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Elin Nordegren -- Home for the Holidays

12/17/2010 1:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With her two kids in tow, Tiger Woods' ex-wife Elin Nordegren bundled up and hightailed it to her homeland of Sweden yesterday.

Elin won't have to deal with any ho ho hos this year.


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Never forget that the kids father will be in all the sports history books and the children already love him. Their love for him will only grow over time. they will realize it took 2 to cause these problems. I know I have children myself that have come back to me.

1368 days ago


What mother would not allow her children to see their father for Christmas...ELIN.....Everyone thinks this woman is the greatest mother of them all....NOT....if she was anything of a mother she will have her children in Florida sotheir father could spend the holidays with them....This is all about Elin and her jet setting...Regardless, Tiger is their father and is supporting them he should be allowed to see them. If this was anyone else this would not be happening....Enough is enough, she needs to consider this children want and need to see their

1368 days ago


Robin, Jack, Fran ... I'm sure you folks "mean well" and all ... but seriously, give your heads a shake ! What makes you think that this pathological-adulterer has now all of a sudden become some kind of fatherly saint ? Until he was exposed for the "filth" that he is, Tiger Woods did nothing but hurt, mock and ridicule not only his family, but the entire institution of marriage. Of course this fool is going to now play the "loving father" card ... or haven't you been paying attention ? This is no different than him playing the "Buddhist card", or the "change of swing" card, or the "return to core values" card, etc, etc ... Tiger Woods "is what he is" and no amount of "spin" from either he or people like you, will change that.

PS: As it's not in my nature to be a mean person, I'd like to offer the three of you free "season-passes" to Sea World in San Diego !

1368 days ago


and a GREAT BIG "DITTO" to you Blomfeldt!!!!!

1362 days ago


@ #49 - Fran: what are you talking about? When parents divorce, time is divided. Holidays are usually alternated. They both reached an agreement on the divorce terms, which most definitely covered all custody/visitation terms - including holidays. He probably had them for Thanksgiving. Is he a bad father for not sharing sharing the day with Elin? Besides, Tiger is Buddhist. If he's true to his faith, he's not celebrating Christian holidays. And while you are bashing Elin, let's not forget that he wouldn't have to be away from them at all had he not wrecked his home with his porn stars and skanks. He could've even given them diseases while they were in the womb. Elin definitely seems to be the better parent. You're right, enough is enough. I hope Tiger knows that now.

1361 days ago


Ha ha, Elin will never find a good man to take care of her, for one thing everyone knows about her and her money and not sure any man in his right mind would jump to be with her and raise those kids. Her beauty will fade like everythling else in life. Regardless how ya feel about Tiger, he was the really one true guy who loved her for her self regardless how his fathers heritage led him a stray on women.

1325 days ago


Elin is a Pig****er in my opinion.

1322 days ago


Elin, Thank You for being a really CLASSY LADY. The Love you have for your children clearly shows and I am grateful you are out of all that public invasion mess.
As for Mr. Woods, Everything he attempts to do to be successful will fail, as he committed the worst Sin of all. Lying &
Cheating not only on himself, but dragging his lovely family into HO HO Stories. You see, he will have to be completely honest with himself and God first and then he will have to be honest with Elin and his children. He won't learn this lesson until he is an old man and his children will show him what Love really is, because their Mother will teach them to feel pity and sorrow for him, as he is truly living in a created dream world. It is really shame he is just to stuck on himself to see it, and by the way, his mother should know better than to
be is enabler. Best Wishes to Elin, her children and her wonderful family and friends all over.

1276 days ago
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