to all of you, if you don't like what TMZ writes or reports, the don't read it.

Fair is fair kids.

1396 days ago


That is way harsh too call her a looser she took third out of how many dancers.The young lady danced her heart out over insurmountable odds. She was a total nobody without any dancing skills,unlike most of the other people in there.I think what your saying in your totaly no class caption is Bristol is guilty by association,meaning since her mother is sara palin Bristol is a looser too I hate people who have that kind of rationale, look in the mirror pal! Youll find the real LOOOOOOOOse there!

1396 days ago


TMZ = gutless wonders and mindless slaves to the entertainment industry and it's liberal zombies and propoganda. WTF did Bristol ever do to YOU Harvey?! You short penis having girly man!

And for the rest of you haters, Bristol if flippin HOT, and while you bash her for being fat (which she is not.....ANOTHER problem with the entertainment industry, causing young women to have eating disorders), I'm pretty sure most of you men wouldn't kick her out of your bed either, even though you'll deny it at all costs.

1396 days ago


TMZ is trying to spread their hate again!! Bristol did so much better then expected, and they cant stand it!! TMZ just looks like bitter brats!

1396 days ago

Bulldog Mom    

Shame on you TMZ...You disgust me putting this story up..You feel threatened by her mother, so you take any chance you can get to bash her daughter..Bristol did a great job with no experience..Get Over It Already !!!!!!

1396 days ago


She should have been gone after the third week.

1396 days ago


I wonder if Bristol is preggers again. I mean gain 20+ pounds, with all the dancing, doesn't make sense. I bet that her dance partner Mark sure was glad DWTS ended when it did, I have a feeling the way Bristol is piling on those pounds, wouldn't be too long before she hit 200# or over. Now that would have been a sight to see.

1396 days ago


Someone posted about her gaining weight and I said the same thing. She looks heavier from the beginning. Who gains weight when they're dancing 6-8 hrs. a day? I don't get it. I am so very glad she didn't win. She didn't deserve to be in the final. Brandy did and it would have been a great finale. I doubt the Palin family will go away. Bristol's had her 15 minutes of fame. Go back to Alaska.

1396 days ago


Bristol is not even a celebrity. She should of never been let on the show. She did badly. They only let her on that show because of her stupid mother. Publicity stunt.

1396 days ago
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