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FOX News Analyst: Michael Vick Should Be Executed

12/29/2010 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tucker Carlson said on FOX News Channel last night ... Michael Vick should have been executed for killing dogs.

Carlton railed on President Obama for suggesting Vick deserved a second chance.

A little extreme?



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Who cares it was not like he killed a person. Animals will never equal with Humans period.

1391 days ago


Tucker just wants to win brownie points. He is a hypocrite, this is what anger, and jealousy do to you when you have no other way to express hate toward Vick and the president. We have child molester, rapist and just plain killing. But do these people get execute? Sara Palin killed a reindeer but that is okay. Vick did the crime and he did the time. Obama is president get over it! Tucker is not a christian, because Jesus said "those who does not sin, cast the first stone." He also said "How can you say to your brother Allow me to extract the straw from your eye, when look! a rafter is in your own eye? You can tell he don't know the scriptures, because if he did those stupid words wouldn't came out his mouth. Thank goodness he is not God, (he is Satan) judge or jury, because every body on earth would be executed!! What would he have to complain about then?

1391 days ago


Jon Stewart to Tucker Carlson ; "How old are you ?",
Tucker ; "35"
Jon ; " and you wear a bow tie ?"
I saw him die at that very moment and have never seen him ever wear a bow tie since then.
Say Tuck, you seemed to have developed a taste for blood ?. How about joining up and do several tours? They're two wars going on now. Plenty of experience for a tough guy like you to get a real idea of what killing people is about. Let's see if it's easy to call for the death of anyone after such an experience.

1391 days ago


Yes Michael Vick should have either been put in prison for a longer period of time or yes be executed. He thought it was okay to take animals and make them fight till death and even than if the animal gives up those fighters egg the other animals on to destroy it. Michael Vick is a disgrace to society and shouldn’t even be allowed to own any type of animal and should never been allowed to play football again.
He should go to hell and rot there.

1391 days ago


You guys are *******s. Tucker Carlson is right on the money. Animals are living breathing creatures who deserve to be treated with love and respect. Michael Vick is a MURDEROUS ANIMAL KILLER WHO DESERVES TO HAVE DONE TO HIM WHAT HE DID TO THOSE POOR DEFENSELESS ANIMALS. Michael Vick is S***. He is a waste of human space. He does not deserve to play football, let alone live. Execution would be pure justice.

RE: Tony you are a douche bag and deserve to be killed right along with Vick you piece of sh**.

1391 days ago


Vick paid his debt in accordance with the law. He is done. In this country alone, over 5,000 children are killed in drunk driving accidents per year. Vick killed a few dogs. I think we should ban alcohol. POT never killed anyone. Our pot laws don't prevent use, it just creates criminals out of good people. Vick was stupid and sick. Doesn't make him a criminal undeserving a second chance.

1391 days ago


He'd only get five years for killing a human why should he get the death penalty for dog fighting? Question is will this idiot lose his job...

1391 days ago


#61 Michael, shocking...a white person says something...anything against a black person and you cry racism. I suppose any white person who didn't vote for Obama is racist too? lol

1391 days ago


What a ..... (not nice word), first of all, fighting dogs is a very bad thing but to suggest people need to be executed for it is insane. This person needs to be admitted to the nearest psych ward for mandatory forcible treatment for being a raving lunatic IMHO.

1391 days ago


secondly, the man has served his sentence and if he is on the straight and narrow he deserves a chance to show the world that he had turned the corner. He therefore must be a second chance

1391 days ago

Lee Upton    

Tucker Carlson--shame on you. Everyone hates the fact that Michael Vick was arrested, convicted, and spent 18 months in prison for the dog fighting incidents that he was partaking in. But who are you to say that he should be executed for it? It bothers me that there are so many convicted killers who are not being executed for their crimes but you have the ambition to speak about Michael Vick on the same platform as them. I love animals and do not condone Michael Vick's behavior and I believe his behavior was created as a child when he started seeing this type of animal cruelty at age 7. It is not right for him to do what he has done by any means, but this does not give you the right to state he should have been executed for his mistakes and should not have gotten a second chance in his career. What happens to all of those people who are locked up for crimes and let out on the street? Should they not get a second chance to make a difference in their life. Do people who kill other people not get let out of prison and given a second chance after they have killed someone? It does happen and you should have the ability to find out these stories on your own. It is very unforgiving to say, but the lives of those dogs who died are being fully represented now by the person who was cruel to them. At this stage Michael Vick is bringing awareness to animal cruelty that would have not been so publicized if it had just been someone who was not in the limelight. Again, I do not condone his actions, but do applaud him for paying for his crimes, becoming an advocate for animal cruelty, and having the strength to want to play football again with all of the harassment that he receives for his crimes on a weekly basis. His stages are large every weekend and he needs to continue to prove to us that he is sincere about the changes that he had made. Would you want your career back if you made a large mistake like him? Of course you would! So in the future worry about the things you have done that no one knows about, or only know partly of, and keep these disrespectful comments to yourself. As an American, I am willing to let people have a second chance as long as they have earned it. I thick Michael Vick has and continues to earn it. You should realize what he has to deal with since this all took place. This is America, do not forget what that means. Sorry, you already have. Silver spoons who go to boarding school do not really know what America is all about.

1391 days ago



1391 days ago


Mister Upton, not everyone hates the fact that Michael Vick was arrested, convicted, and spent 18 months in prison for the dog fighting incidents that he was partaking in. I agree fully that he was arrested, prosecuted and jailed for dogfighting. Animal cruelty must be punished.

I also disagree with the rest of your story, convicted killers et al who the population needs to be protected off should rot the rest of their miserable lives behind bars, not be executed. I do not believe the death penalty has a place in a humane society.

1391 days ago


Something for everyone to read and consider-excellent points are made. I wish people still didn't have such a "so what" attitude when it comes to Vick and what he has done. When this society stops the mentality of "there just animals" perhaps our shelters will no longer be overflowing and MILLIONS of perfectly healthy dogs and cats will no longer be euthanized every year. I employ you to watch one of these shelter euthanasia's, if that does not stir your compassion and spark a bit more anger at Vick (his dogs didn't get the luxury of an injection) then there is truly no hope for humanity.

1391 days ago

Daniel Weiss    

Carlson revealed himself to be the racist pig that he is (and a rich, overpaid one at that). Calling for someone's execution who was already tried and convicted of a crime only incites hatred and violence. Carlson should not be allowed to broadcast his vitriolic positions. Down with Fox and down with Carlson.

1391 days ago
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