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Miley's Herb Salvia

Classified as

'Drug of Concern'

12/10/2010 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus' drug of choice -- salvia -- has been listed as a "drug of concern" by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency.

Salvia Effects: What is Salvia
According to the DEA -- salvia is a Mexican herb that can be smoked to "evoke hallucinogenic effects." 

In fact, the DEA states, "Psychic effects include perceptions of bright lights, vivid colors and shapes, as well as body movements and body or object distortions."

But that's not all -- the DEA adds ... other effects include uncontrolled laughter and overlapping realities. Negative physical effects may include incoordination, dizziness, and slurred speech.

According to Scientific American Magazine, the DEA is currently "looking into the drug" to determine if it should be considered "on par" with LSD and heroin.

However, research conducted by several universities -- including Harvard -- show salvia may have some serious medicinal value ... and could help improve treatments for conditions like schizophrenia and addiction.

Dr. Joe Haraszti -- an L.A. psychiatrist -- tells us, "Animal data suggest that salvia is not addictive. But people will try it once and since it's such an intense and unpleasant experience that they will not want to do it again."

The battle over salvia is raging in the scientific community. Currently, it's legal in most U.S. states ... including California.


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Depending on what strength and brand she smoked she either went into another world filled full of strange wonders that can only be as great as the user's imagination or she got loose and laughed a bit. Judging on the video I'm putting my money on the later.

1414 days ago

Sandy R.    

She may be a celeb and only 18, and 18 year olds do experiment but come on she's an idiot.. all that BS that came out of her mouth a year or so ago about being on the up and up and she'll never become a crazy like other celebs... well Miley I think you're on your way to rehab if you keep this up sweetie. She needs to have a long talk with Britney Spears

1414 days ago


Its Drug Enforcement Administration not Agency - fact check people, its such a simple thing...

1414 days ago


oh wow, so people are saying if it's natural so what? poison ivy is a plant and is not good for you, arsenic can be found in natural compounds and will kill you, there's plently more, don't be blind and stupid.

1414 days ago


Effects of salvia: Perceptions of bright lights, vivid colors and shapes, as well as body movements and body or object distortions, uncontrolled laughter and overlapping realities. Negative physical effects may include incoordination, dizziness, and slurred speech.

Effects of heroin: Uncontainable euphoria, high risk of overdose and addiction.

The DEA has to investigate this? Why do my taxes support these *******s?

1414 days ago


It's not pot don't you people read the article before commenting?!

1414 days ago

hayley benish    

She aint a pot head, well she may but she was smoking Salvia!!! Mary Jane doesnt make u all wacky like this it calms you and tames you so if u think its weed ur lame

1414 days ago


in terms of pot not being harmful thats a bunch of bull. locally we had a tween get high on it and kill someone in a car accident. one of many. also Bob Marley died of cancer from his LARGE intake of pot. dont be deceived. Pot is NOT harmless.

1414 days ago


whatever "friend" videotaped that and turned it in deserves to get their ASS beat!...what a bitch!

1414 days ago


She clearly took a small dosage and was strong minded to begin with (certain people just cant handle hallucinagens). If it were weed her friend wouldnt have said she didnt trip out enough. And she didnt even know how to hit a bong all you nuns can chill

1414 days ago


Wow. Classy. idgaf if it's 'natural' or not, all drugs should be banned, INCLUDING marijuana. Everyone says "go to school, get an education", yet they make a verrrry popular (not to mention preferred)drug legal. How corrupted can people get? And sure, they can say that it's only for 'medical' purposes only, but that doesn't stop the kids from lighting up and using the passing of prop 215 as an excuse to do so. Potheads, go away. And I know I'm going to get sh*t for this, but being in a High School where there's rarely ever a sober student in class is just sad. They're just proving that whole "all teenagers care about is drugs, sex and rock n roll/rap" reputation we have. To some, that may be the ideal life, but to others who have ambition and brain cells, no thanks.

1414 days ago


Thank-you TMZ and all media running this for turning thousands of young teens onto this drug after viewing this..Well done, enjoy the money you make off of it. Dopes...

1414 days ago

carmen velasquez    

listen smoking mariguana is bad but not like cigaretts. when i was 18 i could say i smoke at least twice. but she is not hannah montanna. she is a teenager now an adult she can make her own choices. god made mariguana and everything happens for a reason. u never noe something good might come out of thic. peace love and alone

1414 days ago


Well, I have previously smoked salvia and as a holder of a medical marijuana license in the wonderful city of Denver, I believe I'm in a position to say that marijuana does not cause these types of effects; salvia does. Even for a first time user the effects are rather delayed after smoking. Salvia on the other hand begins its effects on the mind almost immediately after you exhale. There's no doubt in my mind that salvia is the substance being used in the video, which is legal in this country, so maybe you guys should do some research before spitting out uneducated opinions.

1414 days ago


haha I suggest you all read this, you could learn a few things.

The public is so ridiculously ignorant and misinformed. I don't understand why everyone is referring to her as a "pothead". She wasn't smoking marijuana. Salvia is a completely different species of plant my friends and is available for purchase by 18 year olds, just like tobacco, in most head shops and even some gas stations in most US states, varying by potency. It invokes a dream like "trip" that only lasts on average 5-7 minutes in which afterwards you go back to a completely normal and sober state of mind with no "comedown" effects whatsoever. I honestly don't see what the big deal is. She's an adult now, she legally can do what she chooses. It's not like they're broadcasting this all over the disney channel, and if you educate your kids properly and teach them to think for themselves you shouldn't have to worry about this being any kind of major influence on them. Calm down and go back to your mediocre, sheltered lives.

1414 days ago
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