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Bristol's College Decision -- Signs Point to Devils

12/25/2010 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bristol Palin is telling friends she may enroll at an Arizona college once she moves into the home she just bought in the Grand Canyon state ... TMZ has learned.


So far, no official word on which school the 20-year-old has her eye on ... but there are a few major clues.

Bristol just purchased a $172,000 home outside the Phoenix area -- which she paid for IN CASH! The home is just miles from the Arizona State University school of broadcasting ... a school that boasts one of the most state-of-the-art facilities in the country. Bristol has expressed an interest in public speaking.

Plus -- and possibly more important -- ASU totally DISSED Barack Obama last year!!

As you may recall, Sun Devil honchos refused to give Obama an honorary degree last May after he gave the commencement speech at graduation ... with school officials insisting the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES hadn't accomplished enough in his career to warrant the honor.

Sounds like Sarah Palin's kind of place  ...

So far, no comment from ASU.


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Good for her for going to college....but UGH ASU, thats my home town....we dont want her here!

1398 days ago

Wasilla Lad    

If Sarah Palin doesn't win the presidency, she could run for governor or U.S. senator of Arizona ! Has anyone thought of that ? Beware of this, Jan Brewer. Sarah could be another senator with her friend McCain.
Btw, Kristi Moen is way more attractive that Sarah, in my opinion.

1398 days ago


Sarah Palin's kind of place because TMZ infers she hasnt accomplished enough in her life to warrant an honorary degree? hmmm,,, I suppose Obama's life of civic organizer prior to him becoming president doesnt qualify him, but a governor of one of the richest states in the country doesnt? Liberal TMZ.

1398 days ago


"Think maybe Bristol should listen to Michelle Obama and go easy on the s'mores?"

Gee, think Michelle should listen to Michelle Obama and go easy on the buttered lobster?

1398 days ago


ugh she would go to Arizona. she knows damn well she's not wanted here in California. stay in your own little red states, bristol. Posted at 1:55 AM on Dec 25, 2010 by GRYFFINDOR!

This is an example of why California is in the toilet.

1398 days ago


Maricopa is not "just miles" from ASU's Downtown Phoenix Campus where Palin would attend. It's at least a good 35 to 40-mile commute each way.

1398 days ago

ASU Grad    

Get your facts straight. Yes, it is near ASU, but not just a few miles away. 30 miles to be exact. about 40-50 minutes travel time. I don't doubt she might go there some day, but don't act like she moved in just down the street from the campus. Poor journalism on the part of TMZ. Hopefully Bristol will get a better education from ASU than you received "TMZ Staff" I guess that's why you don't get a byline, because your reporting SUCKS!

1398 days ago


I know it's shallow, but I can't get past the double chin...

1398 days ago


Gloria: You're right. I forgot to add the "Jr." to Goldwater's name. Barry Goldwater Jr., the California congressman, graduated from ASU in 1962.

1398 days ago

phx sun    

all I want for Christmas is to run into this little charlot and give her a piece of my mind...thanks for moving to PHX! =)

1398 days ago


Mom could probably get her in to ASU, but the chance of her graduating any university program is nil. She hasn't finished high school yet. GED doesn't count.

1398 days ago


THIS IS FOR KELLY, #2. Finally, someone agrees with me about Jenna Bush. Truly and honestly, I have listened to her, several times, on "Today" and I still cannot understand how she landed as a journalist on such a major show. I am sure she must be a lovely person but she does not have the personality to command our attention concerning crucial world topics as well as general topics. I cannot help but wonder how many more qualified candidates were passed over because their name was not, Bush. It has a very familiar ring which most of us are aware of.

1398 days ago


@Gloria/16: "She know the IVY League will not except her."

Of course it won't. The Ivy League only accepts (1) relatives of rich people who have attended an Ivy League school and (2) affirmative action cases.

1398 days ago


This poor kid isn't college material, so she must be husband shopping.

Posted at 6:54 AM on Dec 25, 2010 by Jerry

Obviously you don't know much about American universities. Given how bad K-12 education is in the stated these days, higher education takes--and often graduates--just about anyone.

1398 days ago


Bristol is so fat that she couldn't find the opening of her mouth to stuff the apple in or in her case a BIG MACK her mother doesn't believe in nutrition

Posted at 5:15 PM on Dec 25, 2010 by Gloria

Actually, her mother does believe in nutrition. That's obvious because Sarah Palin has a great figure and a healthy glow--all the more remarkable for being in her forties and having given birth to five children.

But, unlike our current president and his revolting spouse, Sarah Palin is not a Socialist and does not think The State should take over parenting.

1398 days ago
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