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Lindsay Lohan's Reps

Think Sam Lutfi

is Harassing Her

12/17/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Lindsay Lohan's people believe the person who has been harassing Lindsay through text messages and voicemail messages is none other than Sam Lutfi ... the dude who loomed large when Britney Spears was melting down.

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay has been receiving ominous messages from someone who claims to be watching her.  The concern is so great ... honchos from the Betty Ford Clinic are moving Lindsay to a more secure location.

You'll recall, Lutfi was Britney's sole confidant just before she was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold.  Britney's family believed Lutfi was plying Brit with drugs and taking her down a path of destruction.  Britney's conservators eventually obtained a restraining order against Lutfi.

We've learned Lutfi has been in close contact recently with none other than Michael Lohan. In at least one text Lutfi sent to Lindsay, he falsely identifies himself as "Mike from TMZ" and warns her to distance herself from Dina Lohan. The phone number on the text goes right back to Lutfi.

TMZ spoke with Lutfi, who claims he didn't send the messages. He claims the people who rep Lindsay also repped Britney and they're out to get him. Lutfi claims Lindsay has called him in the past, though sources connected with Lindsay say she doesn't know Lutfi at all.

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay's people have been in touch with Sam, warning him to stay away from her ... or else.


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A few more thoughts. Why would Michael Lohan give Sam Lufti his daughter's personal info? Sounds like something invented by the Dina machine, since she loathes Michael so thoroughly.

And more to the point, WHY would Lufti harass Lindsay? She has NO MONEY...according to the Lohans, that is. So what would he gain from this?

1376 days ago


Arguing that nobody cares is ridiculous. If nobody cared, then you wouldn't be aruging would you? You wouldn't be in this thread, if nobody cared. Nobody would be in this thread if nobody cared. Hence, this thread cease to exist. To come into a thread to announce to the world that you do not care about said thread is hypocritical. If you didn't care, you would have ignored it entirely and you wouldn't have bothered leaving comments in the first place.

1376 days ago


Lindsay has called him in the past, though sources connected with Lindsay say she doesn't know Lutfi at all.

How can she call him in the past BUT say she doesnt know him??

Lindsays new girl Electra Avellan is in contact with Lutfi, there best buds

If you go to SamLutfi on twitter him and Electra hang out all the time.

The last tweet from Sams says: hey there, lets disuss
on 12/12
Eletra says: my heart is about to explode! Ah

Go to twitter and check it out for yourself

SamLutfi and electraAvellan on twitter
Its all there in black and white

Dina is making this crap up, she needs to point the finger at someone , cause we all know when Lindsay comes out she will be right back to her old ways

Dina even had Radar put on there site how Lindsay has been sober for 100 days HA HA HA HA HA HA! A JUDGE MADE HER STAY SOBER. So Dina needs to stop tooting her horn! Its NOT like Lindsay made the choose to stay sober, she was forced to stay sober. Theres a BIG difference

All I have to say is, with xmas coming and Dina in LA Lohans are planning something that they need to point the finger at, when Lindsay screws up AGAIN
And if she doesnt over xmas she will real soon

The Lying Lohans arent to smart

1376 days ago


I think this is a scam from Lindsay's people just trying to garner sympathy and keep her name in the headlines. However, Lufti does seem whacky enough to do something like this.

1376 days ago


All I am really getting out of this story is that Michael Lohan is directly involved with the (alleged) harassment of his own daughter.

1376 days ago


I don't believe it, just another attempt at grabbing headlines.....

1376 days ago


Personally, I doubt that Lindsay is even aware of all of this garbage that has been hitting these threads. I think it's Dina, through and through. These "exclusives" have that "desperate Dina" atmosphere in them. As I've said before, I hope BF is showing Lindsay all of these threads and "exclusives".
I wish her the best, but with Dina around, her career is in the tank.

1376 days ago


Why am i not surprised that michael lohan's name would come up in this whole stalking story?

1376 days ago


you know nikki, lindsay's friend could be friends with him without lindsay knowing him. they aren't all connected. people do have mutual friends without knowing each other.

1376 days ago


Maybe Sam Lutfi is a star wacker!

1376 days ago


"Close contact" can mean anything. Lufti probably stalked Michael and maybe talked to him but I doubt Michael even really knows the guy. If we assume Michael is behind this then I guess Mike from TMZ was also in on it. Or maybe we're just being manipulated.

1376 days ago


@ Jill Electra is Lindsays new lover Duhhhhh! She is one of the few can visit Lindsay at Betty Ford. They are VERY close Lindsay and Electra, so YES Lindsay knows she is good friends with Sam Lutfi. Sorry I popped the lid off the lying lohan BS story

Nice try DINA!

1376 days ago


Make him date Dina. He'll be the one needing a 5150 pronto!

1376 days ago


Sounds like Dina is doing everything she can to keep her screwed up kid in the headlines. Run, Lindsay, Run (from your toxic mama)!!

1376 days ago


@ nikki,

maybe while you were checking electra's tweets you would have also seen she has a boyfriend and lindsay's back with samantha.

1376 days ago
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