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TMZ's 'Take Your Best Shot' Challenge -- Take Two

12/16/2010 5:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Once was not enough -- TMZ decided to let another rookie photographer go toe-to-toe with one of our pros ... to see who takes the best shot with Patti Stanger from "Milliionaire Matchmaker."

The challenger -- Keith -- and our guy both hooked up with Patti in L.A. this week ... and now it's up to you to decide who did a better job.

So we gotta ask...


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They were both pretty good, but your guy exposed Patti as a self-involved dumbass.

However, TMZ's guy said "eXpecially" which I really hate. It's "eSpecially" people, learn to speak correctly!

1386 days ago

Kris in NYC    

I don't know how you guys think "your guy" is the landslide winner. Yeah, he's all hyper and excited, but she looks scared and confused! You really want to make the people you are interviewing scared and confused? At least Keith was down to earth, nice, left her relaxed... Sure, you didn't get any juicy tidibts, but your guy didn't really get any either. I liked Keith's disposition much better.

1386 days ago



1386 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

LOL @ Harvey only letting these people off the street get a crack at these Z-List reality show stars...

1386 days ago


Okay, I have to comment on both guys. Keith was good, very cordial and asked some decent questions but I would like to see the video he shot and not the video you shot of him. WTH is that?

Your guy got the woman to stop and banter back and forth, definitely the sign of a pro. I liked his style and his questions. The downside to your guy was that in the beginning his camera skills were shaky as hell!

Let's see the video from Keith or is is way too shaky to put up? That's what I'm guessing!

Based on the evidence provided, I SAY IT'S A TIE!

1386 days ago


Your guy needs to find the focus dial on his camera because that was really hard on the eyes.

1386 days ago


Harvey, it's called O.J.Simpson matter what "evidence" was presented and no matter who he killed, it was a statement from "the hood".

So goes the "statement" from TMZ masses...any person other than your guy, WINS...Case Closed.

1386 days ago


The new guy didn't do bad, but he did forget to lay it on thick by complimenting and thanking her. A good move would have been to compliment her right after she remarked that she had lost 25 pounds. He did good letting her plug her diet product by asking her about the secret to her weight loss. But... the TMZ guy got her to stop in her tracks by complimenting her show and asking her a question related to her show. He also got her on camera saying she didn't know who Julian Assange was... nice. Good question about fixing Julian up on a date too, since he's got some sort of sex charges against him in Sweden. You can just tell who is more experienced.

1386 days ago


i believe the viewer's footage or his video is a combo of both his footage and being shot by the third person. also are they both using that little handheld camera? because you can see it in keith's hand for sure and with that his footage looks way better, especially for a beginner. pretty basic questions though. the TMZ photog totally seems like a pro but the first video had better footage.

1386 days ago


Your guy wins by a large margin IMHO. He made a stronger connection, and I found his questions more interesting. I have zero interest in knowing what Ms' plans are for the holidays, but I found your guy's questions hilarious and relevant. Kuddos on having her talk about current issues (ie wikileaks) and the smooth transition to the whole serial celebrity break-ups.

Kuddos to Keith, too, for trying. It takes guts. :)

1386 days ago

big al    

ITS A MAN, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

1386 days ago


She (?) is obnoxious however you film.

1386 days ago


Personally, I prefer the TMZ guys over the regular people. The TMZ guys at least try and come up with original questions to ask celebrities. Those lead to interesting responses.

Seriously, would we watch tmz if every question was down to earth run of the mill questions? Doubtful.

1385 days ago


Clearly the TMZ dude won! I would have asked how she can consider herself a matchmaker when she couldn't stay married!

1385 days ago


I find her to extremely sexy...

1385 days ago
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