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Kardashian 911 Call

My Baby Has Hives, Threw Up

11/30/2010 4:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call from last week in which Kourtney Kardashian sounded the alarm that her 11-month-old son Mason was having an allergic reaction to peanut butter.

Kardashian 911 Call
In the November 21 call, Kourtney is calm as a cucumber as she tells the dispatcher Mason has "hives on his face and he threw up."

An ambulance took Mason to a local hospital -- where he made a full recovery.


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Throwback kid    

Maybe Mason is just sick of the Kardashian's? I know most of Anerica sure is.

1425 days ago

Throwback kid    

Scott should get a test to see if that baby is really his? the baby looks Mexican or Italian and does not look half Jewish which Scott is.

1425 days ago


I feel compelled to remind people that peanuts are not nuts.... They are legumes, even though they have a high fat content compared to other legumes. They grow underground (hence the other name groundnuts). Usually when people say "nuts", they are referring to tree nuts such as walnuts, almonds, pistachios, cashews, macademias, hazelnuts (filberts), brazil nuts, etc. that grow on trees. All tree nuts are not in the same family, though: walnuts/pecans, almonds/fruits like apricots and peaches, pistachios/cashews are examples of tree nuts forming separate families for allergics.

The difference can be important for allergics, since some people have cross-reactivities to foods in the same family. Fortunately, cross reactions to other legumes are fairly rare among people allergic to peanuts. But a good allergy control approach to eating can be to rotate foods in the same food family to avoid developing more allergies (we seem to inherit the tendency toward allergic reactions more than specific allergies) and to deal with "cyclic" allergies (not permanent, and not triggered if you don't over-expose yourself by eating the same thing every day). Some people do fine separating foods in the same family by a couple of days, very sensitive people might need a week or more between, other people don't have to worry about food families at all and can just rotate individual foods. Unfortunately, peanut allergies tend to be permanent and deadly, although babies are notorious for reacting to many things that they don't have reactions to when they are older because their systems are so immature. Even peanut dust in the air can trigger dangerous reactions in some people (some very sensitive celiacs have the same problem with gluten-containing flours like wheat).

Tree nut allergies do not mean a person is allergic to peanuts, although individuals can certainly have multiple allergies to different food groups. Not all people have cross reactivities to foods in the same family also (allergy to almonds does not automatically mean allergy to walnuts, for instance), but it's not uncommon.

By the way - nowadays there are many alternatives to peanut butter than can be used easily in a substitute for the standard PB&J sandwich... Seed butters and tree nut butters, for example, or soynut butter (soy is another legume, however, that is so overused in the US that we see increasing allergies to it). Sunflower seed butter, almond butter, sesame seed butter or tahini (depending on whether the seeds are roasted or not) are commonly available. If you look harder, you can get very tasty hazelnut (filbert) butter, walnut butter, pumpkin seed butter, pistachio butter, macademia nut butter, pecan butter etc. Not cheap, but wonderful. Oh, also cashew butter - which is easy to make at home in a good blender without extra oils, since it is oily enough on its own. Cashews also make a very rich and creamy alternative to dairy milk or cream. Other nut/seed butters can be made in a good blender (try handfuls at a time unless you have something like a Vita-Mix), but you generally will need to add some other oil to give it that buttery consistency. Pistachios are in the same family as cashews, maybe they can also be blended easily into butter but haven't tried it.

Sticky butters made from various legumes, tree nuts, and seeds still should not be fed to tiny kids because of potential choking problems, however; the same is true for the legumes, nuts, and seeds themselves.

1425 days ago


WOW!!!....Parent classes is what that woman needs...really! how can she give peanuts to a kid under 1 year....Plain stupid.

1425 days ago


To post #84

The child doesn't look half Jewish? Since when did Jewish have a certain look?

