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Miley Cyrus' New Reality -- Warped by Salvia?

12/14/2010 5:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus is back in the game -- or at least on the sidelines of a game ... shaking off the effects of a bong filled with hallucinogenics to hang with Saints and unicorns?

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This kind of response is what's really "pathetic"

1354 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Why in hell would a celebrity who is known as a role model for LITTLE GIRLS all over allow herself to be filmed smoking a bong?? As for defending her because she is just a teenager - she is a HUGE CELEBRITY TEENAGER with a HUGE YOUNG FOLLOWING. Different Rules Apply. She carries HUGE responsibility with her fame. Boo Hoo, cry to Daddy as you count your millions.

1354 days ago


l'm a huge fan,of the amazing miley,& l always will be.l have to believe that this was a one off,& will never be repeated.l'm really hoping this issue causes miley a lot of embarrassment,so that she learns from this,& doesn't do it again.As,unlike some of you sh***cks,l do care what becomes of miley,as she is very special to me.l will never desert her.To me,miley is the most beautiful girl,to ever walk this earth.l love everything about her.l just wish miley was as inteligent in her private life,as she is at being a shrewed business woman.Next time she throws a party ban any form of drugs,it's her house,it's time for a few ground rules.Oh & there is no such thing as a harmless drug,they are all bad,& they all have side effects.They should all be banned.The only drugs that anyone needs are the sort ur Dr,would prescribe for you,if ur ill,to make you well again.Anyone that sticks up for drugs,are just losers.
Ur wonderful miles.Peace & godbless:)XX
Keith White(Megamileyfan1)uk.

1354 days ago

McKayla Raychard    

She's trying to be a normal 18 year old girl, poor thing can't get out of the spotlight for a second. If she wore pajamas in public she'd get criticized for it, I'm not saying what she did is right, and she is a role model for many little girls, but she's not 12 years old anymore, she is growing up and becoming her own person, just because she has CLEARLY tried this drug ONCE doesn't mean she is some raging drug addict. Hop of her d**k would ya.

1354 days ago


People saying that Miley Cyrus should know better and should be a role model are overlooking one important thing - she didn't leak this video. TMZ did.

The people at TMZ are the ones who are being irresponsible, by tarnishing a role model's reputation just to make money. Don't get angry at her for being a teenager. Be angry at the media, for being hypocritical - because I guarantee half the people who work for TMZ are habitual marijuana smokers. I guarantee it.

I say this as someone who's never watched her show and isn't a fan: f*** you, TMZ.

1354 days ago


Hey Madfoot, if Miley hadn't been hitting on the bong there would be no video to leak in the first place. You can shift the blame on to TMZ all you want but if celebrities didn't act stupidly TMZ would be out of business.

1354 days ago


wow this is article is really out to help get hate on miley cyrus i mean, shes got to be more careful about people filming her doing things, but shes really innocent in this instance, and its sad to see people pouncing on this to denigrate her career, and its doing so with ignorant information, it last as others have said about fifteen minutes, shake off effects...psshhh nonsense,

1353 days ago


Disney has perfected the Skank Time Bomb. However, Salvia is pretty harmless; the high is less than five minutes. Alcohol is far more dangerous. If you do some research, the fact that this herb has been outlawed in fifteen states is chilling.

1353 days ago


ela merece por tudo que ela esta passando! que idiota ela sabia as consequencias e ainda foi e fumou sei la o que !

1353 days ago


the sad thing about the video is you can tell this is not her first time smoking somthing. She may have never used a bong. But, she didnt cough and took a very deep breath. She's been smoking something for a while. I think we need to look at Disney because they are developing a long history of child stars that go down the same path.

1353 days ago

Gorilla Joe    

A video response to her video.

1351 days ago


You cannot ban everything that is harmful because anything and everything can be harmful in some way. First of all, if you smoke enough of it to really trip and to potentially be a danger to yourself or others, then you've taken such a dose that you won't be able to move or stand for a few minutes, incapacitation, and at a lower dose it really won't do much to you. It's legal for ADULTS 18+ to buy, adults who can make adult decisions, like buying tobacco which causes cancer and a whole ton of other problems. You need to educate people on Salvia rather than ban it. ANYBODY who puts anything into their body without researching it is a fool. It's not Salvia's fault that people are disrespecting something that Shaman in Oaxaca, Mexico have used for a long time for spiritual healing. You don't try to ban alcohol every time some kid gets their hands on it and kills somebody in a car. Salvia, which is NOT fun, not a party drug, and scares most users away after the first time, is something that for those of us who like it and use it responsibly should be available. Besides, all Miley Cyrus did was smoke it she didn't do anything bad or wrong, why the push to ban it? It's not because it's dangerous it's because it's new to many people's eyes and that scares them, they'd rather ban it then learn about it. It's NOT like LSD like people claim, that's B.S. We shouldn't let some stupid teen idol ruin something some people like to use. And besides, Salvia isn't even that popular. And if kids are getting their hands on it that's the problem of the smoke shop and the town, not the plant. Ban it and it's going to start up a black market and force police to spend money to crack down on something that's harmless. It can NOT be compared to marijuana because it's not like it at all. Judging by most articles, most people don't even know what Salvia is about, they don't know anything about it. Yet people want to ban it, shouldn't you LEARN ABOUT IT FIRST?

1350 days ago


jesus TMZ sucks at reporting ... you guys are amateurs, grow up ... no one cares about this, why are you trying to push this vid so hard ... i bet you guys paid like $20,000 for this clip

1346 days ago


fORGET THE BONE COST LETS FIND OUT WHAT SHE REALLY SMOKED. i THINK ITS THAT STUFF called SPICE "Scooby Snax herbal kush" crap. What is she smokin that stuff any ways? F... it, let her be a teen.

1339 days ago


miley is very beautiful .she is good acteress i hope she is the best all around. MAY GOD BLESS MILEY DI BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

1251 days ago
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