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Brad & Angelina's Twins Get Carried Away

12/6/2010 4:00 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie shared parenting duties as each carried one of their adorable twins, Knox and Vivienne, out of a store this weekend.

The Big Apple is now officially the twin city.


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They were beautiful as always!

1417 days ago


so why the sunglasses? Don't these people EVER take them off???

Posted at 3:18 PM on Dec 6, 2010 by susanne

No because then you would be able to see that Brad is high!

1417 days ago


I am not much on brad and Angelina. I do not agree with the way they "hooked up"; on the other hand, I have my own life and millions of people all over the world leave their spouse for a new one. These 2 people are getting hammered for it daily only because they are in the spotlight. I am not here to judge whether they deserve this or not....that is for God. What I am here to say is how it is sick that people actually go on this site and bash these children. The fact of the matter is this.....Jealousy! It is obvious that people are and should be jealous of them and I dont believe they give a **** what any of you think. They have 200 times more than any of you people have and are obviously happier than you miserable, evil people. So one vote for them. In closure I say its a good thing these 2 have better things to do than read these comments about thier kids, so you nimrods go on making yourselves feel better about your pathetic moronic lives at the expense of sweet little babies. btw Shiloh has got to be one of the most beautiful, perfect children I have ever seen!

1415 days ago


We're not being cruel by recognizing that there is something very wrong with that baby girl...we're just being observant. Deal with it.

1391 days ago


Re: facial expressions

The kids are just squinting because there are a hundred camera flashes going off as they walk by.

That's also why the other kids tend to look down at their feet.

Have you seen video of what it's like for this family to try and walk ten feet down the street? It's like walking through a funhouse with strobe lights and everybody screaming your name.

The kids are stunned by it. That's all.

1371 days ago


LEAVE THE FAMILY ALONE!!! you are hurting the couple and the children.why are you people so jealous of them? what business you have maligning their life as happy family.who are you by the way? why keep on intriguing? if you have nothing to say good then better don't say anything hurtful against them.brad ISN'T my type of a man but at least he is trying to be a good father,a husband to all the destroyer as i would say: if you don't like angie,you hater her too much in your life,I LIKE HER,BEING HAPPY WITH MR. PIT,HER JOY WITH THEIR CHILDREN,"I S - A L L - W H A T - M A T T E R S - T O - M E!!!" If given a chance to serve this family even for just a month I AM VERY MUCH WILLING and VERY MUCH GRATEFULL TO THEM for the rest of my life with all my sincerity,patience and love for them.i have my US Visa and a two-way plane ticket,have my pocket allowance SO what do you think huh to all the loosers who doesn't have anything good in their mind,anything good to speak about this couple..if you hate them much well then sad to say LOOSERS have nothing else good in their heart..oh my God HOW I WISH SERVING THEM WILL COME TRUE...GOD's WILL I BELIEVE SO.

1370 days ago


why is it that someone always has to say something about angelina, but you guys are taking it to far talking about her babies how is it that people can be so cruel as to talk **** about a child, you are all a bunch of retards with nothing to do but hate on angies success .just take care of your own kids and make sure they are not ugly or with down sindrome. do you know how hurtful these comments can be to a mother i wont let you talk **** about my idol and her family so **** off

1353 days ago


I like their NOLA pictures very much. All the kids are goodlooking! Vivienne is a VERY pretty little girl.

1303 days ago
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