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Bristol to Margaret Cho: Here's a Gay Joke ...

12/6/2010 9:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Someone needs to keep the Palin girls off Facebook -- this time it's Bristol posting an open letter to her "Dancing With the Stars" co-star Margaret Cho ... and making a gay "joke" at Margaret's expense.

Bristol responded to a blog Cho wrote this week that suggested Sarah Palin made Bristol do "DWTS" -- and that Sarah "harshly and openly" blames Bristol for costing her the election.

In Bristol's new post, which she wrote last night, she made her point in a few decently-worded paragraphs, but then decided to end things by saying that if Margaret understood conservative politics better, she "would embrace us faster than KD Lang at an Indigo Girls concert."

Reading between the lines ... KD Lang = lesbian. Indigo Girls = lesbian. Cho is openly bisexual.

But Bristol did say she's willing to let Cho babysit Tripp, so there's that.


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Cho is a straightaphobic !

1396 days ago


Why is it, people think they can say what ever they want about others, but those people are not supposed to have make a comment back! Get over, Cho. Leave people alone and they may not make comments you don't like!

1396 days ago


Sarah & Bristol for President!!!

Can you imagine?

The Palins are to Republican politics what Assange is to U.S. Diplomacy.

1396 days ago


There are two issues here:

1 - Yes, I think Bristol is homophobic. The rest of her family certainly has evidenced that trait, and the apple does not fall far from the tree.

2 - She made a joke (or, more likely, her professional social media writer made a joke). It wasn't terribly funny, but it wasn't entirely unwarranted either, as Cho voluntarily stepped into the fray by posting first.

People really need to calm down. Seriously.

1396 days ago


Is there any way to stream the theme song from "Deliverance" ("Dueling Banjos")every time a Palin story comes around?? It would sort of prepare you for the latest dim witted behaviors the "Palin Klan" is offering up??

1396 days ago


I would LOVE to see Margaret beat the hell out of that spoiled brat! Bristol would stand absolutely NO chance. Kick her ass, Margaret!!

1396 days ago


Bristol is finding out that there is more than Momma Palin's noose.... and she doesnt know how to break away....The hypocrisy of the consevatives is shown through this as i say not as I do..... boo hooo.. I blame the media for the popularity of this family or the NJ bunch.... wackos....all of them.... take away the cameras so the screen is clean please

1396 days ago


I think it is hilarious how all of the commenter on her little address to the Facebook world come off as kool-aid drinking obsessed stalkers. Freaky little sheep.

As for #349, "Datruth", I seriously hope -you- don't claim to be a Christian, after posting that error riddled paragraph of retard.

1396 days ago

Helen Van Patterson Patton     

The Palins are nothing but white trash. Anyone who is a fan of these people are just a ignorant as they are. Disgusting pigs all.

1396 days ago


Margret is a real A hole and a has been nothing. I love how a *** or lez can say what ever they want about someone and when ever they fire back the say homophobe. Well I hate margret cho so I must be a homophobe so be it. My life will not end neither will theirs. Margret get a real JOB.

1396 days ago

Selebraties Suck    


Did Choa Lie? Yes


1396 days ago


why shouldn't the Palins answer back when they are being slandered. What right does Magaret Cho have to just make something up and broadcast it like it is a fact. What Cho said it absolutely moronic. She is just trying to get some publicity. I am no fan of the Palins and I think Bristol would have been better off just saying that what cho said was stupid, but she has every right to respond.

1396 days ago


Way to go Bristol!

1396 days ago


All you screaming idiots are so laughable, I will bet every last one of you have said or told a joke of some kind about gays, jews, rednecks, catholics, black the list can go on and on with names people are called. We are all homophbic to some degree we all laugh at the jokes or snicker.

An this hated for the Palin family is rediculous. I don't like the lady but dam I don't hate her . She has as much right to be in the spotlight as anybody else who is in politics. Just because she has deferient views then I doesn't make her crazy or bad or all the things you people accuse her of..

You got liberals and conseratives but you forgot the third most important group......people who have good sense and think for themselves !!!

And another thing, son you need to get the definaton of who and what is a Redneck !!!! She may be a lot but hell son, she sure ain't a red neck.....

Margerat Cho, ain't in any postion to throw stones, she is a filthy talking big mouth lesbian who thinks as a comdian she can talk trash about everybody else and get away with it but lord help anybody who says something to her !!! People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones ...........cause they are sure to get their house smashed when somebody throws the stone back !!!

1396 days ago


I didn't realize there was SO MANY Gays reading TMZ but gosh I guess I should have realized it, since straight guys wouldn't usually read this gossip. What was I thinking. And gay girls love to put down straight girls, JELOUSY FOR SURE ! Because most gay girls look like Cho HO !

1396 days ago
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