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Baby Mama, 4 Kids Banished from Jackson Compound

11/30/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... everyone is moving out of the Jackson family compound in Encino while the house undergoes extensive renovations ... and when the dust settles, another Jackson 5 will be personae non gratae.

We've learned Katherine Jackson and company are in the process of packing boxes and will leave the family home in early December for several months during the remodel. 

But there's a bigger story here.  As TMZ first reported, after the infamous "stun gun" incident at the home -- in March, when Jaafar allegedly threatened to shock Blanket -- Katherine asked Jaafar's mother, Alejandra, to take her 5 kids and move.

As we told you, Katherine and the Michael Jackson Estate generously offered Alejandra and her brood a condo MJ owned in the San Fernando Valley, but Alejandra wanted a lot more -- thus the stand off.

Now we're told Katherine is not letting Alejandra back in the house after the remodel.  The condo offer still stands, but if she doesn't accept she'll have to find somewhere else to live with Jaafar, Jermajesty, Dante and Randy, Jr.

But one of Alejandra's kids is getting a reprieve from Katherine.  We're told 20-year-old Genevieve will be staying with Katherine and Michael's kids in a temporary home during the remodel, and she will be the lone child of Alejandra who will be welcomed back to Hayvenhurst.

We're told Alejandra just left with some of her kids to Japan. 




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You said that months ago and they were on Oprah last month. I don't think you are telling the truth. they still live there.

1373 days ago


Both Jermaine and Randy are father's to these children. Jermajesty and Jaafar are Jermaine's sons and Genevieve, Dante and Randy Jr., of course, were fathered by Randy. We hear about Jermaine being a dead beat Dad, but what's up with Randy? I can't overlook Ao lejandra. Why are all three adults placing the burden and responsibility of housing, feeding and supporting their children on the shoulders of 70 something Katherine Jackson. When MJ was alive, his support for his mother helped support his brother's children. Jermaine, Randy and Alejandra should be ashamed and get off their uppity asses and get a real job. MJ is not here, and the Executors of his Estate aren't and shouldn't take from MJ's kids to support his brother's children. This simply isn't right. Moreso, it's dysfunctional and nasty. One woman lays with and bears children for two brothers. That's sick. Two brothers sleep with the same woman, GMAFB!!! PATHETIC. TMZ was all over MJ. How did you all miss this bit of Jackson baby mama/baby daddy DRAMA?

1373 days ago


And wasn't she the one that was also married to Jackson brother Randy?

1373 days ago


Rebbie is Genevive's mother, she said so on Oprah, so I don't think she would lie about who her mother is.

1371 days ago


Randy has four children, Stevanna from his first marriage,
Genevieve, Donte & Randy Jr. are the result of his relationship with Alejandra. The marriage between Randy & Alejandra was NOT legal, as Alejandra was already married to Nicholas Ray at the time she married Randy.

Rebbie has three children, 2 daughters 1 son:-
Stacee, Yashi & Austin.

Randy married Alejandra on February 13th 1993.
On March 5th 1995, Alejandra married Jermaine-they had been having an affair since 1991. They went on to have two children, Jaafar & Jermajesty. Again the marriage was not legal as Alejandra was still married to Nicholas Ray.

Mrs Jackson wanted Alejandra to move out of the Jackson compound some time ago,she was offered the family condo to live in, but that wasn't enough, she wanted a substantial amount of cash too.
Alejandra knew exactly what she was doing right from day one. She met Randy when she was 16, she LIED to him and told him she was 18. He moved her into the family home in 1985.
For 25 years, this woman has lived at Hayvenhurst, once she got her feet firmly under that table, she wasn't moving for anyone. Who could blame her, she certainly knew what side her bread was buttered didn't she? Living all those years rent free, no bills to pay-she has had a cushy little life.
Having FIVE children to two different Jackson brothers, she knew only too well that Katherine was never going to make them leave that house while they were all growing up.
Alejandra said that she would write a tell all book unless she got what she wanted. So, I guess Katherine has had some sort of confidential docs. drawn up to ensure that doesn't happen.
A judge ordered that due to the fact that Jermaine owes so much in back payment for child maintenance, the children (Jaafar & Jermajesty) and Alejandra should remain to reside at Hayvenhurst.
Now most of the kisd are grown up, Alejandra knew it would only be a matter of time before she had to go her own way and fend for herself. Welcome to the real world!

