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Lindsay Lohan -- Thanksgiving Day Freedom!!!

11/25/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is a free woman ... for around 15 hours -  LiLo got a one-day pass at Betty Ford to celebrate Thanksgiving ... in L.A. ... with her dad.

Sources close to the actress tell TMZ, she's leaving her sober living facility in Palm Springs this morning to make the 2-hour drive ... but she has to be back by late tonight.

We're told a bunch of Lindsay's friends are coming to dinner ... along with Michael Lohan.

We're guessing Dina Lohan will cook her turkey with the steam blasting from her ears.


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And who cares???

1391 days ago


Special Treatment! Where is T.I.?

1391 days ago


Dina knew Lindsay had a problem, just look at the transcripts of those tapes Michael released from phone conversations. She just had no idea how to effectively deal with the PR end of things. (Yes, it's okay to say "Sorry, these are private matters and I can't talk about it. Next question?") She probably also had no idea how to deal with Lindsay, while Michael (having been through it all himself) did know what had to be done and kept pushing on it. He's irritating and needs to learn more about respecting boundaries, but in this case - he was right.

My guess is that Dina is lacking skills big time in many crucial areas, and should never open her mouth in public about Lindsay. (Well, same for Michael...) The families of addicts usually do need a lot of help understanding the problem and how to deal with it. In this case, I strongly suspect it's complicated by Dina herself having problems with alcohol and/or various feel-good keep-me-skinny drugs. She has the family history for it. But she's likely to be in denial., as the saying goes. Remember this is the woman who thought it was a good idea to go clubbing with her underage daughter, claiming that this way she could keep an eye on the kid, rather than informing all the clubs that her daughter was underage and was not to be served alcohol under any cir***stances or just turned back at the door, and if she found out they did anything other than that - she would report them to the police. This is also the same woman who thought Lindsay would do just fine by herself in LA at the age of 16, despite all evidence to the contrary. So Dina has a long history of either not recognizing problems (actual or potential) or not having a clue about how to deal with them. This doesn't make her evil or unloving.

1391 days ago


Nicole at #22: The stakes really were high earlier, Lindsay just got some breaks. People do routinely get tossed in jail immediately after a SCRAM alcohol reading, for example - real jail, not the LA version, and they serve real time as ordered by the court. The judge in Lindsay's case decided to give her a break on the SCRAM reading (although it was too high for a false positive), that's all. She only raised the bail, costing Lindsay another $10,000 in bondsman fees), but she could have done a lot more both then and at sentencing. Yes, the same judge you think was a bitch and unfair actually was soft on Lindsay compared with what she could have done.

People routinely get probation revoked and put in jail (real jail) for just missing a hearing, also. Likewise for just a single fail on a drug test. Other communities take anything stemming from a DUI very seriously, likewise for violation of probation.

Lindsay just didn't realize how thin the ice was that she was skating on .... The long rehab sentence might have finally gotten through to her on that point. But I doubt that she's afraid of jail, she knows it's a safe (although boring) place for her (in administrative segregation). But hopefully she's getting to the point where she doesn't want to waste more time in court and in jail and just wants to really get on with her life. I do worry that she needs more time in supervised rehab - Betty Ford has been very good for her, they let her off the leash just long enough to test her ability to deal with life as a sober person, but aren't stupid about it. I wish that she would just stay in such a closely supervised situation for a much longer time - many more months, not a few more weeks. That's the kind of "new housing" she needs. Not really more costly than her usual rent plus eating/drinking/etc. expenses... The odds against relapse for addicts are rather poor until the rehab time becomes much longer than the court-mandated rehab will last.

1391 days ago


**** you Lindsey and all your drunk friends...**** Off

1391 days ago


Yeah - nice to see the law is equal for everyone - is anyone else being allowed to have Thanksgiving with their families?

1391 days ago


I disagree not about Lindsay not relapsing about the stakes not being high.
The Judge even said the SCRAM was a bail condition not a probation condition. It's just she may have got more time at the actual hearing if it went off again.
Her probation was revoked for missing the hearing but the Judge had to set bail because she had 5 misdemeanors.

There's no way she could have been put in jail until the hearing unless she missed a class or missed/failed a test.

In California the rule is if your probation is revoked you are allowed to be free on bail if your offenses are misdemeanors until your formal violation of probation hearing.

I fail to see how the Judge was "soft" when all she had to do was give her the 180 days on count 2 and end her probation.
The D.A didn't even want the probation and just wanted Lindsay to serve time due to her multiple violations.
Lindsay probably regrets not refusing probation when she surrendered and she could still have had an adderall prescription.

1391 days ago


When will divorced parents understand that their children would like to be neutral parties in THEIR problems, especially on holidays. Dina refuses to get counseling and her kids will HATE her in due time that she is more interested in power and control than being a survivor in DV and forgiving and moving on. She continues to USE her children as pawns of her problems.

1391 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

Delmar. It will be easy to know if Lindsay can beat her addictions or repeat the cycle. In Janurary Lindsay will be off fromal probation. I don't need to be around her to know whats up. All anyone has to do is just watch to see who Lindsay chooses to hang out with; where Lindsay chooses to hang out; and what Lindsay does each day.
If lindsay shows up just "once" at that Chateau Marmont S..hole then I will know Lindsay will just end up back doing drugs eventually. Or if Lindsay is seen with that "Elat" chick or those other losers she hung out with in France, I will know Lindsay will go back to bad habits.

so I am curious what Lindsay chooses to do and who she chooses to do it with two months from now in Jan Feb . I am always rooting for to beat this, but ..

1391 days ago

Mr Baxter    

Pretty sure this means we'll be seeing dozens of "exclusive" photos somewhere. Michael sold her out last visit, why not this time?

1391 days ago


Lindsay probably regrets not refusing probation when she surrendered and she could still have had an adderall prescription.

Posted at 5:55 PM on Nov 25, 2010 by Nicole

Yeah, you're a real fan, Nicole. All you care about is that Lindsay retains easy access to drugs. Maybe you really are Dina.

1391 days ago


What kind of work should Lindsay Lohan have to do in jail (digging ditches on the chain gang, scrubbing toilets, etc) and what kind of uniform should she have to wear while doing it.??

1391 days ago


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1391 days ago


This is so SAD what this poor girl and her family don`t know is that she is being indoctrinated into an extremely dangerous religious cult based on Frank Buckman Bill Willson's and Quck Dr(S) Robert Smith and Harry Tbout I really do feel bad for Lindsay and wish her the very Best

Hope you are all right Linds

1390 days ago


She'll be back in rehab once she gets out. lol

1390 days ago
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