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T.I. -- Prison Punishment for 'Frisky' Acts with Wife

1/6/2011 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rapper T.I. got in some serious trouble with prison officials this weekend -- after guards caught the most famous inmate in Arkansas getting "frisky" with his wife during visiting hours ... TMZ has learned.


T.I.'s wife Tiny confirms ... the two were in a room together during regular visiting hours at Arkansas State Prison when Tiny made like Michael Jackson ... and beat it.

According to prison guidelines, inmates are allowed to kiss and embrace at the beginning and at the end of a visit as well as hold hands -- but "the inmate’s hands must remain in plain view of Visiting Room staff at all times."

Tiny tells us T.I. was immediately reprimanded and sent to a  "Special Housing Unit" -- which consists of more security and less freedom.

Tiny says she hasn't spoken to T.I. since the incident -- but she's hopeful she'll be allowed to visit again soon ... as long as she keeps her hand to herself.



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dang she ugly

1386 days ago


It's official, they are the stupidest people ever!

1386 days ago


I thought they allow conjugal visits to married couples in prison or did they stop that??? Ya'll acting like ya'll aint never done anything like that before. Stop fronting & ya'll people wanna talk bout Tiny, **** she got her man. What the **** you got, stop hating on folks. That **** is old & wack, say it to her face if you got anything to say bout her. **** OFF

1386 days ago


37. WTF?? How the **** is anyone supposed to understand that ghetto ebonic b.s. you are mumbling about? Stop sucking your "men's little man" and get a f'n education!! Holy crap Shaniqua Jenkins!!

1386 days ago


These two are really weird looking and disgusting.

1386 days ago


house_draven educate yourself before you speak of what you obviously know nothing about! You are showing your ignorance about prison. There are mandatory classes in a federal prison as well as it is mandatory to have a job. Ask me how I know? I was there that same day Tiny and TI were escorted out of the VR. My guy is there too, and he is college educated and made six figures before he went in. Tired of the ignorance of what people think they know about prison! There is no internet access only email that is paid for by the PRISONER! Or should I say his family? Phones are paid for by the prisoner at high rates-I might add-that families struggle to afford so they can continue to have communication after their member is moved hundreds of miles away. That is just a tiny piece of the many reprecussions of federal charges. There is no such thing as decent medical care. People die in prison ALL THE TIME when it could have been prevented so shut it! My guy has watched them and has seen things he never knew possible. Like I said, you obviously don't know what you are speaking of, and if you think it is so gravy...go commit a crime so you can have that same top notch lifestyle. You are nothing but STUPIDITY at it's best when it comes to our justice system! And don't give me the "If you commit the crime then you must do the time" crap. Save it. My guy was a first time offender and received 65 mos for a white collar crime. People get accidentally wrapped up in things that they are unaware of that are even legal, but obviously you have never dealt w/the federal government to know that it is all about how many convictions that prosecutor/attorney general has or can get for that bonus or promotion. The American people are clueless! Myself included until it involved a part of my life.

1386 days ago

Toasty J    

What is wrong with that guy?
His wife is one butt-ugly chick...and a druggie.
Great combination.

1386 days ago


Now THAT's some love and support!! Ride or die for real!

1386 days ago


dude has some bad taste in women. she is butt ugly. capital F/UGLY.

1386 days ago


One word NASTY!!!!!!

1386 days ago


She actually looks like a Who from the Grinch movie. She is the enabler in his problems, first step he needs to do is get rid of her so he can live a drug free and problem free life.

1386 days ago


I know some of you feel people are in prison to be punished but it is absolutely being OVERDONE! These are still human beings with human needs and should be treated as such and they are inhumanely cruel to these people as regular protocol! It is enough that they are shut away from society without all the other bull**** they pile onto them. Some moron on here just bitched about them having cable tv and internet and a good gym--well they NEED these things to keep from going stark raving mad while they're in there and most of you don't realize I am sure the only prisoners who get these PRIVELGES are ones the wardens feel have EARNED them. They don't give them out willy nilly. No, I haven't been a convict but I have worked in the system. Anyhow this guy should have known he would be getting disciplined for this--does he think the guards are blind? Still placing him in maximum security just because he got it on with his wife for God's sake is another example of how prisons overdo every little thing. And to add to what was said about them taking classes in there to get a good job later---it won't help--you can come out of there with a PHD and it will still be hard to get hired. Companies don't like hiring ex-cons especially is it's drug related. You have to start your own business--how do you get the start-up funds? Beats me. Maybe Kevin Trudeau could help (just kidding). If you watch tv you know who he is.

1386 days ago


Whose the rat in the picture next to TI? OMG, my bad totally, I didn't know Snooki went blonde. Not Snooki either? Simon from Charlotte's Web? No...ok I give up, who is it?

1386 days ago


the only thing tiny on her is her baby chin.

1386 days ago


disgusting, like an animal. And I like T.I.

1385 days ago
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