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Lindsay Lohan -- Scared of 'Psychotic' Photog

12/18/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan knows the drill dealing with paparazzi -- but one photog has Lindsay scared stiff.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... there's a photog who drives around in a Prius with tinted windows -- who follows her everywhere she goes, running up to her car and yelling at her every time her car comes to a stop.

We're told the pap seems to live outside Lindsay's digs -- he's there everyday and doesn't miss a beat when Lindsay ventures out.

Lindsay is convinced the pap is "psychotic."

Lindsay is so upset, she's asked her lawyer to go to court and get a restraining order against this pap and several others, but so far nothing's been filed in court.

And the paparazzo isn't Lindsay's only headache. Honchos from the Betty Ford Clinic moved Lindsay to a more secure facility because of harassing text messages and phone calls.


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She looks around 40 in that picture.

1384 days ago


Lindsay: You're going psychtic yourself, go back to drugs and booze. It may also be the draw back giving you serious hallucinations

1384 days ago


Just like the phone calls, does the driver of the Prius with tinted windows yell in a Long Island accent and have that ridiculous elbow length red hot-rollered hair pulled onto the chest?
It's all a plot by Dina to make Betty Ford think she's in danger so they will agree to let her go to New York for Christmas.
Stop stalking your daughter Dina!

1384 days ago

Big Taters    

If she should be made at any photog, try the one who took this picture exposing her 42 year old looking skin that has a tint of 60 year old smoker on meth for a couple of days.

This chic needs to stay sober and stay out of sight.

1384 days ago


That pic of Linds is hideous. She looks older than ali looks. Im not talkin real age, im talkin looks. GROSS.

1384 days ago


This is an old story TMZ rehashed to make it new...LAME. The paps were all over Lindsays sober house and BF said it was too dangerous for Lindsay to drive. Lindsay asked them to back off, leave her alone when she was driving, that was according to YOU Tmz, she had threatened legal action. This is OLD news.

Dina and her family have ALREADY said they were going to California for Christmas, so stop with the lies. TMZ, why do you always choose the worst pics of Lindsay? Pics taken in the past month show she looks lovely and healthy.

Michael Lohan is defending his friend Sam Lutfi LOL, memba him, Lutfi who has several RO's against him for stalking, he said Lutfi did text Lindsay, not only that, Lutfi also sent texts to Lindsays brother Mike Jnr. I wonder who gave Lutfi their cell numbers emmmm

1383 days ago


Radaronline have the full story from Michael Lohan, quotes and all. How could a father defend a stalker against two of his kids? Some dad!

1383 days ago



1383 days ago


She is such yesterday news, anything for publicity, every day it's some other 'crisis' ... a Spears wanna be. Boo and yawn.

1383 days ago


Lindsay, have you ever heard of pepper-spray? taser-guns?

Personally I don't like you myself, but come on girl, get creative, use your head.

1383 days ago


wow, she looks so old!

1383 days ago


Not 40 but 60!

1383 days ago


I AGREE...Lindsay looks AT LEAST 40 in this picture of her! Lindsay...cease & desist w/the paparazzi "publicity stunts"! This girl is in need of all the attention all the time (her mom Dina has taught her well how to be a "media whore"!)! She doesn't have any movies and will NOT be likely to have any for quite awhile seeing as she is "unisurable"!!Maybe she will pull a Robert Downey, Jr. trick & "insure herself"! That's what Robert had to do when he 1st started out after his rehabs & long jail stint(s) jail stint being for a year or so!! He made a majorly successful comeback...but I just don't see Lindsay being able to follow in his footsteps! Lindsay should take a break and perhaps go to college ...that would give her some credibility IF she took 3 or 4 years off to pursue a college education! Many actors/actresses have done college (although they DID NOT have the rep of all the rehab & jail time that Lindsay has)! Look at Natalie Portman, Jodie Foster,
Anne Hathaway, Emma Watson (Currently a sophomore as is her roommate...Scout Willis (Demi Moore's daughter); at Brown University in Rhode Island); James Franco who is pursuing a double masters degree right now (and is also acting)! Many actors have done the college thing. It would give LiLo time out of the spotlight. Thing is...many college freshmen do the drinking/partying their 1st year of college...Lindsay could skip that step since she's been doing that for at least the past 7 or 8 years! Go to college Lindsay!! If you can drop tens of thousands of dollars on drugs & rehab...rechannel that money into a college education!

1383 days ago


why can't they just leave the girl alone and let her get on with her life she ain't bothering no one so why all the hassle
sounds to me that the folk who are pestering her are nothing more than a bunch of morons and pervs sicko's if i had my way i would get my friends and myself and go and sort the pervs out sounds to me they all need a lesson on respect and that is what they do not have i care alot about this girl so my advice to the prervs is if you want to stay healthy leave linds alone and i mean that or they will be tasting hospital food

1383 days ago


You usually Add, not employed by TMZ? So is he employed by TMZ or I missed something?

Lindsey should just go away and have a nice life, the only problem is that her parents wont let her have a normal life, not until she makes money doing naughty videos for numerous websites.

But seriously, the only way she can get well is, if she does couple of movies, earns a million bucks and goes away to some foreign country. If she doesnt do that, she is doomed to death.
Dont think that Robert is any better than her. He fights his demons every day, and is probably sick of wannabes who do drugs on the set. But he goes through it every day, he survives. Lindsey is not capable to survive, because she is still little girl. Robert is a grown man, and he did it the way he was told to, to get where he is right now. Lindsey does not stand a chance in this world.

1383 days ago
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