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People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray

1/11/2011 7:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Prosecution Rests in Murray Case

0111_murray_jackson_prelimThe prosecution has ended its case in the Conrad Murray preliminary hearing after 6 days of testimony.

The defense filed a motion to dismiss, which is routine.  It will almost certainly be denied.

Judge Michael Pastor has taken a recess.  It's virtually certain that Dr. Murray will be ordered to stand trial.

The Deputy Attorney General who represents the Medical Board of California is in the courtroom.  We're told he will ask the judge to suspend Murray's license to practice medicine.

Conrad Murray Manslaughter Hearing

Murray Commited Homicide Even If MJ Injected Himself
Updated 1/11/11 at 10:57am

0111-conrad_prelimA doctor for the L.A. County Coroner's Office just testified ... even if Michael Jackson injected himself with the fatal dose of Propofol, Dr. Murray is still guilty of homicide.

Dr. Christopher Rogers testified he believes Dr. Murray had no business administering Propofol outside a hospital setting, particularly without the appropriate medical equipment.  Rogers said given Michael's dependence on Propofol and the fact that Murray left him alone in the room with access to the drug constitutes a homicide.
Coroner Doesn't Believe Dr. Murray's Story
Updated 1/11/11 at 10:26am

0111_jackson_prelimA doctor for the L.A. County Coroner's Office testified he doesn't believe Dr. Murray only gave Michael Jackson 25mg of Propofol.

Without saying Murray lied to cops during his interview two days after MJ died, Dr. Christopher Rogers testified if Murray were correct about the 25mg of Propofol, Jackson would have awakened after 3 to 5 minutes of sleep.

Rogers also testified he doesn't believe Jackson swallowed Propofol.  The defense laid the groundwork for this theory yesterday, because small amounts of the drug were found in Jackson's stomach.

And Rogers said he believes it's inappropriate to use Propofol for insomnia and that Murray's care was "substandard."
Murray to Cops:  Michael Begged Me For Propofol
Updated 1/10/11 at 4:55pm

0110_michael_jackson_conrad_murray_prelimIn some of the most dramatic testimony to date, an LAPD detective testified Dr. Conrad Murray told him Michael Jackson "begged" him for Propofol shortly before he died.

LAPD Robbery Homicide Detective Orlando Martinez testified about an interview he conducted with Dr. Murray two days after MJ died.  Martinez said Murray told him the night before Jackson died he was having trouble sleeping.  Murray said he was trying to ween Jackson off of Propofol -- a drug he was giving MJ almost every night for two months.

Murray told Martinez he was giving Jackson a variety of other drugs, beginning sometime after 1AM, to no avail.  Jackson then said if he didn't get to sleep he would cancel rehearsal.

Murray said he was feeling "pressure" from MJ to give him something to help him sleep, and Jackson was begging for Propofol.  Murray claims he gave him a reduced dose, with Michael's help.  As TMZ has reported many times before, Murray said MJ liked to "push in the Propofol himself and that other doctors let him do it."

Murray went to the bathroom for 2 minutes, came back and claims he saw MJ wasn't breathing.
Defense: Michael Jackson Drank Propofol
Updated 1/10/11 at 2:53pm

0107_propofol_prelimMichael Jackson may have drank himself to death by consuming a juice box laced with Propofol -- at least that's what Conrad Murray's defense team suggested in court today.

Murray's attorney, J. Michael Flanagan, was questioning a Senior Criminalist from the L.A. County Coroner's Office about the 70 grams of fluid found in MJ's stomach at the time of the autopsy ... fluid that tested positive for traces of Propofol.

Flanagan noted the presence of a juice box on MJ's nightstand ... and asked if it had been tested for Propofol ... raising the possibility that MJ was sippin' on the anesthetic shortly before he died.

The criminalist testified he had not tested the juice box.

So what's Flanagan's point? He might be suggesting that MJ was secretly self-administering his Propofol ... which would support Murray's defense theory that MJ accidentally caused his own overdose.
Dr. Murray Ordered a Boatload of Propofol for MJ
Updated 1/10/11 at 12:05pm

0110_murray_vid_launch_prelim_3A pharmacist Dr. Murray used to order Propofol just testified the doctor ordered box after box of the drug in the two months before Michael Jackson's death.

