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Lindsay Lohan -- Thanksgiving Day Freedom!!!

11/25/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is a free woman ... for around 15 hours -  LiLo got a one-day pass at Betty Ford to celebrate Thanksgiving ... in L.A. ... with her dad.

Sources close to the actress tell TMZ, she's leaving her sober living facility in Palm Springs this morning to make the 2-hour drive ... but she has to be back by late tonight.

We're told a bunch of Lindsay's friends are coming to dinner ... along with Michael Lohan.

We're guessing Dina Lohan will cook her turkey with the steam blasting from her ears.


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Blech. Why must we see pictures of this hobgoblin on holidays? Give us a break, TMZ.

1427 days ago


Happy Thanksgiving Lindsay. Enjoy!

1427 days ago


I am glad to see she is making up with her dad. Maybe she is finally accepting responsibility for her own actions and realizing you can only blame your parents for so long. after the age of 18 she is responsible for everything she has done not her parents!

1427 days ago


This relationship that Lindsay is finally having with her father proves alot. Dina has poisoned her children against him. Now that Lindsay is thinking for herself and making her own decisions about her dad, Dina should be happy about it instead of being angry.

Dina your a piece of garbage. Just thinking that anyone could do this to their children is disgusting. You give mom's every where a bad name.

Too bad Lindsay is finally away from you and is thinking for herself. She may actually kick Dina to the curb for all the damage she has done to all of her children's heads.

1427 days ago


Well well well. WINK WINK. Those at BF certainly KNOW what is BEST for Lindsay LOL. No Dina. Friends and ML. I couldn't agree MORE. I blight on your celebration Dina!

I hope you drop the damn turkey.

1427 days ago


Have fun, Lindsay! I am very glad to see you so happy and sober. Your dad has wanted this for you all along. He will do whatever it takes to help you.

1427 days ago


Dina will be serving Wild Turkey

1426 days ago


lindsey, you're moving in the right direction!

1426 days ago


One advantage of celebrating with her dad is that he's probably much less likely to let her have some alcohol... I think he does take such things seriously because of his personal experience with rehab and the courts and the whole DUI thing. Her mom might have figured what the heck, the alcohol would clear before she's tested at Betty Ford on return.

So this way she can have some visiting with friends but some relatively adult supervision...

Whenever making some big changes in your life, the ones most likely to sabotage your efforts are family and friends, especially if they continue to do what you're trying to avoid.

1426 days ago


Sure glad Lilo is all better. Again! I wonder how many people in the hoosegow for the same crimes as Lilo are going home for thanksgiving?

1426 days ago


She would be CRAZY to have any alcohol.
I know she has in the past possibly with the SCRAM and then after she failed the drug tests but before it was like the stakes weren't high.
Now she has 93 days of probation left and is facing 180 days if she violates.

1426 days ago


Dina needs to be thankful that Lindsay's dad is there for her. Isn't that how responsible parents act?

1426 days ago


Nicole at #13 commented: "She would be CRAZY to have any alcohol. I know she has in the past possibly with the SCRAM and then after she failed the drug tests but before it was like the stakes weren't high."

People have done crazier, and Lindsay in particular has been shown to be a risk-taker. The stakes were actually quite high before. She knows that she won't be tested for at least 15 hours today, and alcohol leaves the system within a few hours. This is why she needs to be around people who will help her stay completely sober, rather than anyone who might think it's not a big deal, no one will ever know if she cheats early in the day, "just one little drink won't matter".

Holidays are especially difficult times because they are so often associated with alcohol. People trying to eat differently, either for health reasons (e.g., celiac disease or allergies) or weight control or ethical reasons (e.g., switch to vegetarian or vegan), encounter the same problems for the same reasons. Change is hard for the family and friends, hence the common sabotage phenomenon.

This is why it's so good that Lindsay is forced to stay at Betty Ford for the holiday season. She can get a day pass to see family and friends but be back under supervision at night. This gives her much more time to try to readjust to real sobriety, with a lot of help close at hand.

1426 days ago

Jim in Cali    

BTW, x17 has Michael Lohan talking to the paps about Lindsay for about 2 minutes. Once a media whore always a media whore.

Its really scary that Lindsay is letting this back in her life.

1426 days ago


That will be one uncomfortable dinner for all of them. There will be so much tension because Dina can't set her anger aside for the sake of her child.

I get it that Lindsay doesn't want to go against her Mother. That's just a daughter thing. In this case she should though, well maybe not go against her, Lindsay should listen to her own heart.

If my Mother did crap like Dina does I would call her out on it.
Especially if I was the one pulling in almost all of the family's cash!!

Cut Dina off Lindsay. Get a new manager. I bet Dina would get a new attitude if you did.

1426 days ago
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