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Victim's Mom Sues in Deadly Desert Race Disaster

12/29/2010 9:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The mother of a man killed when an off-road driver plowed into a crowd of spectators at the California 200 desert race is suing the man behind the wheel -- claiming the tragedy could have been avoided with proper safety measures.

Andrew Therrien

In a lawsuit filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Doris Levinson claims her son Andrew Therrien was watching the race with his 3-year-old daughter back in August when driver Brett Sloppy lost control of his 5,000 pound truck and barreled towards the crowd.

Levinson claims ... as the truck approached Andrew and his daughter, Andrew managed to shove the little girl out of harms way -- but he wasn't so lucky ... and died from the injuries he sustained from impact. Seven other people also died in the crash.

Levinson claims Sloppy and the company behind the race -- MDR Productions -- were negligent, careless and reckless ... because they failed to take proper safety precautions.

Levinson claims Andrew's daughter sustained "severe emotional distress and mental suffering" due to the incident.

Levinson is suing on behalf of her granddaughter and her son's estate -- she's asking for unspecified damages.

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This mother is an idiot, so I can see why her son was a idiot. I'm sorry for her loss, but her son made bad decsions, especially bringing his 3-year to the event and then recklessly putting their libes in danger. Brett losing control of the car was an ACCIDENT, but her son's death was his own fault for disregarding rules and safety. It also saddens me that she's teaching her grandchild the same things she taught her son and look where her teachings got him.

1360 days ago


TMZ-if you had any effing brains, you would take this story down immediately. No one ever accused TMZ of having compassion for anything human, but maybe this one time you could look deep inside your tiny little hearts and see that this is hurting people that love and miss Andrew. Sometimes you need to learn how to have compassion and not worry about getting the story out first.....when you live and do people like this-Karma will be back for all of you.

1360 days ago


Come on people, don’t be dumb. You can not waive incompetence, negligence or misconduct; even if you put it on the ticket stub or if the fans signed a form prior to attending the race. i.e. An operator for a bungee jumping company makes you sign a form that states you will not sue them if anything goes wrong. You jump and the operator forgot to tie down the rope. You die. The operator can be sued by the next of kin and will lose in court. In this case the Racing promoter/company was negligent and did not put proper barriers protecting the spectators from these fast, dangerous trucks. I’m being completely objective, just reiterating the law.

1360 days ago


Arielle Jochimsen you need to get the facts....

" DORI IS SUEING THE PROMOTERS!" Brett is named, so he must defend himself. IE: MDR lawyers will not protect him.'


The courses can be 30-140 mile long there is no way too put up barriers around the whole way

While some races in Nevada are closed Calif races are open. You can spectate any where you want. There was 30+ miles of course that you could go to watch the race. All the people picked that spot , they were not forced to go there.

1360 days ago


If you watch the video the vehicles prior to the crash slowed down when they got to the area of the crash due to the crowd being to close but this driver was going at least 20 miles an hour faster guess he wanted to win at all costs.

He should pay up.

1360 days ago

Ms A    

"I be rolling,"...... Learn proper English idiot.....dumb white folks......LMAO....really???? Well, I guess I could put down how stupid you sound but I wont...what the hell does color have anything to do with someone dying.....un sympathetic punk ass

1360 days ago

Brittney Rose    

the deceased man is my cousin and how dare anybody make jokes about this incident.. he is a hero for saving his daughter.. sure he knew where he was standing was a dangerous spot but no one thought it would really happen.. as for my aunt suing the driver i have no comment, besides the driver admitted to going faster than most because he was showing off but he didn't think it would cause his truck to lose control.. R**i**P Andrew Wayne Therrien i love you and you will be in my heart forever

1360 days ago


All I have to say is whats being done is being done. No matter how much **** you all talk it's not going to change the situation. Do I think it's ****ed up that you are all talking **** on Andrew and how "stupid" he was being? Yes, because he wasn't being stupid he was a thrill seeker. He enjoyed the rush and being at those races so for those of you who always play by the rules congratulations you have a dull sheltered life. yeah it keeps you safe and secure but Andrew knew the risks, we all know the risks of standing that close, that's what he always did, unfortunately this time it had to end differently! SO WITH THAT BEING SAID I THINK THAT'S ENOUGH **** TALKING ABOUT ANDREW BECAUSE HE CANT EVEN DEFEND HIMSELF AND YOU ARE ALL COWARDS HIDING BEHIND YOUR COMPUTER TALKING **** BECAUSE NOBODY CAN SEE YOU SO YOU THINK IT'S OK....CARMA IS A BITCH AND WILL COME BACK AROUND FOR YOU.

1360 days ago


One less kook ass BRO!

1360 days ago


**** you lady, its a ****ing race don't ****ing stand right next to the track! All those stupid *******s standing so close are to blame, not the driver! Throw out the lawsuit judge!

1360 days ago


If you're going to stand WITH YOUR DAUGHTER next to an open race path, you're kind of asking for it. What do you expect?! There's no one to blame but your son for making a poor decision.

1360 days ago

Can be done    

It can be done, and is being done in Westfield, MA with the "promoter" of a gun show where an 8 y/o boy shot himself in the head with an uzi after loosing control. Dad, who is a DR and in charge of an ER in Ct was not only there, not only allowed his son to have the gun, paid for the clip, but was filming to whole incident. It's going to trial now.

1360 days ago


So basically brandi, youre saying that everyone has to pay because your cousin was a "thrillseeker?"
Im really sorry for the loss of this young man but to sue the driver and or promoters because of an ACCIDENT is ridiculous.

Either you are extremely young or incredibly stupid. Following rules that were set in place to protect spectators is hardly leading a "dull, sheltered" life. In fact, had he and the others followed those rules this tragedy never would have happened.

Youve also basically sunk your aunts case by stating that your cousin was such a "thrill seeker" that no matter what precautions were in place, he would have just put himself in danger so as not to lead a dull, sheltered life.

1360 days ago

Nikki Cariola    

Your all acting as if Andrew was the only one standing there..There were over 500 people in that specific area..It could have happened to anyone. There really is no need to be talking **** on someone whos not here to defend him self. It was a freak accident and no one thought that this accident would have happened that night. Ive been going to things like this for years and have never seen or been in anything like this. It could have happened anytime and anywhere.. We were just at the wrong place at the wrong time..r.i.p Andrew

1360 days ago


First the Bureau of Land Management along with the promoter should be sued and not the driver. It wasn't his fault that this happened to so many victims. It's important to remember that when you go to a race without barriers caution should be exercised with sound judgement. If every spectator had their choice they would be upfront and center and that barriers are for your protection and this caution was not installed so it's a accident waiting to happen. God speed to all involved.

1360 days ago
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