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'Blue Mountain State' QB Hit With Restraining Order

12/12/2010 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Page Kennedy -- star of "Blue Mountain State" -- is accused of harassing a woman via text message after she shot down his sexual advances ... this according to court documents she filed.

Tiffany Muller was granted a temporary restraining order against Kennedy last month -- and in the documents she calls him a friend who was a potential romantic interest but says "it didn't go there."

Muller claims she and Kennedy met in May -- and in her court filing she details an alleged attack where Kennedy "tried to touch me and take my pants off and I would push his hands away and tell him to stop."

Muller fought and screamed until Kennedy got exhausted and stopped the attack ... according to the docs.

Muller claims since then she has received a barrage of harassing messages from Kennedy via text message, Twiiter, iChat and BlackBerry Messenger ... she included hundreds of the messages in her court filing.

Muller wants the court to make the TRO permanent ... a hearing is scheduled in L.A. Superior Court on Dec. 29.

A rep for Kennedy tells TMZ they had no comment, since they hadn't been served with any papers, but added, "At no time did he present a credible threat of violence and his suitor actions were misperceived as stalking."


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Hugh Jass    

Dee Dee@1: "decent guy"? in this photo he looks like a drug-crazed sex maniac right out of "Reefer Madness" ! look at his OJ "ugly - ass" drug-crazed sex maniac eyes and those drug-crazed sex maniac teeth! he even looks like a drug-crazed sex maniac texting stalker and a would-be sexual assaulting drug-crazed sex maniac!

1408 days ago


I would say his days are numbered at BMS, he's playing the same role in real life as he does on TV. If the claim is true don't expect see him on BMS.

1408 days ago


I've met Page multiple times. Including the set of BMS. He doesn't have a blackberry, which mean no BBM's, making this story total BS. He is also one of the coolest and nicest guys around.

1408 days ago


The other main black guy from BMS gets in trouble with the law again? Geeze.

1408 days ago


I'm glad this woman had the courage to stand up to him. He thinks that he could get away with his aggressive behavior and degrading words. Just look at his TWITTER page, its in black and white, it he shows you the type of person he is. I hope he will learn his lesson from this and start acting like a human being and not a repulsive PIG! Just because a woman talks to you and she decides she is not interested doesn't mean you have the right to act that way.

1408 days ago


Okay, I'll say it. Who is he?

"At no time did he present a credible threat of violence and his suitor actions were misperceived as stalking."

What part of "NO" does he not get... call it stalking, call it harassment, the woman wanted no part of his ugly ass. I can't imagine being a woman and having to dodge something like that guy. (ugh)

1408 days ago


Is that U-Turn??

1408 days ago

Bob c89    

Um, isn't the same guy that was fired from Desperate Housewives over dubious cir***stances? There were rumors that he harassed one of the actresses on that show or something- I don't remember exactly, but TMZ was all over that controversy.

I find it very weird that TMZ, which was all over this guy's previous incidents, does not even mention it in this post. Just laziness, I suppose.

1408 days ago

Bob c89    

Comment censorship is pretty bad as well. Can't say the word "cir***stances" because the letters c,u, and m are contained in it? Reminds me of some site that edited a word that had t,it,s in it and another that makes the former VP's name "Thingy Cheney."

1408 days ago


This d-bag was also fired in 2005 from Desparate Housewives for allegedly flashing his junk or something to one of the crew members or actresses on set. I'm suprised TMZ didn't include this in their story. Apparently, this seems to be a pattern in this guy's life.

1408 days ago


This guy tried the same thing with me the first time I met him. I wont go into details but it was disturbing and against anything I wanted. I totally believe this girl is telling the truth because I know how he gets down. He really has some issues.

1408 days ago


Un-freakin-believable... this kind of lazy, negligent, refusal to face the truth about stalkers really makes it hard to stop stalkers BEFORE they turn really violent and kill somebody.

1408 days ago


yea dog,
that is u-turn

1407 days ago


Oh, U-Turn. You're such a traffic jam.

1407 days ago


To the girl or girl that says he doesn't own a blackberry. You must be a cover for him because I know for a fact that he has a BB. I communicated with him via BBM up until the time he did the same thing to me. I had to have a male friend of mine call him to get him to stop. I was afraid for my life and still look over my shoulders at times, thinking about him. I should've did what this Muller girl is doing with hopes that it would stop him bothering another girl, shame on me. Push forward girl, he's officially crazy.

1405 days ago
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