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New 'Teen Mom' Audio -- Gary's Cover-Up Call

12/30/2010 10:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amber Portwood's baby daddy, Gary Shirley, desperately tried to get his other chick to cover up another alleged Amber beating that occurred just two weeks ago ... according to a recording obtained by TMZ.


The audio -- recorded Dec. 15 -- captures "Teen Mom" co-star Gary on the phone with a girlfriend named Ashley. He's telling her how to stonewall reporters who got wind of a Dec. 14 incident where Amber allegedly beat him again.

Gary advises Ashley to tell reporters, "No comment, no comment, no comment ..." adding, "every time they leave you alone."

During the call, Gary admits, Amber "f**king hit me." You also hear Gary whisper to a friend in the room that Ashley didn't actually see Amber hit him -- she was outside waiting in a car.

In return for Ashley's silence ... Gary makes this gallant offer to her -- "Maybe one day we can start a family."

We previously reported Amber Portman was arrested and charged with felony domestic battery for allegedly beating up her baby daddy in front of their daughter.

According to the police report filed with the court, Amber acknowledged that her violence was true anger and not staged for the TV show.

One of the officers notes in the report that there were "multiple violent and physical fights between [Amber and Gary]" in which Amber punched, slapped and kicked him.

In the outtakes that were not aired on the MTV show, the baby is clearly in the room watching the violence, according to the police report.

Portwood has since pled not guilty to the charges.

Check out video of one of the incidents below.

Hottest Hair Transformations of 2010!

2010 was definitely a hair-raising year -- and we've got the haircut shots to prove it!

Whether it was a change of color (think Rihanna’s racy red ‘do, Emma Stone’s blonde bob and Julianne Hough’s brunette tresses) or a massive clip job (think Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Emma Watson perky pixie cuts), Hollywood’s glamour gals didn’t opt for the ordinary this year.

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Vacationing in Mexico Is Murder

Travel warnings, kidnappings and drug cartel violence won't keep all of the pretty celebrities from  basking in the Mexican sun this holiday season!!!


With crime plaguing border towns and cities like Monterrey and Acapulco, the beautiful people like Cindy Crawford, George Clooney and girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis, Bar Refaeli, Jesse Metcalfe and Molly Sims are sunbathing carefree on the beaches south of the border.

Hopefully they all used protection.

Kim Kardashian Locks Down Kanye for Music Video

Kanye West teamed up with Kim Kardashian and Hype Williams for a music video shoot in L.A. earlier this week -- but it wasn't for his own album ... it was all for Kim's upcoming single.


Sources connected to the video tell us ... Hype -- the most famous music video director on the planet -- spent hours working with Kim and Kanye during a secret closed set shoot.

As we previously reported, Kim is working on an entire studio album with super-producer The Dream -- but it's unclear when the world will finally get a chance to hear KK's voice. 

Adam in 'Honey I Blew Up the Kid': 'Memba Him?!

Twin brothers Daniel and Joshua Shalikar are best known for playing the blown up baby Adam Szalinski in the 1992 movie "Honey I Blew Up the Kid." Guess what he looks like now!


Stephanie Seymour Goes Two Pieces

While vacationing in St. Barths, France with her son -- buxom 42-year-old model Stephanie Seymour flaunted one hell of a mom body in her teeny two piece bikini.

Stephanie Seymour Bikini Photos
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Hugh & Crystal: The Engagement Ring!

Hugh Hefner gave his #1 girlfriend Crystal Harris an engagement ring for Christmas -- and now we've got your first look at the gorgeous gift!

Last night on her Twitter, Crystal posted "For those of you who have been asking to see my ring here it is... My engagement ring from my love @hughhefner" -- and linked to this photo of some serious sparkle.

Hugh popped the question on Christmas Eve, with the Playboy founder tweeting after "When I gave Crystal the ring, she burst into tears. This is the happiest Christmas weekend in memory."

Celebrity Scramble!

Try and guess whose sexy face got a nasty makeover -- compliments of our awesome photoshop skills!



