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Kardashian 911 Call

My Baby Has Hives, Threw Up

11/30/2010 4:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call from last week in which Kourtney Kardashian sounded the alarm that her 11-month-old son Mason was having an allergic reaction to peanut butter.

Kardashian 911 Call
In the November 21 call, Kourtney is calm as a cucumber as she tells the dispatcher Mason has "hives on his face and he threw up."

An ambulance took Mason to a local hospital -- where he made a full recovery.


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She's an idiot, plain and simple. Always thought she was the Kardashian's maid and not the daughter, she looks very utilitarian. And if she was my kid and she talked and acted the way she does to her mom at 30, I'd smack her. Grow up Kourtney. And she likes the abuse, otherwise she wouldn't stay with that **** is Scott.

1424 days ago


I hate her sing song voice. Also, did she say she was calling from her home phone and she didn't know what the number was?

1424 days ago


Wow Everyone here acts like they are so perfect... she is a first time mom and is going to freak when ever somthing big or small happends.. she is human ok.. and what if god forbid that the baby stoped breathing? what if that happend then u dummies would be like why didnt she call 911.. get the heck over it.. she is rich and they all pay taxes so get over it.. complain about some of the Lazy mothers on welfare who dont work or pay taxes.. Lord help us all.. hope that poor baby is ok...I am no fan of hers but she is a young mom who though calling 911 was the right thing to do..

1424 days ago

TMZ Employs Idiots    

I cant stand these trashy skanks but I must say... Y'ALL TMZ'ers ARE LOWER THAN EVEN THESE whores.

The posters here are trash. Pure trash - plain and simple.

This is my first post. I had to let all of you know just how ignorant you are. 99.9% of you are childish, immature, trashy, heartless ingrates - filled with nothing but hate. You talk your ****, all while you sit on your old computers in your single wide trailers WISHING you could have the mere crumbs that fall of these whores on any given day.

I wish better for THE K'S than I do for any of you. I bet NOT A ONE of you amounts to a hill of **** in a cow pasture.

And I would LOVE to say it straight to your pansy ass faces. AND YOU KNOW I WOULD!

1424 days ago


FAKE FAKE FAKE! When calling 911 your address is displayed to the dispatcher.

1424 days ago


To everyone calling her dumb for giving her son peanuts, the AAP recently changed their guidelines for nuts saying that babies over 6 months of age can be given nuts if there is no family history of allergies.

1424 days ago


The poor baby got sick last week from ingesting peanut butter, why would she give it to him again?? Come on!

1424 days ago


Obviously a lot of you people are not parents. Yes, she was stupid for giving a baby peanut butter. This is one of the first things your pediatrician tells you when babies start eating solids "No peanut butter or peanut products until 2". Otherwise, she sounded exactly like I probably would have if my son was acting completely normal with no signs of difficulty breathing, had thrown up just once, and then hives started popping up. It doesn't do anyone, especially the baby, any good if the parent is irrational and too freaked out to communicate with the emergency care providers.

1424 days ago


Why don't they just have a live in doctor??

1424 days ago


Woow!!! so cute an "angelous-doll"

1424 days ago


Eating peanuts before a child is 12 months will not CAUSE allergies. It's just unsafe to give them peanut butter because it's a choking hazard. He is allergic and now she knows. TMZ posters are so stupid.

Posted at 12:55 PM on Nov 30, 2010 by TMZpostersareDUMB


Think again...small children may be vulnerable due to their immune system not being fully developed for peanut at infancy...although there are obvious concerns for choking concerns, they are not the only ones...

read below...

There is the thought that roasting peanuts, as we do in the USA makes them more highly allergenic versus boiling them as China does. There’s also the possibility that pregnant and nursing women who eat peanuts are passing the proteins on to their infants which increases the likelihood of the child developing a peanut allergy. Yet other research studies have found the opposite to be true! Lastly, there is the supposition that our too clean houses don’t challenge our immune systems to fight off parasites, and instead they turn on themselves viewing a peanut protein as the enemy.

I am surprised that Kourtney the sensible one would feed the infant peanut at that age as well...
i recall my daughter got hives at 10 mo. when she had to take Zithromax and Bactrim at 3 y/o...perhaps i was too calm at the time but i didn't dial 911 or call the doc, i watched her and evaluated for a while to make sure nothing adverse was happening...
just watch your child for behavior change and evaluate and contact your ped if necessary, but if you see your child is starting to look severely swollen or uncomfortable, i don't think it would be uncalled for to jump in the car and drive like bat out of h3ll to the ER, you can even call them/911 on the way just to make sure nothing is happening...
the ambulance was not such a bad idea however, who knows how long they would take getting to you, 10 min? 15 min? 30 min?
those are precious min ticking by if you are suspicious of some severe reaction...imo

Still...Thnx Mom and Dad, now Mason has 80 % chance of having peanut allergies for the rest of his life!That has got to be a pain in the azz :(
But thank goodnss the baby is alright:)

1424 days ago


The hospital should send Kourtney their bill and pursue any collection action needed in case she doesn't pay it. She can well afford to do so but the Kardashians were being sued for not paying a florist. Then, these thieves come out with their ridiculous debit card that thankfully was stopped by the Attorney General of California because of the outrageous charges attached to it. I think I heard there was a $100.00 fee! OMG, I can't believe these idiots are given air time by anyone with any decency and I hope nobody buys any of their, books, merchandise from any of their stores and whatever else they may come up with.

1424 days ago


She called 911 AFTER she had her stylist dress her, put make-up on her and do her hair, IN CASE the paramedics had to come to her house and she had to go to the hospital. Great publicity stunt Granny Kris!

1424 days ago


Message to Scott: Get a paternity test! 'Ol Kourt did sleep with her little brother's little friend during your absence.

1424 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

aww that's too bad!! i was hoping, and thought that the kardashians didn't have these super used up, worthless hippie type genes were everyone is allergy and disease riddled against everything!!!

1424 days ago
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