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Girl Who Shot Miley Video Targeted with Threats

12/14/2010 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The girl who filmed Miley Cyrus hitting the bong has been getting threats since TMZ posted the video -- and now we've learned, she's gone into hiding.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ the video was shot by one of Miley's best buds -- a girl named Anna Oliver -- who has been getting threats from Miley fans via Twitter ever since the bongtroversy began.

Messages include:
-- "What would you do if you met Anna Oliver? -- Probably kick her teeth in"
-- "Anna Oliver.....I HATE YOU"
-- "We should find Anna Oliver and feed her to the lions!"
-- "Dear Anna Oliver, I know you want to be a little fame whore, but you're not good at it. We hate your guts. Love, EVERYONE."

Anna eventually deactivated her Twitter account.

We tried calling her ... she hasn't gotten back to us.


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Man, people are so stupid. I guess it's impossible that someone else took the video from her phone and attempted to sell it. IMPOSSIBLE.


1375 days ago


Why are these `FANS`` threating this girl....its the truth!. Billy & Tish should not have gotten her into show biz...simple as that. She thinks she is better than everyone else, and look at the trouble she has gotten herself into the past few years. Her parents allowing her to date older men, instead of boys her age. Both of her parents should be ashamed of themselves, and so should Miley.

I hope her career is over, and her fame!. Tish & Billy don`t seem to watch any of their children, or really care what they do...look at poor Noah....sweet child...:0(

1375 days ago


Anne Oliver is a hero. Miley is a train wreck. Just another no talent idiot who is blind to the fact that she had nothing in the first place and this will do her in. Taking fame for granted is a killer.

1375 days ago

d taylor    

Wow come on now Hanna Montanna, you been looking bad these last couple of months, your young and rich yes but use some sense here, seems like your best buddy is hatin on you why else would she let out this awful video dam that's crazy and to say someone stole it yeah right! Hang in there though youngen it will blow over just like everybody else who does stupid things.She would not be my friend anymore I tell you that.You have to watch out when the cameras are rollin and check your friends more carefully lots of folks claim to be your friend but on the inside they are really jealous of you.

1375 days ago



1375 days ago


ITs Not The other girls fault....Miley shouldnt have let anyone film her period....its Mileys fault!...But these girls are both young and inexperienced....but BULLYING IS NOT THE ANSWER!!!

1375 days ago


Just a couple of thoughts. Anna did not use good judgement by sharing the Miley pictures, BUT Miley was the one inhaling the herb fumes. Miley seems to have "zip" in the self control column. Anna has "Zip" in the self control column too for sharing the pixs of her friend. They should be friends. As an adult, (Miley thinks she is grown up even though that isn't what her behavior tells us) she needs to get herself under control or she could end up like so many other ex-child stars who became pathetic losers with drugs, sex and alcohol. Think Lohan. Threatening Miley's friend is just plain stupid. Let Miley sort it out. Miley is supposed to be an adult.

1375 days ago


1) Miley is young and young kids do stupid things.
2) It was legal salvia not crack!!
3) If Miley "fans" are posting those violent, hateful threats then it is TIME for Miley to get new fans anyway.

1375 days ago


Dear Anna!
Thank you for exposing Hanna BONGtanna to the world and showing us what she really is, i have a young daughter myself, and i will no longer let her praise miley or enter out home through tv, radio, cd's dvd's whatever, again thank you very much and be safe.

1375 days ago


Anna Oliver did not make that A**hole take a hit off the bong!

1375 days ago


1.Anna Oliver is a Famewhore... not a friend.
What bothers me is that miley trust anna.

2.if Miley smoke or not is her problem not yours.

3. I love her more now.

1375 days ago

iani pana    

How do you have have her number?Perhaps because she has sold that video to you?How much you paid for it?

1375 days ago


Don't blame this Anna girl for Miley's actions. Miley is 18 now, if you ever thought she was a saint, boy you need to check back into reality. I'm sure Miley's done worse. Leave this Anna chick alone and hold the person doing the action accountable...Miley. Seems like everyone is stuck in 3rd grade! Grow up!

1375 days ago


Ewww I went to high school with Anna Oliver and she was a total B!TCH. She is such a cracked out fame-whore, and I really don't understand why Miley is friends with her. Anna has been friends with Demi Lovato for a while and look where she is now, rehab.

Run, Miley, run!

1375 days ago


thats what she gets for leaking the video..i'm sure she knew this would happen before she did it. obviously she's not a good friend for doing that.

1375 days ago
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