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Kardashians Clean Up On Black Friday

11/29/2010 7:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian are officially recession proof, because their NYC boutique, DASH, more than doubled its average daily gross on Black Friday ... sources connected to the store tell TMZ.

Dash - Kardashain Store

Our sources ... who have access to the financials ... tells us the store has been moving $50,000 in merchandise a day since it opened on November 3.  On Black Friday ... receipts swelled to more than $100,000.

We're told the boutique could actually be making more money, but the sisters K keep running out of merchandise.  In fact, we're told the store instantly hit the $50,000 mark on the day it opened and has maintained that average.

The Kardashians own three stores -- New York, Miami and Calabasas.  New York is now hands down the most profitable.


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Fred Farkel    


I have been to the Calabasas store maybe 10 times.

Never once found it to be open during "business hours".

1391 days ago


$50,000 a day? come on now isn't rent 3times that much? I heard the other stores don't make a dime. who did they sleep with to get this story online.

1391 days ago


LIES LIES LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

I work across the street from this store and it is ALWAYS EMPTY.

Good try "TMZ sources"

1391 days ago


wow it Amazing how many ppl are filled with Hate for another Humane Being that they don't even know,so sad ..if you don't like them Beautiful girls then stop wasting your energy on them.I bet none of y'all are PERFECT...

1391 days ago

Yep I said that    

Well sources close to my bank said I'm being given 75K to do what ever I want with and I don't have to pay it back., AND I didn't have to give bj's or spead em

1391 days ago

Trooper Tom    

On a financial basis these numbers are bogus, there is no way they could sell that much stuff unless the clothing is it the 5 - 10 thousand dollar range and it isn't this is another attempt at publicity from these shamless ho's. The store in Calabasas has a bad rep there are two people in the store who may or may not work there they are more interested in their cel phones than any customer who may wander in. There are several racks with several pieces of clothing spread out to give the impression it is stocked ... wrong! The store in Miami is no better, these store are a prop for their pitful tv show

1391 days ago


The Kardashians ARE black Friday! . . . and what's Kimmie doing with Hale Berry's ex-boyfriend? He's not black! He's not Armenian? What gives?????? It was Kimmie herself that told Granny Kris she wanted an Armenian! ~ I guess it's just another notch on Granny Kris' belt.

1391 days ago


Now that 2, or more, AG's are looking into whether or not to sue the Kardashian sisters for endorsing the RIP OFF DEBIT KARD they're running as fast as their asses can carry them to find a lawyer stupid enough to believe a single lie outta their mouths!! they've had lawyers surrounding their family for their entire,spoiled,bratty lives and NOW that they might be sued they wanna play dumb. WOW, take the money and then try to lie and run....seems like its been their attitude and lifestyle for a long,long time. They didn't care about the rip-off fees that left their young fans (GAG ME)desperate and broke before the AGs stepped in so why now ??

1391 days ago


There is no way that store makes $50,000 a day!
So say the store is open 8 hours a day... that means roughly $6,000 an hour... which is roughly $1,000 every 10 minutes. NO CHANCE! I've been to the new store and the Miami store and they are filled with tourist who don't buy anything anyways.

1391 days ago


So it seems those of us that are close enough to those (NY, Miami, Calabasas) stores to actually see them on a normal day (not a filming day) see them nearly empty. I live relatively close to the Calabasas store and the times I've seen it nothing is going on there.

While I don't think TMZ makes things up, they are very willing to take what someone "with connections" says at face value.

1391 days ago


lmao at these ho's thinking 100,000 dollars is a lot of money. I would easily make more then that pissing on their cheap ****ing cloths

1391 days ago


Duh! That's gross sales. Deduct the wholesale price of the clothes and expense to buy them, rent (very expensive location), utilities, salaries and benefits for employees, taxes, advertising, etc. Now divide what's left 3 or 4 ways and it's not that much. Didn't we hear that one of the other stores was about to go under not long ago?

1391 days ago


I call BS. Doubt it. Hope the IRS reads this story. Sounds to me like a planted story to create a buzz for their stores.

1391 days ago


this is just an add tmz!

1390 days ago


The Kardashian sisters are seriously building an empire! They did the right thing by opening a Dash store in NYC. Everyone told them it would be a great business opportunity and this proves it!

1390 days ago
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