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Derek Hough and Jennifer Grey


11/24/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After knocking off Bristol Palin and Kyle Massey last night, newly crowned "Dancing with the Stars" champs Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough showed off the hardware in New York this morning.


Ultimately, Bristol finished 3rd -- Kyle came in 2nd ... but we gotta ask ...



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Just because Jennifer Grey learned to dance for a movie decades ago doesn't qualify her to be called a professional dancer. Jane Seymour was allowed to dance (she was a professional ballerina with Kirov Ballet in her teens), and so was Nicole Scherzinger who studied dance wben she was younger like so many young girls, but is a primarily a singer/composer who can dance while singing. None of them were trained in ballroom dancing, nor made their living primarily from dancing, so people should give it a rest. Give Jennifer Grey her dues, she was fantastic... inspite of a spinal injury and age, she showed those young-uns how its done.

1393 days ago


#47 Agree totally.

1393 days ago


For all you you Bristol fans who think she should of won..... the main number 1 requirement for contestants is that they be a celebrity. Bristol never came close to being one of those so she never should have been on the show to begin with. As far as whether a contestant should not have dance experience.... that is a myth. Find the rule that says that - you can't because it is only your imagination that decided contestants should not know how. There have been stars with varying leves of dance ability since the very first show.

1393 days ago


@47 Agree people think just because a person can act or sing then that makes them a dancer SO UNTRUE!

1393 days ago


Too bad this isn't a dance contest any longer. With Brandy and Audrina, obivously the best contenders for the top three spots, "voted" (we have learned that the results aren't really a direct product of a vote)out. We will never learn who is the best dancer. So, time for the last season! The last three seasons were not dance contest. By the way, if you are a beautiful, fit, woman the rest of the American women will line up to cast the first stone.

1393 days ago

you you    

now Bristol can get on with her life

1393 days ago


I'm happy for Jennifer Grey, she is an awesome lady. I loved her in irty Dancing, watch the dvd of Dirty Dancing as often as I can. A lot of people say she had experience with dance, but she is not the first to appear on Dancing with the Stars that had some dance experience and she won't be the last. Enjoyed her From the beginning. Congrates to all that performed.

1393 days ago


WW3 is threatening and the Palin hate is on full display here.

Oh well, Mister Hope And Change(tm) will draft all these OneWorlders and they can go to Korea for some fun.

1393 days ago

Mandy H    

OK back the bus up-- Your say its not fair she has dancing experience... BS she played in 1 movie that was called Dirty Dancing when she was 18-20yrs old. She is now 50! I use to have chearleading experience when I was 18. I am 48!! Do you think I can still do a back flip??? Hell no- so that is unfair to say. I am sure there are plenty of people who did much more in there 20's then they can do in 50's. Give me a break people and lighten up. IT is totally clear she was the best dancer on the show! Further she dances better then girls in their 20's.

1393 days ago


Everything turned out great during the two day final event. Aside from Bristol's middle finger comment, she actually looked relieved when she was announced as being in third place. I think Bristol did well, considering that she was critiqued and mocked by the media pretty intensely. Kyle and Lacey were absolutely the most entertaining to watch from a pure "fun" aspect. Lacey's movement is amazing for someone with her compact body type, and really got the most potential out of Kyle with great routines. Lacey reminds me of a "naughty" version of Carrie Underwood, . . . NICE!!!

Congrats to Jen and Derek for performance perfection!!!

ALL IS GOOD ! ! ! ! ! !

1393 days ago


Jennifer was a Dirty Dancing, and was NOT a professional dancer. She got some training for the movie, but she was far from a professional ballroom dancer. Jennifer deserved it, she is in fact a real talent. Why was Bristol even on the show. She is famous for being a pregnant teenager. wtf????

1393 days ago


I have to say I could care less about who won or not but to call the winner an "ugly bitch" is wrong.

1393 days ago


@J just because a person is a musician does not mean that person also dances.

1393 days ago


Bristol Palin swore like a sailor throughout the whole thing. I've lost count of how many times they aired footage with Bristol being bleeped out. And not just the odd word here and there. Her swearing and inappropriate language was bleeped out almost on a weekly basis.

Then the 'middle finger' comment last night. What the He.ll was that?

Way to keep it classy, Bristol!

1393 days ago

Dan B    

Boo Hoo, Pigstool Palin lost and deservedly so, she should not have been in the final. There other people that were far better than Pigstool, she should have been voted off in the second or third week. Guess the Tea Party let her down, as they will us, if Pigstools Mommy runs and wins in 2012. Afghanistan is going to look pretty good then. Just to let you lower 48 folks in on a little secret, Pigstool and her Mommy cannot even see Anchorage from their deck, let alone Russia

1393 days ago
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