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Kate Gosselin

Smoking Hot in Oz

1/5/2011 9:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin looked so ridiculously hot laying out in Australia -- we almost forgot she slept with Jon Gosselin ... ALMOST!

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Mommy Dearest!!Who cares what she looks like, it is her attitude, crappy!!!...poor kid's.

1380 days ago


HOT?! Are you blind??? Comment #15 is right on. When is she going to go away?

1380 days ago


Just beautiful. Kate is amazing! Im sure we could criticise each and every one of you leaving negative comments. Look at yourself and realize your not perfect before you want to write something nasty!

1380 days ago

Lisa Schaefer    

I am soooo sick of her! When will she ever go away?

1379 days ago


I don't want Kate to become a "more involved" mother. I want her to become even less involved.... Really, she's not well emotionally and it's so hard for the kids to be around a mother like that. She fits the Narcissistic Personality Disorder signs very well, along with some other added disorders that make dealing with kids a tad difficult. A little narcissism isn't too bad, but she's way over on the pathological side of the spectrum. That's why she seems to dislike her kids and just find them annoying - very common among narcissistic moms, they like babies but lose interest once the kids are walking and talking. Full-blown narcissists aren't really capable of loving other people - that's why, as someone said, her smile never seems to reach her eyes (the eyes don't lie). The only real connection for her is the money angle - the kiddies are making her lots of money on the show, in books, chances to go on other shows because people are interested in them. That can't last, the kids are growing up.

The kids' stress level is over the top now, the two little expellees are just the tip of the iceberg. Otherwise the traveling wouldn't be damaging to them except for the fact that it takes them away from their dad (he was supposed to have them during this Australia trip, for instance). But they need that time with their dad to recover from their time with their mom... Just watch videos and look at pictures - Jon responds normally to them, with affection, acts like he actually enjoys having them around (well, not so much when they're engaging in group hysteria, such as when going "home" to Kate ...), and the kids look normal with him, too. Contrast with Kate's behavior, when she's not posing for an official picture. Check out the body language of the kids - the ones close to her vs. the ones further away with a nanny.

I'm hoping Jon gets at least 50-50 joint custody soon, and until then a more sensible visitation schedule (he wants to have the kids when she's out of town, for instance, but she's been blocking it). Then I hope he moves toward essentially 100% custody, even if for face-saving reasons it may be legally 50%. Let Kate pursue other career interests, leaving the kids with Jon to free up her time (and money). The kids don't need a mansion. Other multiples do just fine in much smaller houses in regular neighborhoods. They can share bedrooms, won't kill them. A lot of guys unjustifiably feel that the ex-wife is better able to handle small children (women aren't born knowing how to take care of kids, guys can learn), but Kate obviously can't - she has "nannies" dealing with them most of the time, really just young babysitters. Good thing, actually, considering their mom's problems... But she manages to traumatize them enough anyway.

1378 days ago


I think these pics are photo shopped !!!! We just saw pics of her stubby legs and kankles. They sure didn't look like this????

1375 days ago

Natascha Goth    

Does Kate realise that laying in the Australian sun without a hat or a sun protection is aging to the skin. I should know that living in Australia we have one of the highest rates of skincancer in the world. Why is she still in the lime light?- I am certain that her 15 minutes of fame are long gone. Glad that she does not get a mention in the Australian press at all.

1368 days ago


Funny how the only negative comments above are from I think she looks great !!!

1360 days ago

Cristina in Tampa    

Yah, great pic...but her BELLY BUTTON is in the WRONG spot!!!

1359 days ago

Cristina in Tampa    

She's not HOT...she's Kate the B**CH! Oh wait, Kate the B**CH with a messed up Belly Button.....and with 8 bratty kids.....and jobless....and talent-less....husband-less..... must I continue? Kate belongs in a freak show, NOT on headlines or in Reality shows!

1359 days ago


...I'm sure there's SOME extremely under-sexed 15-year-old High School NERD who idolizes her as a M.I.L.F.!!!! ....and who can over-look the belly button defect (what? was proper belly button placement not included in the FREE tummy tuck???)
Crissy (with a properly placed belly button!!)

1359 days ago


Well it must be nice to have the time to Tan I only had 2 kids and did not have that kind of free time !!!! Mind you I was a hands on Mom and did not have any hired help . It is going to suck for her when the TV time starts to run out . But yes she looks great but so would most of us with a tummy tuck,fake Hair, Nails done all the Time .

1358 days ago


Ok I have read more HATERS comments and my eyes are ready to BLEED! They went to court in Pennsylvania and had a CUSTODY BATTLE and JON LOST! There are reasons there that we will never know we only know what JON wants to tell us which is all NEGATIVE! He also just lost the last BATTLE HE STARTED and the because he can't follow an order to save his life has been charged with CONTEMPT AGAIN!! Do you think they are going to give him more when he can't follow what they tell him to do!!!! He is his own worse enemy. I am not saying that Kate is perfect but before you keep critizing her look at what he is doing and being from PA I know they are for FATHER's RIGHTS!!! They will generally make sure the father has as much visitation and custody as possible unless they fail to follow orders or can be proven unfit. If you can't listen to the judge they will punish you but not siding with you. Since NONE of you were in the courtroom we can't say what happened... But if you have noticed everytime Jon says Kate breaks the order when they file against each other she is FOLLOWING the order and HE ISN'T!!! So before you all keep thinking Jon's words are 100% accurate at all time: Remember those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!!!!

1349 days ago


@Ramona #10 - thats because Jon PAYS FOR ALL OF IT with his child support that PA. makes a profit off of it based on Title 4d of the Social Security Act!!!! SHE KEEPS A ROOF OVER HER HEAD- HE PAYS FOR IT! He DOES works for a Pennsylvania Energy Company specializing in green technology.

Typical Female /anit-male response. Get your facts straigh BEOTCH for posting anything further and embarrasing yourself!!

Kate is the typical goddigger who pimps her kids for money and holds out her hand for child support boo-hooing all the way!!! Jon is at least working and providing while Kate thinks she has somthing to offer a guy - other than a headache!

1341 days ago


why is her belly button up by her rib cage. looks funny

1341 days ago
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