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TMZ's 'Take Your Best Shot' Challenge -- The Duel

12/9/2010 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ's "Take You Best Shot" challenge proved one thing -- it's not easy to ask a celebrity questions off the top of your head while simultaneously walking backwards through a crowd, shooting video.


TMZ took our finalist -- Nicki -- out in Santa Monica ... where she found Kyle Richards from "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

After Nicki took her best shot ... one of our photogs had a run at Kyle -- and now it's up to you to decide who's got skills.



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she did really good, but you can tell she isn't seasoned yet. Thought up some good questions. I could have sworn she said in response to aspen that she hadn't been out of the country. She does know aspen is in the US right? did I hear that wrong?

Good job though.

The TMZ had a great interview, asked close to the same questions but knew when to cut it off and let her be on the way.

1378 days ago


I voted for the TMZ guy because the girl didn't know where Aspen was. I can't believe she has more votes. I think I would have asked specifically if Paris and that side of the family were gonna be around on Christmas because she did mention her nieces and sisters. For her first time she did a good job, but she needs to look at a map. It doesn't help that she repeats Aspen and then makes that comment about going out of the country.

1378 days ago


I think Nicki let it go on for way too long and her questions were more conversational rather than interviewy. And does she not realize that Aspen is in Colorado? She said she hadn't been out of the US when Aspen was mentioned. Makes her look uneducated.

I liked your guy's video because it was short, entertaining, and respectful of the person's time. Even though I have no idea who she is. I think if you expect to get more time with the celeb in the future it's important for them to know you're not going to tail them for several blocks.

1378 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

yer finalist needs a lil more practice me thinks...and a better camera!!

1378 days ago


She's new, so her line of questioning definitely needs improvement. But her persistence and ambition was great for a new gal. I really hate to say it, but she definitely needs to control her tonality. That's one annoying voice.

1378 days ago

lauren lipkin     

this girl is annoying,
her voice is annoying and i prolly would have done a better job then her, but really tmz? why did you pick her?

1378 days ago


One of the main reasons I voted for the guy is because her voice is annoying. I almost ended the video early but decided to continue on. Also the Aspen thing, she kept it going too long and the questions weren't all that interesting.

1378 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

and anyways..what are all you folks talking about "Aspen is part of the US" no duh!! she is in CALIFORNIA!! THAT IS MEXICO!!! DOOOOOOOH!!

1378 days ago


no her voice drives me crazy,tmz guy is fun to listen to.

1378 days ago


I had to vote for the pro photog. I do however need to qualify my decision with this one point- Nikki had him on enthusiasm and desire to prove herself. But she needs to learn to lower her tone of voice. It's absolutely painful to listen to her all high pitched and rapid fire.

Other than that, the photog totally phoned this one in.

Have a happy Chrismaramahaunakwanza!

1378 days ago


The girl's up down wishy washy voice was annoying and Aspen is in Colorado.


1378 days ago


She was too loud, couldn't think on her feet. She kept the conversation going way too long about dumb stuff. you can tell TMZ's guy had more experience handling himself interviewing celebrities on the move. She needs more practice and a geography lesson.

1378 days ago


This "finalist" is pathetic. She asked the most inane, annoying pesky questions that any three year old with bowel control issues can ask. The voice is worse than nails on a chalkboard. This annoying mosquito-girl with a cheap camera better not give up her day job. There is absolutely nothing that will ever help her out here.

1378 days ago


Nicki wasn't bad, but the guy was MUCH better. Who is voting for her?

Her voice was a little grating, and she doesn't know where Aspen is. DUH!

1378 days ago


why would you pick this girl? what an annoying voice. tmz you guys are always doing stupid things.

1378 days ago
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