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Oprah Gives Away

More Than a Mil

in Australia

12/13/2010 8:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey dropped serious cash on some Australians during a taping of her show today ... including $1,000,000 worth of computer equipment to a local school.

O gave over $1 million of HP and Microsoft gear to the Canterbury Boys School -- including a laptop for every teacher and student.

In a particularly tear-jerking moment, Oprah presented a check to a man battling cancer in the amount of $250,000, courtesy of Microsoft. They also got an Xbox 360 video game system.

The episode will air some time in 2011.


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Oprah gives away change compared to what she's worth. And good that she also gives away money from Microsoft (snicker). Isn't that impressive? NOT.

Oprah needs to put some money to causes right here in the USA. She's got it to spend but it's never here.

Not nice. Pretty crappy American, she is.

1407 days ago


@Poster 33 Michelle--

We are simply stating she isn't a good American. If she cost you taxes, I cannot imagine what for. She's a visiting tourist who brought a hoard of money to you just being there and spending an enormous amount doing so.

None of us like her looking at these posts. She's selfish and most of all, fake. Keep her. We can move ahead without her just fine.

1407 days ago


All of u who are writing negative comments should be ashamed of urselves! What she is doing is AMAZING! Im an Australian and that boys school is filled with different cultures and alot of them a very poor. That man who has cancer has been struggling looking after his young children while his wife went to work. The bills havent been getting paid and what she did for them atleast will ease their pain financially. Also most of u probably didnt realise that it has cost Australian tax payers over $4million having Oprah here. So the little that she has given away compared to what we have spent on her coming here is a very vast difference! U all think she forked over the money for the 302 Americans to come here but NOPE WE DID and most of them didnt even have a passport!! Before u all go blabbing and bagging Australia get ur facts straight about what we have done!

1407 days ago


Oh yeah and if u all bother to check ur facts, the necklaces were donated by RIO TINTO and Aussie company and Microsoft money was donated by the Australian part of Microsoft. She hasnt really spent ANY of her OWN money. Everyone has reached into their pockets because of who she is!

1407 days ago

Max Smart    

What that article fails to mention is that Australian tax payers paid many millions for her trip, so no wonder she can afford to give away some $$$ and receive all the plaudits.

1407 days ago

Max Smart    

Oh and what I failed to mention in my previous comment is that Australian tax payers paid for Oprah's visit to Australia without their knowledge or consent. (If you don't count a handful of star-gazing Politicians)

1407 days ago

Andrew Hedgman    

All these negative comments, why don't you all try doing something nice for people, oh wait that's right, your all too busy talking crap about people, you all must be very sad people!

1407 days ago


You Americans whining about Oprah giving money to Australians.... Yikes. Maybe if your government and those in authority actually took care of your people (like they are supposed to), you wouldn't have to whinge so much. So Oprah gave some money and computers to some deserving people that aren't in the US. So what? We HAVE health care over here, unlike you lot. Get over yourselves. You can have your precious Oprah back in a few days time. As if she hasn't given away MILLIONS of dollars to Americans over the last 25 years. All we ever hear out of America is "gimme, gimme, gimme".

1407 days ago


She just gave away a million dollars each to 8 different schools in the U.S. on an episode a few weeks ago. It doesn't all get reported. She helped build all those homes after Hurricane Katrina. And besides, it's her money, why do you all care what she does with it???

1407 days ago

neko nation    

Oprah has got to be the biggest self promoting douche bag in the history of television. She loves to give away gifts to the poor who can't afford to pay the tax and get stuck with nothing.

1407 days ago


@soulofanangel: why single out angelina jolie and oprah?obama is giving billions of dollars to south america meanwhile there are a lot of people starving here too

1407 days ago


I wonder if she reimbursed the AU Govt for the $4 million THEY spent on her 'give away' trip. If she really wanted to do some good, how about giving those millions she spent on the trip to homeless shelters or food banks HERE IN AMERICA where people are starving all over the place or are huddled in one room with blankets on the windows. She could have paid for a few to be warmer this winter.

1407 days ago


Canterbury boys school is a private high school. Way to go Oprah, give the money to kids who already have pleanty of it. How about one of the state schools in an underprivileged area???

1407 days ago


great job miss O ,you have indeed make some people happy as the year draws to an end,please we need such help too in Africa, most schools lack computers and you know it is vital to improve skills in learning.Please think of you fellow children in Africa.Have a nice trip in Australia and keep it up.

1407 days ago

So What    

why don't you help out your own country bitch with all than green you have. you live here you should support your green here.

1407 days ago
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