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Miley Cyrus' New Reality -- Warped by Salvia?

12/14/2010 5:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus is back in the game -- or at least on the sidelines of a game ... shaking off the effects of a bong filled with hallucinogenics to hang with Saints and unicorns?

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1407 days ago


I voted on the polls as well and was also shocked at the results. You guys are right, everyone is hating on Miley, and personally, I don't see why..

Okay, sure, you could argue her hypocrisy. Like on the 6th of June 2010, On Air with Ryan Seacrest she said, "People who do drugs are idiots and I will never be that person"

BUT with that being said, 1, she was clearly egged on and 2, people change, she's clearly rebelling against her parents divorce and the drug was a little escape too. I feel sorry for Miley and as a fan since the beginning I am not giving up on her.

1407 days ago


MILEY WAS NOT TRIPPING, SHE WAS FAKING IT TO IMPRESS HER FRIENDS. You people need to TRY a drug before you condemn it, maybe then you'd know that Miley was faking her little "trip"

1407 days ago


TMZ, I know that you are just trying to be humorous, but it's a stretch to think that it would take her two weeks to "shake off the effects" of a drug whose effects are do***ented to last less than 20 minutes! And since you are the narcs, so to speak, who paid to corrupt someone to give you the "Miley Bong Video", I would at least expect you to know that much about how the drug works. And speaking of being narcs, come to think of it, you guys are really more like Satan in this case, as you obviously paid someone to sell their soul to the devil to get hold of that video.

1407 days ago


we in Tennessee call her "Tennessee Trash"...who in the world manages her...she has no sense of style, look at those outfits she wears, she twangs her talk, and now she bongs...we associate Tennessee trash with low intelligence and she sure fits that bill..has she heard the word "etiquitte"..."education"...and "class"? Doubt it.

1407 days ago


@#4, you are way overestimating her acting abilities if you think that was fake. If it was fake, Miley gave an Oscar winning performance. She exhibited all of the do***ented affects of salvia intoxication, even down to the instant takeoff that no other drug can provide. I'm not putting down her acting abilities. I think she's a really talented comedian and a fair dramatic actor, but she's just nowhere near as good as you are giving her credit for. An objective observer is forced to admit the obvious: she's smoking salvia, and from the looks of how she had to be coached on using the bong, it was her first time. If you're real worry is that all this Miley attention is going to strengthen the forces for criminalization, you might want to think about becoming an active citizen and fighting against the prohibition rather than blaming an 18-year-old women who's just doing what most teenagers do, trying out new experiences. I've seen lots of different perspectives in the debates about this incident, but the most lame perspective at all is that of the people who support keeping the drug legal, but are now blaming Cyrus on renewed efforts to criminalize it rather than blaming their own failure to get out and work against those evil forces.

1407 days ago


Her father should have prevented what could be a family catastrophe in the first place.

1407 days ago


i think that this is horrible my little sister looked up to this girl. Miley is the one that decided to be someone that little kids look up to so she should have had enough respect for this kids to atleast be more careful of how she spends her free time. You can not say becauase she is famous and she is pressured by everyone to do stuff like that. Taylor swift is looked up to by kids and didnt even have her own tv show and also is older than Miley and still manages to stay out of the press. Kind of sad if you ask me i am tired of seeing people stand up for Miley i know she is a teenager and will make mistakes but come on this is just to much. She should know better especially if them kids are seeing this all over the internet and now they will think it is ok because "hannah montana" did it. If you ask me she should not even be considered for Disney anymore!!!!!!!

1407 days ago


Princess Miley rides the merry little unicorn to the trashcan.

1407 days ago


This girl is responsible for her own actions. She also had way to much way too fast. However....this was damn funny!

1407 days ago


everybody wants to hate on miley because she is in the public eye. I can almost guarantee you most people her age of done the same thing or are going to. its not like it is illegal where she lives so how can people get on her about that ? would you go all ape **** and blow it way out of proportion if you saw her smoking a cigarette ? probably not. in all reality she is just a 18 year old who is going through a period in her life that most of us do. her parents are divorcing and she just turned 18. she is just experimenting a little bit. it could of been a lot worse that what it was. give her a break !!!

1407 days ago


Baby steps toward a life run a muck. So many other Hollywood people have gone down the same path. We've seen it time and time again.

Too bad Miley couldn't keep herself together. I disagree with TMZ Live on this one. These things are usually entries into other drugs. Miley has the money and time to pursue all sorts of bad things. Stronger Hollywood people have been dragged down bit by bit before her.

Now that her parents are divorced her refuge is gone and being eighteen allows her to do any stupid thing. Maybe in Hollywood this is "normal" but it is not "normal" in other parts of the country. Not everyone does drugs...salvia...drugs...whatever.

By the way...who cares about Miley as a role model. She hasn't been that for a long time now if ever.

It used to be that the WISE ELDERS in a society were the role models. People used to consult and look up to the older people who had experienced life and deserved respect. Why would anyone consult a little kid about anything? Aren't the adults the ones who are supposed to be leading the way?

People wake up! No kid deserves to be a role model! Or should be a role model. Save the respect for wise and deserving older adults.

1407 days ago


TMZ - one of my guilty pleasures is celebrity gossip. i love to see these worthless whores crash and burn. however... i don't hate simply to hate. i love actresses like dakota fanning, she's a well deserving young girl of her fortune and fame! such a great role model for little girls and obviously adults in most cases. i love sandra bullock etc.. women well deserving of their things and want them to succeed.

i hate miley for just cause. she's an attention scavenging whore and always will be. she's been trying to tabloid herself like a tart from the start. i LOVE seeing her crash and burn. can't wait to read about the sex tape and her drug problems.

<3 that is all.

1407 days ago


So far, I have laughed off most of these posts. Mainly because so many people act as if this brat were some sort of youth goddess. Face it, for several years now she has grown worse and worse where her attitude goes. She has dressed like a tramp, and feels it's "normal". Oh year, every parent wants their kid to do pole dances at the age of 17. Every parent just dreams of their daughter flashing camel toe with almost everything she wears. This brat needs to be straightened out, and fast. Judging by that raspy voice, she won't be singing too much longer and will probably end up as a prostitute in Nevada... Man, won't Billy Ray be proud then?!

1406 days ago


Sorry TMZ, The hallucinogenic feeling of salvia only lasts about 5-8 minutes, which I have experienced first hand.

1406 days ago
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