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Barack Obama

In a Losing Battle

with Snooki

12/24/2010 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama is on the verge of defeat ... thanks to Snooki and Paris Hilton ... in the 2010 TMZZY Awards battle for "Least Talented, Most Successful."

Obama is getting his butt kicked by both ladies ... especially Snooks ... who's leading the competition with 18% of the vote ... followed by Paris, Bristol Palin ... and her mom Sarah Palin ... who's already locked up 11%. 

Voting is open until December 31 and the winners will be announced on TMZ TV the week of January 3. Hurry up and cast your vote!!!


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America is disgusting. Snookie the skank beats out the prez- no wonder the rest of the world hates us.

1348 days ago


TMZ put Obama up against these pea-brains? What has happened to you, TMZ?

1348 days ago


It is extremely disrespectful to put the President in this list. First of all, he is not an entertainer, second, he is a very intelligent and skilled politician. He recently whooped GOP azz in the so-called lame duck session, so the joke is on you and your joke of a website. Also, even if he, along with the reasonable members of Congress, had not achieved these recent victories, he is still head over shoulders smarter and classier than the GOP. Stay out of politics TMZ, you do not understand how it works. I rarely visit this site, and based on this unwarranted disrespect of President Obama, I will continue to ignore.

1348 days ago


Get serious....Robert Pattinson is VERY talented and has NO place on this list!! And the president? Since when is the presidency evaluted on TALENT?? Or good looks? FAIL, TMZ!!

1348 days ago


I vote for Harvey!

1348 days ago


Seriously, what are we now suppossed to feel sorry for crazy Heidi Montag? That girl is ridiculous. When she first started on the Hills she seemed like a nice well balanced sweet girl. Then she got with that lunatic and seems like her personality even changed. Now after all that plastic surgery, that was not needed. As far as Im concerned that doctor should loose his license. But getting back to her, whatever happens to her from here on out she brought on herself. Does she know what KARMA is? As far as i'm concerned she is getting only some of the things she deserves. I think everyone should do what Chelsea Handler did and not give them any press at all. Hat off to Handler.

1347 days ago


Seriously? The president is on this list but no republcants? If you're going to go political, at least go full political.

1347 days ago

jerry minor    

Really? The president? You ****ing *******s!

1347 days ago


First off how in the world did President Obama got into this conversation, For starters President Obama was HEAD at the Harvard law review and do possess a law degree... and was a Senator , If he wasn't President he could get any job he wants on Wall Street.

i could understand if he was a high school DROPOUT who became President, Then we could have him in with this group.

What in the world is wrong with TMZ!! i guess they want to get AUDIT.

1347 days ago


TMZ u suck raunchy balls

1347 days ago


This poll is 100% geh, no, hella geh for mentioning our first black president. TMZ is RACIST!!! ESPECIALLY THAT BLOND CHICK!!

1346 days ago

Johanne Pompee    

Why Is Obama on this list? What's really the message? You guys are so full of S...t!!! Republicans are no better and the WORLD knows it!!!

1346 days ago


Folks don't take anything TMZ says seriously. this is comedy news. its for entertainment. the more you pay attention to it, the more of an audience you give them.

Come on...what person that wants factual based news would come to TMZ?

Nuff Said...

1317 days ago


There isnt anything talented about obama, the only reason he got where hes at is because hes black. Go snooki!

1287 days ago

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