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Victim's Mom Sues in Deadly Desert Race Disaster

12/29/2010 9:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The mother of a man killed when an off-road driver plowed into a crowd of spectators at the California 200 desert race is suing the man behind the wheel -- claiming the tragedy could have been avoided with proper safety measures.

Andrew Therrien

In a lawsuit filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Doris Levinson claims her son Andrew Therrien was watching the race with his 3-year-old daughter back in August when driver Brett Sloppy lost control of his 5,000 pound truck and barreled towards the crowd.

Levinson claims ... as the truck approached Andrew and his daughter, Andrew managed to shove the little girl out of harms way -- but he wasn't so lucky ... and died from the injuries he sustained from impact. Seven other people also died in the crash.

Levinson claims Sloppy and the company behind the race -- MDR Productions -- were negligent, careless and reckless ... because they failed to take proper safety precautions.

Levinson claims Andrew's daughter sustained "severe emotional distress and mental suffering" due to the incident.

Levinson is suing on behalf of her granddaughter and her son's estate -- she's asking for unspecified damages.

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Zippy T. Pinhead    

First beeeeatches

1331 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Fail. You can't sue the driver for the dangerous conditions, you would have to sue the promoter.
Also, there's about 1000 liability hurdles to clear, every ticket disclaims bailment or liability in any regard.
Next, the deceased chose assumption of the risk when he bought his ticket, entered the property, and chose to stand where he did.
Finally, good luck proving the driver was negligent by any standard - HELLO?!?!? It's a DESERT race, not the 405.
Tough break for the guy, but mom is wasting her time - not every injustice has a remedy in a courtroom.

1331 days ago


LOL dum ass white folks, least blk folks know to stay away from car races, mountain climbing, deep sea fishing, and playing with wild animals (Lions). I personally love when animals attack. I be rolling LOL..

1331 days ago


This is so sad. I can't believe she would sue the driver. He obviously was checked and approved to drive in that race. I can see suing the Company that put it on but the driver? He doesn't make those safety calls. I understand people like this sport, and to go watch it and get the adrenaline rush it brings but how can you sue when you you are standing there knowing there are no barriers or not enough barriers as these vehicles are going very very fast. I think someone should sue this guy for bringing his daughter to the race then, that I believe is negligence. Whose fault would it have been had she been the one killed? Her own fathers for taking her there, just like it is his fault as an adult viewing this sport so closely knowing the danger. I think this lawsuit is absured and I hope the driver doesn't have to pay her a cent.

1331 days ago


You bet this could have been avoided. The man who was killed could have stayed back the required distance, which I believe is at least 100 feet. I'm a mother too, and I understand how angry she must be, but there is a reason crowd aren't supposed to stand so close to the track. Thank goodness he had the presence of minde to ssave the three-year-old, who also never should have been so close to the action.

1331 days ago

Lilarose in Oregon    

This type of race with NO BARRIERS for the public is absurd! Whoever approves these kinds of races should be sued! Also, I don't give the father that much credit....who in heck puts a tiny child that close to any car/truck race? Or anyone else who was there, what were they thinking? Not much, obviously. For this woman to sue anyone is a waste of her money, taxpayers' money, and just about everything else. What she needs to do is teach the little child how to avoid making stupid mistakes in her life like putting her own kids at risk.

1331 days ago


I agree, no barriers is an issue... there needs to be some protection, but again he did purchase the ticket knowing the conditions, he could have chosen to stand back further or not attend once he saw the conditions of the race... However, don't those drivers have to carry some sort of insurance? Any driver on the road does? Shouldn't insurance company provide some compensation for this ACCIDENT??

1331 days ago


LOL dum ass white folks, least blk folks know to stay away from car races, mountain climbing, deep sea fishing, and playing with wild animals (Lions). I personally love when animals attack. I be rolling LOL..


1331 days ago


Sorry to say, but there is not much chance of her winning this case. While jury's are unpredictiable, it's highly unlikely they are going to blame the guy who lost control of a car when the spectator's clearly disregarded the rules for safety.

I'm from a racing background and there's no way I'd stand on the outside of a corner or in the landing area of a jump, it's just idiotic. It's too bad his kid is without a dad, but as number 2 said, some things don't need to go to court.

1331 days ago


I guess it was Sloppy driving

1331 days ago


with a name like Brett Sloppy i don't think he should have been driving to begin with lol.

Anyways she can't sue the driver for the mistake, she may however sue the promoter of the event, given the guy who died followed the rules and properly kept a distance, but then again he wouldn't be dead if he did.

1331 days ago

Lilarose in Oregon    

This race was off road, not on public highways. There might be some problem collecting insurance monies for an off road incident.

1331 days ago


No mercy for anyone who deems it OK to have a 3 yr old at the recieving end of a truck jump or 50 ft of it. Not enough of you meth altered, crap music listening, Tat-rat tards died in that incident. Dont be too cool for sensibility, breathing is highly underrated.

1331 days ago


I love when dumb people such as "Dash" bring the race card into everything. What a dunb ass! Or wait that might be racist......

1331 days ago


I'm sorry for the loss of this womans son but he was an adult and knew what/where he was going and the inherent danger in the sport.
I know Brett, his co-driver and their families. These young men have years of experience in the desert and are very safety conscious. The boys were absolutely devastated by the accident and its something that they will have to live with for the rest of their lives.

I have been been to many of these types of races and spent many desert seasons in Glamis enjoying time with family and friends. Anyone who has been knows that there are people who push the limits of their own safety and those around them by getting to close to the track for "a better view."

Unfortunately you have people like the Oregon tree hugger up there that will want to over regulate races as well as open desert areas that many individuals and families enjoy.

If the man that was killed was a true desert rat, the last thing he would want his mother suing everybody she can.
This will only lead to overly regulated desert races and open the door for the *gag* Sierra Club to push their agenda to get all open lands closed.

1331 days ago
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