1425 days ago


Kourtney (and Scott), not dismissing that you are in the public eye and most, if not all of what you do is going to make for "good TV" or fall under "all publicity is good publicity".... Remember, the public authorities, (i.e. daily law enforcement officials, public EMS, and/or all those that 911 is truly meant for) are for the good of all - not the wealthy. Moms and dads deal with hives, high temperatures, diaper rash, and even, unfortunately vomitting from their children from time to time. Please, please for all Moms (and Dads) of the world that live in the REAL world, as opposed to REALITY TV World, contact your pediatrician (which we know every good Mom and Dad has on hand), YOUR parents (they give good advice....since they have already raised kids - at least those who haven't paraded around in the public so much or "pimp" their kids), or here's an novel concept... GROW UP!!! Can you have one single moment that does not have to be soooooo dramatic or continue to make you (and unfortunatley, your sisters (all of them), your Mom and most discouragingly - a now former ICON for America - thanks to you all (Bruce Jenner) look like what we working class don't EVER want our children to become (not hating as you guys want to say, but encouraging them to work for acutal learning and higher education as a way of succeeding). RELENTLESS FAME CHASERS THAT BELIEVE THAT LIFE ACUTALLY HAS A PRICE ON IT..never read a newspaper, never understand math and/or science, can't cook for themselves or even say any original thought (publicists feed you what you think), clean a home, prepare a Thanksgiving meal for the Family & Friends... we want you all to go away. If you have to call 911 to take of what all children go through, you are not very at good as a mom. Study that more than your script for TV. I thank you and your family so much. We look at you all and it's easier to show my daughter how a person no longer makes money, but the money makes them. We also talk about how drugs, not telling the truth, being fake and all other negatives should not be a part of anyone's character. Pleeeeeeease Kourtney, get out of the Kardashian money machine and be a real person. If nothing else, please tell your familu to let Lamar Odom be normal. Of all of you, he deserves it most because he actually earned it utilizing a God Given talent - Not a Ryan Seacrest Production Deal. But, if he rides the train.....

1425 days ago

Throwback kid    

Ok post 87, I will make it even easier for you to understand, the kid does not look half white like Scott is, is that better? Or would you like something even more politically correct?

If so too bad, I can't waste anymore time on these drama loving losers

1425 days ago


Give me a break # 27, a.k.a, "James".
NO pediatrician would EVER go online and say, "Don't go to the ER". Under ANY cir***stances.
Have you ever even CALLED a Doctor's office? Guess what it says before you can even TALK to the receptionist? "If this is an EMERGENCY, HANG UP AND DIAL 911."
So stop with that. Otherwise, tell everyone where you practice medicine, so we can all chalk up that expert opinion to your expert advice.
Do you know what the penalty for practicing medicine without a license is (which is, a stretch, but technically what you are doing)? NO YOU DON'T, BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT A DOCTOR. You're just an idiot. And I hope to God that you get off on *this* attention you're being paid (because that's what you want) and no one actually staves off a visit to the ER because of your boredom. Now then. Go do your homework, brush your teeth, say your prayers, and dream of the day you might *actually* become a Doctor.

1425 days ago


Oh, please! I gave my child Peanut butter before the ago of two! WOW there are A LOT of jealous people out there! You people are PATHETIC! Just saying....

1424 days ago


damn why does everybody have to judge how others react to the children being sick....i mean come on its her first kid....i was just as scared when my son was that age...calling the doc every three seconds....just chill out...shes just being a concerned mother!

1424 days ago



1423 days ago


KAM, YOU ARE RIGHT! That baby "Mason"is the spitting image of Rob, who seems to do nothing....just like stepfather Bruce Jenner. With all the perverted incestuous behavior that seems to go on among these three adult women, why wouldn't the same go on between brother and sister? OMG, even I never thought of that one before! Maybe it happened when that sorry excuse of a mother they have (Kris Jenner aka. devil's daughter) put viagra in Bruce's coffee and Rob drank some too!

What do you think of the resemblance between Khloe and OJ Simpson? I think there is a very real possibility he is her natural father and she looks more like him than she does Robert Kardashian, Sr. She also resembles Sidney Simpson in her height!

1423 days ago


Hasn't she heard of URGENT CARE OR THE ER (emergency room)

911 is for life-or-death conditions.

Parenting classes and books could help if reading is not a challenge.

1423 days ago


Everybody u here complaining are haters and mad because she have money and you don't...Let her be!!! She called 911 because something was wrong and thats's what 911 is for...None of you was there therefore you don't know how bad it was. She should be calm she she can understand the instructions given. If you panic and act that way it only makes the situation worst..smh @all the haters.. Get a life!! Maybe one day you can be on her level.

1417 days ago


She is a first time mother. Better to be over protective then not do anything about it.

1375 days ago
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