Tim Lopez, a pharmacist at Applied Pharmacy Services in Las Vegas, said beginning on April 6, 2009, Dr. Murray began ordering large quantities of Propofol. On that date, he ordered 10 single dose vials.

Murray, who had the drugs sent to his girlfriend's Santa Monica home where he was living, also ordered boxes of the drug on April 28 -- 4 boxes and each of the boxes had 10 100ml vials.

Later that month, Murray ordered 20 vials of midazolam and 20 vials of lorazepam.

On May 12, Murray ordered 4 boxes of Propofol, along with 2 trays of midazolam.

On June 10, Murray ordered 4 boxes of Propofol, and 2 20ml Propofol.
In all, Murray ordered 255 vials of Propofol in the two months -- including 130 vials of Propofol in 100ml doses and another 125 vials of Propofol in 20ml vials.
Judge: Murray's iPhone Admissible as Evidence

Updated 1/10/11 at 10:35am

0110_iphone_prelimJudge Michael Pastor ruled this morning that recently obtained data from Dr. Conrad Murray's iPhone is admissible as evidence.

Murray's attorney, Ed Chernoff, referenced the items in question ... a few voicemails and 12 screenshots.  He was not more specific.

The prosecution has used phone records to create a timeline showing what Murray did the day Michael Jackson died.
0104_break_mjClick here for complete week #1 coverage ...