1369 days ago


I would only remodel the house if I was paid in full prior to hammering the first nail. Maybe the work is getting done for free in exchange for a future reality show. Hummmm.

1368 days ago


finally Katherine made her decision about this lazy woman what ever her name is to move out from her home!! I can't an imagine the chaos there, Gosh so many people live there I really don't know how they do it! nobody wants to work and supported themself what a buch of MORON!Jermine ex-wife should move her ass and start doing something with her life, for start she should take properly care of her kids ! for Jermine Jackson he should start paying money for his kids, he is the laziest from the Jackson, so far he only makes babies and change women.Since Michael's death he has been trying very hard to promoted himself, his career etc, etc, at expense on Michael's name.Same on you

1367 days ago


Alejandra you have got to be kidding me. Have you no morals whatsoever? Then i guess you are a woman who can never be classified as a lady. There is a difference you know. I guess MJ was so fed up with you and his brothers that to make peace he also supported you and your greedy ways. In fact he did talk about Jermaine's womanizing ways. You are a perfect example of a leech. I guess MJ was soooo very tired of people like you, now I understand why he kept his kids away from the rest of the family. MJ was very intelligent and he knew what he was doing and why. I always said that MJ would be vindicated. He was taking advantage of at every turn but albeit in death he is now being vindicated. What you should do woman is to get up of you rear end and look for a job for a change. It is people like you that give women a bad name. I wont even mention MJ's brothers.

1367 days ago


Mrs. jackson put that dam bitch out and let them sorry son of yours take care of there on kids.they need to send that ho back were she came from .and to lay down with two borthers that is sick.

1367 days ago


Actually, I think she was the wife of two Jackson brothers. She married Jermaine and then married Randy. Hence the names Jermajsty and Randy Jr.

1360 days ago


Alejandra was married to Randy then Jermaine, that should tell you something. Children by both brothers. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1357 days ago


Why the hell should they get a free *&*&$%^ offered on a condo. Thats is BULL **** they shouldnt get jack ****.What they all should getis somthing I would be happy to give them " A big boot up their asses " That's is MJ's money & he gave it to his children to live off not the whore & the whore's children. This is wrong in many leavles, Not only it's wrong but what the hell is the grandmother thinking with letting " Whore Alejandra " and is so call off springs brates living in her house. Dont they have a father that is still alive on ya the do Jeramine that worthless **** head let him that lazy ass user take care of his kids. Lets face it MJ knew why he didnt want to hang out much with his family he knew they where a bunch low lifes.

(Has for Genevieve she is another one like her mother a &^&^% lazy ass bitch.
Hay stupid you 20 yr old now get the **** out of granny's house and rent apt. Oh another thing your singer sucks beleive me you need lessons badly not only that go find a real job. The only reason you are making Music is due because MJ being your uncle beleive me its not cause you think you can sing because its clear to see You cant sing for crape ) Dont cry honey just learn to deal with the truth and move on. A lesson that your whore mother cant learn.......................

1355 days ago

patricia adler    

michaels children will read about this family one day, and they will say goodbye to the jacksons. the grandmother is so screwed up.she just wants the money. send the children to their birth mother.

1350 days ago


This whore had these kids by Jermaine and Randy. The kids are cousins and brothers. Randy and Jermaine dont take care of their kids. They dumped them on Katherine and expect her to take care of the whore and the five kids by two brothers. This is one messed up family with the exception of Katherine and Janet. Dang

1349 days ago


She and those Jackson, so-called men, are nasty!

1349 days ago
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