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Miley Cyrus -- Momma's Here Now

12/14/2010 8:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus cozied up with her mother Tish today on the New Orleans set of her upcoming movie, "So Undercover."

Feel the motherly love.


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I think Miley's hair looks gorgeous that color!

1371 days ago


If Miley is rebelling against anything it seems she's rebelling against Disney's control. Her song Robot says that pretty clearly. Her sexuality is normal biology and I get the feeling Miley is just a sexual young woman and not afraid to show it. I don't get the feeling that Tish is a "friend" type of mother either, people are saying that based on her looks. Also, Tish went to Miley's birthday party with her, she hasn't been seen "partying" with Miley at all. I wish people would stop trying to make Tish and Miley into Dina and Lindsay and a lot of what people say about Dina and Lindsay is inaccurate anyway.

I'll worry about Miley when reports come in that she isn't acting professionally on a movie screen, at the studio or on concert tours and in interviews. That's far from how she currently conducts herself. And even when Miley went to the club on Saturday night people there said she was ultra polite and courteous to the staff. The bong thing is a concern in her judgment, letting herself get videotaped doing it. There are plenty of the other Disney stars that may have a drink and get high as well just not as high profile and didn't get caught on videotape. This doesn't mean Miley's any type of drug addict and I don't see evidence that she has mental issues a la Britney or Lindsay either. I actually think we'll see more, maybe Miley's bisexual, maybe more questionable photos of her in various states of undress will come out, that's just maybe who she is. But professionally, she doesn't seem compromised though her image will always be under scrutiny.

1371 days ago


Come on people.............why so mean? Miley looks good. She's making a movie people, maybe that's why she is wearing white jeans in winter.....give it a rest people. I think Miley has talent. I just hope she can get it together and go on with her career. Divorce is really hard on kids.......I hope her parents can get back together maybe......or at least work things out for their kids. Miley really needs both her parents right now, so give the kid a break. Hopefully she has learned her lesson.

1371 days ago


WOW - I'd love to bang mom VERY hard. She has a super tight body (great rack) and some experience - I bet she goes like a bunny rabbit and works hard at trying to please, especially since she's single. I need a moment and have to go take care of something..............

1371 days ago

Nichole McCann    

To be honest, who cares if she did have a hit? I mean really, she's just a kid who's growing up a movie and rock star (HA!!) the media needs to back off and let her grow up. She's just a teenager, she'll grow out of this stage.

1371 days ago

R Crider    

Um so no one's gonna say anything about how bad Tish's ratty extensions look?

1371 days ago


damn you people that leave comments need to realize that its their life not yours so stop judging every single little thing she dose.

1371 days ago


Everyone likes to judge but this girl is doing nothing wrong. Point the finger but is she showing up for work and doing her job? That is the only question that should be asked and if she is then everyone should kick rocks. So she smoked something out of a bong "who cares"

Everyone secretly likes to see others fail and thats what all this hype is about.

1370 days ago


now that miley is 18 Im supprised you didnt have a whod you rather I think Id like to give ol mommy a good roll in the hay dayum she hot!

1370 days ago

Gorilla Joe    

A video response to her video.

1369 days ago


well all i gotta say 8s that miley is an ugly girl with big gums and teeth.

1364 days ago
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