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If we all Cry - Pt. 7: The POO POO PROPOFOL Edition....
-#1863: Becky, thanks so much for being the voice of reason on these boards! There are a LOT of great minds here, but they are allowing themselves to be distracted by the ANIMALS which is RIDICULOUS, especially since most of these haters are the SAME PERSON so they're BORING AS ALL CRAP!!
And for the record, TMZ has been doing a pretty good job of getting rid of most of their posts, but when 1 or 2 of them have a few hundred nics between them, who can keep up?
Thing is, we shouldn't be discouraged by the UBIQUITOUS haters on these boards because all that means is that even they realize Michael STILL is the MOST AMAZING ARTIST EVER!!!!
-#1867: Janala, while it seems apparent how badly you WANT the whole addict theory to be true, the TRUTH is all of your info is based on TABLOID/MEDIA BS!!!
Regardless of whether you're a medical professional or not, you were not with Michael, did not KNOW him, and never met him--and even if you did, you have NO PROOF that he asked for or even AGREED to take Propofol.......
Let me address your post point for point:
1. Nurse Cherilyn's "story" is straight up hearsay that has not been confirmed by anyone else. Am I REALLY going to believe the statements of this UNKNOWN person who suddenly materializes after Michael passes, and lawyers up, hires a PR FIRM, and THEN appears on every Network telling her story????
And if she was SO concerned about what Michael asked her for, why didn't she blow the whistle on him, then--when it would've done some good?
Also, if you watch the clips of her Interviews she contradicts herself--she claims Michael called her twice to ask for Propofol, the first time in as someone who believes Murray was giving him Propofol for TWO MONTHS, you tell me why he would've asked her, a NUTRITIONIST, for anything when Murray claims he wqas already on board with Michael at that point? The 2nd time he called her she says was one week before he died--WHAT?? Again, why would he need to do that when Murray had TONS of Propofol on stand by according to Police Reports--RECEIPTS don't lie, but people do.....
Also, on that second call, she claims in one Interview that she spoke to Michael directly, but in another she spoke to his Personal Assistant,and Michael was in the background telling him what to say....On one she claimed to be at home when she got the call from him, and on another, she says she was out of town on vacay--WHICH IS IT? Done.
2. Sanjay Gupta and Neil Ratner: Thing is, I actually SAW this interview on CNN when it first was aired so I KNOW what was said. And Ratner did NOT turn white and "run back into his house", you may want to watch it again. I want YOU and anyone else who believe this HIStory Tour/Propofol crap to find me PROOF that Ratner ever said ANYTHING to Gupta about this. You WON'T because he NEVER RESPONDED TO GUPTA!!
GUPTA was the one who stated that people who worked on the Tour recalled seeing a hospital bed, IV and other medical equipment, and THOSE people are the ones who said Ratner was taking Michael "up and down", but they never said they actually SAW him do anything....
It is well-known that Michael had dehydration issues on every Tour he's done--this he even wrote about in "Moonwalk", if you read it, so the medical equipment and Personal Physician were a crucial part of keeping him up and ready for this Tour....
Do you REALLY think he would've been able to perform for 3 HOURS STRAIGHT for that many performances if he was taking Propofol every night?
Most people on these boards who believe Michael was taking Propofol the 6 wks up until he was killed, also think his EXTREME thinness was a result of it....but Michael was NOT super thin during the HIStory Tour--if anything, he was the biggest I've ever seen him be, but TAUT and could see the tautness of his muscles in person at the concert AND on any clip of the Tour....
Again RESEARCH.....
When Gupta asked Ratner about this he admitted he had been Michael's Physician for the Tour and THAT'S IT!! He stated that Michael was his friend, but clearly didn't to talk about his health--and can you blame him? The guy had just DIED for God's sake!! Any only an IDIOT would've stood there and made statements about this case knowing the legal ramifications that could result--especially with him being a doctor....C'MON INDEED!!
Sounds to me like YOU are the one who needs to review the CNN scripts and clip.....
3. The storage at Neverland and the Oxygen tanks found.....What? Is Propofol the only reason you would use oxygen tanks? I'm sure you KNOW better than that.....Done.
4. The Autopsy Report: and I should take your word over the Coroner's because...why? Because you are a Nurse, does not make you an expert in FORENSICS....
The fact is, most of you who believe the BS about Michael being an addict, also believe reports that stated he took 60 Xanax daily and tons of Antidepressants--NO WAY that kind of abuse wouldn't show up as damage to his organs. And if you're correct in saying it takes time to show up as damaging, then WHY WOULD THE CORONER RUN THESE TESTS TO BEGIN WITH??
There's your COMMON SENSE.....
Bottom line, I've always conceded that there was an addiction to meds in the early-mid 90's because he SAID SO HIMSELF. If you are TRULY a long time Michael Supporter, you KNOW not to believe everything you hear, and only half of what you see....
If there was PROOF beyond the TABLOIDS and HEARSAY that he abused meds other than the early 90's, I would be the first to ACCEPT and be okay with it. I'm not for substance abuse, but unfortunately, it's something that CAN and DOES happen to many people....I understand that. But don't confuse my UNWAVERING DEFENSE for Michael's REP, with lacking empathy for people who are suffering from addiction......
And for the record, I'm not trying to WHITEWASH anything or anyone, but I'm also NOT going to BLINDLY ACCUSE someone of something that I have NO FRAME OF REFERENCE nor FIRST HAND INFORMATION on, simply based on GOSSIP and CIR***STANTIAL EVIDENCE.....
MY GOD, Have we not learned ANYTHING from the past? This sort of BLANKET ACCEPTANCE of INNUENDO based on CIR***STANCES is as old as the SALEM WITCH HUNTS.....and goes even further back to the TRIAL OF JESUS!!!
And you are right about one thing--there Are lessons to be drawn from Michael's life....but ask yourself this question: Why must I choose to DWELL on the alleged NEGATIVE ones?
Having been a Christian all of my life, I have RARELY met one as LOVING and GIVING as Michael was...How about we CHEW on THAT for a change....
BTW: I think you'd LOSE that bet. I doubt Michael would want everything known about his life, I wouldn't and I'm LIGHT YEARS away from his status....
Anyone who's followed Michael knows that he VALUED MYSTERY AND PRIVACY--something he was deprived of his entire life. So NO, I don't think he would've wanted his life to be an open book, and that was HIS right....

