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Shania Twain Wedding: Is That a Gun in Your Pocket?

1/2/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shania Twain didn't exactly have a shotgun wedding yesterday in Puerto Rico ... but it sure was a pistol -- as in what the guards were packing on the beach during the ceremony.

A guy who lives near the mansion where Twain tied the knot tells TMZ he stumbled upon the nuptials at the beach ... and was quickly shooed away by several armed security guards.

In the video you can see a guard with a pistol tucked in his belt roaming back and forth while the ceremony goes on behind him.

We're told the security was so tight, if you wanted to walk past the wedding... you had to go into the ocean to get around.

Beats getting shot.



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I wish her all the best...but I think a second wedding x the long veil and white dress. looks kinda of silly on a 45 yr old woman.

1326 days ago


A revenge marriage... that'll show 'em, huh Shania? And what's with the white dress AND veil? Didn't anyone tell her that dressing like that is inappropriate for a second marriage? They both look frumpy and bored.

1326 days ago


A revenge marriage... that'll show 'em, huh Shania? What a sorry looking wedding...

1326 days ago

MJ is the Greatest of all    

good for her!

1326 days ago


Some people save for years to go on a vacation. Imagine being kicked off the beach because some singer decides to get married that day. Twain could have easily arranged and afforded privacy.

Not a good omen for the marriage. A class act would have just invited the few passing tourists.

1326 days ago


1326 days ago


Okay, I get needing security but isn't that a little over the top? I mean, if you are so worried about getting attacked or whatever, have the wedding indoors. Another thing, I understand not wanting people wandering up to the wedding but c'mon! For one, the beach is not hers and as I understand it, neither is the house! How can they refuse to let people who live there go down the beach?

1326 days ago


omfg! you tmz workers are crazy its your facking secound amendmint, so what the big deal, i wish he would of used it onthe tmz photog then youll have some interesting news boring, must be running out of ideas

1326 days ago


,,,,,,def not a glock

1326 days ago


why is even reported on her?
her last album was almost 10 years ago
and since Mutt dumped her carrer went in toilet
she proly wont be recording anymore
so who gives a fucck bout her?

1326 days ago

Hugh Jass    

new hit song at the next Country Music Awards show:

Oh, I'm a Country singer from Timmins/
An' mah best friend stole mah husband/
So ah jest up n' married hers!

1326 days ago


Sorry folks you really sound jealous of Shania.
Shania is a music icon worldwide and one of the richest and most successful artists of alltime. She holds the record for biggest selling female album of alltime and the only artist to have 3 diamond albums in a row. She is worth over 400 million on her name alone.
she has written and recorded some of the biggest songs in history.
And Shania hasn't had a hit since Mutt left because she hasn't put out any music lol!!! She chose to take a few years off because she has the money and luxury to do that.
So Shania by her choice decided to take a few years off the music scene. But when she releases an album it is sure to be a worldwide hit like all her music.

1326 days ago


I love celebrity anti-gun people like Shania. They condem gun ownership...unless it is for their security people, then it is OK as they are different and more special than the rest of us. After all, we all know that Western Civilization will be destroyed if bad guys take down Shania.

1326 days ago


I think we're going to get the word fairly shortly that their's already a bun in the oven.

1326 days ago


I am a big S. Twain fan & I do like her get married on a public beach & have people go out of thier way for you is OBSURD!!! There are plenty of private places & beaches to get married on. Get real folks!! If you need to hire gun toting security maybe you shouldn't get married on a PUBLIC beach.

1326 days ago
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