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'Golden Radio Voice' Guy -- Grounded in Ohio By No ID

1/5/2011 6:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 'Golden Radio Voice' guy -- who went from homeless to overnight Internet sensation -- is struggling to board a flight to NYC because he doesn't have ID ... according to his rep (yep, he's got one now).

Homeless Man Radio Voice
Ted Williams' peeps tell us Ted is currently at the courthouse in Columbus, OH trying to get a copy of his birth certificate. 

Ted is supposed to be in New York tomorrow for an interview on "Today" -- but according to the rep he's been homeless for more than four years so he doesn't have ID ... and can't board a flight.

It's the first bad news Williams has had in 24 hours. He's gotten a job offer, a home offer, and a free trip home to visit his mom -- all because of the YouTube clip that went viral.

Ted's rep says having to reestablish identity is a common problem for the homeless. Let's hope someone has a plan B to get Ted to NYC.


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am so very happy for him i hope he becomes rich and live the good life that he miss all these years i want to thank the person that realy see the geanious in him and help him. lots of luck and god bless.

1389 days ago


Thanks cool, good for him.

1389 days ago

p lori    

I am thrilled to read so many POSITIVE comments on a blog like this. The cynics and naysayers (like Howard Stern who says it's a hoax) are in a definite minority. It's about time! People with different political, racial and social backgrounds can actually agree on something, when it really touches the heart. I hope stories like this can continue to bring us together, so that all the anger and bickering that has become the trademark of our society, can stop or at least pause for a while. It feels great.

1389 days ago

beatrice franklin    

God is good, walk by faith not by sight.

1389 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

I wish all the best for this guy, and his mom. This is a great example of someone who deserves a second chance. He really does have a golden voice. Best of luck Mr. Williams.

1389 days ago


I'm a professional driver, I don't have a dependable vehicle right now, but if I could-- I'd drive him to NY for free.

1389 days ago


WOW, What an inspiring story ! I pray that he does well. I'm happy that they are giving him a shot. Everyone deserves 2nd chance.

1389 days ago


Actually you can decline to show ID at screening, In return you will be intensely screened.

1389 days ago


Harvey do the right thing. Show that your not all about trying to ruin people and help this man and put him on your private jet or get him hooked up with one and get this man on the road to see his mom. She 92 and you do not know what can happen tomorrow!

1389 days ago


Someone get that guy a job, with a voice like that it's a crime that he's not working!

1389 days ago


I wish I had a job to offer this guy. What a great human interest story just begging to burst out.

1389 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

really, alcoholism needs to be treated WITH alcohol, and not radically excluded from an alcoholics life. relapses are way too high indeed, that total removal has proven itself to be 'the cure'. and relapsing is probably another gigantic downfall for an alcohol addict, which only makes matters worse again. good luck in aa.

1389 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

he shoulda kept the hair!! it was awesome lookin!!

1389 days ago

Hunter Moss    

In a time in our society when most people would not have given ths man the time of day, not to mention a dollar on a street corner, it is refreshing to know that someone took the time to listen to this human being and get him noticed. He has a lot of talent and seems most sincere about where he came from and where he wanted to be in life. To know that his 92 year old mother will finally be able to see her son again should give all of us a feeling of love and compassion.Imagine the relief this women must have felt when she received a phone call from her son saying his life had taken an unbelievable change for the better and he was coming home to see her. She probably didn"t believe it. However tomorrow her hopes and prayers over the past years for Ted will have been answered.

1389 days ago


The voice is just phenomenal! And it's less than a day's drive to NYC (unless roads are snowbound), so driving is an option (or private plane). I hope when he gets a few bucks together he will also be able to get his teeth done because he is a nice looking guy who could do well in front of a camera and not just voiceovers.

1389 days ago
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