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Kanye West -- Is He Fur Real?

1/4/2011 1:40 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

With baggy leather pants, a snakeskin backpack and some sort of pimped out man-fur coat, a loveable  Kanye West left a hotel in NYC on Monday.


This look is to die for.


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If there was ever any doubt about Kanye being gay this outfit ends that doubt. Even gay guys must be saying "Damn he's gay!"

1355 days ago


P.S. Pull your damn pants up, fool.

1355 days ago


Can't stand the guy - racist to the bone. He apparently was brought up with nothing but hatred and the belief that he is better than others.
He needs to fall, and fall hard!
He has NOTHING to offer anyone.

1355 days ago


sax its 2011 and this POS cant be sold south of Virginia to work on some field

1355 days ago


wow, you people are disrespecting his mother that passed away?! shame on you & your sorry-miserable-little life your living. its amazing how he's SUCH a 'racist' when most of your parents & grandparents have stories for days on how bad they treated black people pre 1970's...& he's the bad guy?? who the fk cares what he wears as long as his music is great, which it is! get a life you haters!!!

1355 days ago


Saw him at JFK last night. He was heading for Italy, dudes coat was pretty sick!

1355 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

survival of the fittest. the chinchilla LOST!!!! i was told it is that easy. inferiority = no chance at survival. inferiority = dominated by superiorities. that EASY.

1355 days ago


This guy is a racist douche and if his mother had raised him right he wouldn't be.

1355 days ago


Not a fan of Kanye, as my mother used to say there is a fine line between a genius and a damn fool. He is from Chicago, fur is mandatory.

1355 days ago


I don't understand how he's a racist? The people that think he interrupted Taylor Swift cause she's white are the ones that are racists. Half of his staff is white, his personal assistant is white, the people that direct his videos and movies, stylist.
Kanye is against racism, that doesn't make him pro black and against white. But really, he doesn't cater to dumb-ass TMZ posters that take offense by what people they see on TV do.

Kanye interrupts a girl
then people call him a bunch of words and disrespect his dead mom, his race and all types of things which are 100 times worse.
It's disgusting, even Taylor Swift would laugh at ya'll (not with).

1355 days ago


He is a loathsome piece of crap. He is completely lacking in empathy for other beings.

1355 days ago


This is so sad, these people that we pay millions of dollars to are so disrespectful to have to kill animals to show their so called wealth...and to rebutal the person from Russia and saying you're much warmer in animal skin and fake fur is ugly...Well that's just ignorant, what's ugly is seeing these fur farms rip the fur off an alive labadore or domestic cat just because people like you think its fashion ...if you are that cold then double up your cotton and wool...there is no need and no reason that creatures of God are brutaly abused and skinned alive for you to stay warm oh and look good...Turn your ****ing heater on and put some more clothes on...That's just so insensitive, animals were not created to torture and kill for us greedy dumb humans to display like it's fashion...Atleast there are celebrities out there that are making a switch, Pdiddy being one...BAN FUR IN AMERICA! IT'S MURDER NOT FASHION

1355 days ago


people..TMZ is being sarcastic about the whole fur thing with kanye..

1355 days ago


Cast the first stone if you live on water and vegetables, wear cotton clothing only and straw sandals. Otherwise, STFU.

1355 days ago


Hey Todo..We're not in a Russian Winter. And neither is he.

1354 days ago
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