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O'Reilly Burns Miley

'Pathetic' for Smoking Bong

12/14/2010 5:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bill O'Reilly lit up Miley Cyrus last night for lighting up a bong-load of salvia -- calling the former "Hannah Montana" star "pathetic" ... and officially calling an end to her reign as a role model.


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O'Reilly calling ANYONE "pathetic"? Pot, meet kettle.

1375 days ago


Miley IS a role model. She wasn't doing anything illegal. She donates time and money to charity, she is going through her parents divorce. Whoever leaked the video is to blame, not Miley. The people pushing her to be who she is not are to blame. This includes her parents - Tish in particular - and Disney. She's trying to get away from it all and no wonder.

If any parent actually did any parenting, this wouldn't be a big deal. Instead people let the television raise their kids. I have known since I was tiny that just because someone I admired did something, didn't mean I had to do it. My boys - who are four - know that too. If your tween can't figure that out - you've got more problems than you realize.

1375 days ago


Irony of ironies, Bill O Reilly thinks other people are pathetic because of their bad behavior. Would any of you ladies like and after work bonus sponge bath wether you want it our not? Because bill is gonna insist on giving you one and expaining it in grapic detail to you, again and again until you relent. You do want to keep your job right? *wink*

But yeah Bill keep calling for that boycott of Miley. I'm sure you've got a lot of pull with the tween/teen crowd! *rolls eyes*

What an *******.

1375 days ago


Never thought Miley was a roll model. She is rather rough around the edges and not classy in any way. I have never agreed with O'Reilly but on this matter I do!!!

1375 days ago


I'm not nuts about Bill O'Reilly, but I have to say that he's DEAD ON with this one. She is now a sad, out-of-control role-model, and her parents need to step-up the parenting - or else get someone else to do it. She has too much money and too much free time at such a young age.

1375 days ago


Since when was Miley a role model? Why would anyone model their lives on a pop star? You can't do what they do. You never will be able to do what they do. You don't have the talent or the patience to do what they do. So why is anyone modeling themselves after ANY celebrity? Model yourself after your parents. Miley is a pop star. And imagine that, a pop star smoking a bong. No way. Really? Millionaires who have access to anything anytime anywhere taking drugs and partying? NO WAY! NO FRIGGIN WAY!!!!!

This remains a story because of sanctimonious blowhards like O'Reilly who won't let it go. Maybe Bill, who once had to settle a sexual harassment suit with one of his producers, should worry about his own morality.

1375 days ago


yeah #26 that was Rush Limbaugh... Pains me to defend Bill O'Reilly, but it is the truth

Posted at 8:03 AM on Dec 14, 2010 by Kat


Correct, Bill O Reilly is the hypocrite who what sexually harassing on of the women working for him, constantly calling her and telling her what a good job she was doing, and how he would like to give here a sponge bath, in graphic detail, and wouldn't stop, that is until she went public and sue the F*CK out of him, at which point he settled out of court for millions of dollars and sheepishly ans cowardly stated he would never publicly speak of the incident again as if people will just forget all about it.

And Bill thinks Miley needs a "Reality Check"? LMAO

Way to go at being a roll model Bill! I'm calling for all you ******gers to show moral character and boycott his sorry ass! You would never forgive a liberal who sexually harassed their employees that way. Why do you give Bill a free pass for it?

Because your a bunch of ideologically driven pinheads with no moral values whatsoever, that's why. Some role models you are... *rolls eyes*

1375 days ago


As if anyone listens to what this Right Wing Lunatic has to say!

1375 days ago


Who is this guy?

1375 days ago


i hate to say it, but i agree with him. its pathetic because she was stupid enough to let someone videotape it. thats what happens when you are spoiled trailer trash.

1375 days ago

Chun LI    

Oreilly can't talk.Way to pay your assistant off d0uchebag.

1375 days ago


Who freaking cares!!! She smoked a bong! OMG, is that the worst thing in the world? Come on people, give it up. No one is perfect, and no one is an angel. I'm sure all of you have smoked pot or something similar before, and if you didn't, your kids did!!! This is not the end of the world. AND , if you kid look up to a celebrity as a role model, then you have bigger problems on your hands than a little pot smoke!!! Get a freaking life and worry about what's important. Miley Cirus smoking a bong is not important!!!!

1375 days ago


How does Bill O'Reilly think he has the moral high ground to criticize anybody after his sex scandal with a female O'Reilly Factor producer? He left nasty, sex-fantasy-filled messages on her phone. Do a search for Andrea Mackris if you don't believe me.

1375 days ago


The real pathetic thing is that Bush is playing in the background. Makes perfect sense that Miley would have no musical taste

1375 days ago


What is it with Disney, i thought they were for family. These young celebrities are out of control, even their parks have issues. I won't allow my kids have anything to do with the likes, just stay with Nickelodean.

1375 days ago
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