No Avatar


Everyone involved in this teen mom crap is nothing but trash..the teen mom, dad, their families and the oh so stupid new girl friend and boy friend as well. Lets all ignore them and not watch the program and hope that with the new year they will just all implode and go away. I do hope that the little girl is placed in a good home with a couple that will be real and loving parents to her and there is not too much physical and mental damaged been done to her at this point. Happy New Year one and all.

1358 days ago


He's a wussy, and a cheating s***bag.

1358 days ago


As an Amercian businessman in London just before Thanksgiving the subject of these reality shows came up in conversation and Teen Mom in particular. The conversation quickly focused on America's rapid decline in class and intellect. I had to agree. I told the group I was from Canada.

1358 days ago


For the individual, who lied being a Canadian. I agree thatthe U.S is focusing in nonsence crap. We have been involving and declining in intellect, however; you in particular should not be embarrased of ur nation. And say yeah, we f***ed up. And get compliments and ideas not run away.. People like you make me sick... That is a good example of an American!!!

1358 days ago


damn if i was him i wouldve got my new girlfriend to f*** that b**** up damn i hate that chick amber.i cant stand b****s that act like that especially around her own kid.i hope they beat her ass in jail

1358 days ago


That ****ing **** is the trash not gary.

1358 days ago


His name is Gary Shirley? Even SOUNDS like a p u s s y!!! He should have knocked that fat *ss b&tch Amber out the first time she hit him! Puss!

1358 days ago


Bread and circuses = fall of the Roman empire
McDonald and reality TV = fall of the American empire
History repeat itself

1358 days ago

reality check    

Chris (the closet Canadian) expresses the sentiment most all of us are feeling: that America is going down the tubes. Just take a look at the comments posted here; swearing in 3 out of 5 posts and misspelling or typo's in 2 of the 5. Carla... are you paying by the letter to post? 'Your' is not spelled ur. 'Ur' is pronounced "err". Think about it. Chris is right; class and intellect are things (or might I say 'generations') of the past.

1358 days ago


Yes it was very wrong of Amber to hit Gary. But Gary is as much to blame. He always threatens to take his daughter away from Amber every time he can't get his way. They both need counseling, and grow up.

1358 days ago


She needs to be in prison for assault and then anger management. We need to protect people that are afraid to protect themselves. This violence will be transfered to her children they also have to be place in foster care for there protection. because he cant protect himself how could he protect the children.

1358 days ago


I don't give a damn what Gary did or didn't do Amber should not lay a hand on him and in front of her daughter thats even worse. How would she feel GOD forbir, if her daughter ended up with a man who beat her up? Men should not hit women and women should not hit men. Thats the way it needs to be. I don't care what problems they have or have had, all of us women have been cheated on at one point that does not give a right for us to put our hands on the men that cheat on us. Be a woman and walk away. If Amber does not change her child WILL be taken away and she may end up doing jail time of Gary presses charges which I would do it I was him. Amber needs angry management and a good talk on how to handle tuff relationhips because she put herself in thei situation NOT Gary. She could have told him to us a condom or not had sex at all. This is what happens when little girls try to act like grown adults. Amber I wish you all the best and please, please, please get some help. I have that timper side to me as well and it started when I was wrong but you need to control yourself and act like a human being not an animal.

1358 days ago


It's only obvious that Amber grew up in a hateful home. Why else portray that with your mate? This is a learned behavior bottom line. I hope Amber goes to jail/prison for a long time- maybe then she will learn that hitting isn't the answer. I pity her and most importantly, her small child.

1358 days ago


Although I have never watched this show. This has got to be the worst show in history! I would not watch these animals if you paid me. Tell me why anyone wants to watch trashy people or those other idiots from Jerseywhores! I just don't people have any morals anymore. I would rather do without a tv then to watch something that pays these idiots.

1358 days ago


They are both immature brats,she should have had an abortion or given it up for adoption. Sadly that kid will end up just like her parents, poor white trash.

1358 days ago
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