1349 days ago


I do not have the YouTube's in my bookmarks any longer (thanks to malware wiping much of my bookmarks out, dammit!) of MJ in interview making known the fact that he had a section of his compound (inside his actual home, or another building on Neverland, can't remember which...) specifically equipped with hospital beds, medical personnel (primarily nurses) AND EQUIPMENT (incl. oxygen tanks) for the most ill of his little visitors that were invited to stay, but needed these things in place so that they COULD stay, and enjoy to the best of the ability HE could provide. They were being WELL TAKEN CARE OF by HIS instruction and financial backing - so that they could stay as long as they cared too, and not be medically endangered while doing so.

MJ. HuMANitarian.

1349 days ago


i think murray shoud be in jail right now and he should not be a doctor anymore just in case he does this to someone else family that is what i would be worryed about

1349 days ago


If you don't know much about Jackson or the case, this is a great book to read. I've followed the trial closely and already read other books on Jackson, so much of the information I already knew. But I still found enough additional information to make this an enjoyable read.

Posted at 7:33 PM on Jan 11, 2011 by MiMi
MiMi, talking about Demon DeVile is like throwing up rusted Brillo oven scourers:-(
Puking, puking and once more.
Anyone who find "that" book enjoyable, must be sick in their head!

1349 days ago


LeeLee hope you are safe ,

think of you and the people in your town!

1349 days ago

Glorian Cimino    


RIP MJ!!!!!!!!!

1349 days ago


Anyone who find "that" book enjoyable, must be sick in their head!

Posted at 2:55 AM on Jan 12, 2011 by FlowerPower

Good Morning FP! What book are you talking about?

1349 days ago


Anyone who find "that" book enjoyable, must be sick in their head!

Posted at 2:55 AM on Jan 12, 2011 by FlowerPower

Good Morning FP! What book are you talking about?

Posted at 5:39 AM on Jan 12, 2011 by LC4Michael

i would think that was a clone that posted that remark about diane dimond book being a great resource. i think mimi would know better as does the person who actually posted that. that is why they did it under mimi name.
if u really are interested in dianes fictitious account of michael jackson, the last i saw , it could be bought on amazon for one penny plus shipping

1349 days ago



That was NOT I who posted about Demon Dimond!

Just UnWell again copying and pasting another article he found on the internet without adding the link.

1349 days ago


Anyone who find "that" book enjoyable, must be sick in their head!

Posted at 2:55 AM on Jan 12, 2011 by FlowerPower

Good Morning FP! What book are you talking about?

Posted at 5:39 AM on Jan 12, 2011 by LC4Michael

i would think that was a clone that posted that remark about diane dimond book being a great resource. i think mimi would know better as does the person who actually posted that. that is why they did it under mimi name.
if u really are interested in dianes fictitious account of michael jackson, the last i saw , it could be bought on amazon for one penny plus shipping

Posted at 6:33 AM on Jan 12, 2011 by nan
Good morning LC4Michael, I was commenting about review of the book (don't know whether it was clone MiMi or real MiMi who posted it but its not the point), Someone found the book "enjoyable" so I really really really reallllllyyyyy could not let it go without saying something:-)

" it could be bought on amazon for one penny plus shipping"
lol, I wouldn't pay even a penny for that book:-)

1349 days ago


That post has been POOFED anyway.

So what does that tell ya?


1349 days ago


Oh I have no interest in reading anything she has to say believe me!

What is ohwell's obsession w/cloning? His/Her posts are full of hate. This is a sign of a serious mental disorder. This person needs to seek treatment before we have another Tuscon, AZ. on our hands. And I am not saying this in a joking manner at all. Very serious!

1349 days ago


MiMi, just to be clear, I thought you posted a book review of Demon DeVile's book, didn't pay much attention! The last paragraph just got my attention so I replied. I never ever thought it was your opinion:-)

1349 days ago


Cherwood #2792 AMEN!!! Beautifully written! Big question I still have is did AEG have any idea Murray was giving Michael the propofol? Somebody had to be paying those bills and I am sure it was not Murray. Sorry can't put the Dr. in front of his name.

1349 days ago


It's ok FP.

No worries. :)

1349 days ago
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