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California Governor: Who Cares If I Ruined Lives

1/6/2011 6:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After a judge just ruled there was no basis to convict Howard K. Stern of anything in connection with Anna Nicole Smith's drug abuse, freshly re-minted California Governor Jerry Brown -- who went after Stern with a vengeance while he was Attorney General -- essentially said he couldn't care less.


Governor Brown's press office released this terse statement:  "It's in his past job and he has no comment."

Brown spent millions investigating Stern and co-defendants Sandeep Kapoor and Khristine Eroshevich for several years, before the D.A. filed criminal charges.

Brown and company sent Kapoor to the poor house, though he was eventually found not guilty on all charges.


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California is in big trouble with that idiot as governor.

1284 days ago


I really feel sorry for the people of CA. Gov MoonBeam

1284 days ago


Shame they spent MILLIONS for NOTHING! Guess there are no limits to what the government will waste taxpayer dollars on.....

1284 days ago


California is bankrupt they can't afford to spend millions of dollars to try to prosecute Stern and the doctors. Anna Nicole was a drug addict with or without Stern. It was a baseless case without merit. Now you CA taxpayers have to pay for this idiodic case, but then who the hell voted for Brown? He's a liberal lunatic. He should be in Berkley smoking dope because he's delusional.

1284 days ago


Big deal. Every single one of the defendants was as big a media and fame w hore as Brown. Brown is just far, far better at it.

1284 days ago


And it has begun...Bankruptcy here we come. When you have an idiot in charge, chaos will follow.

1284 days ago

No comment    

It should be said, CA taxpayers paid for this circus stunt not Brown. Anna Nicole was worthless, she moved out of CA, and died in FL. The case against Stern in CA was beyond wasteful.

1284 days ago


CA didn't have to spend more money to prosecute this case so it had ZERO impact on the state's budget. The prosecutor's are salaried employees who were doing the job they are paid to do. They didn't receive extra money to prosecute this case.

1284 days ago


Gov. Brown's office said "No comment" which seems to be appropriate response and not the equivalent of "I could care less." IMO, the individual's, including physicians, who appear to be illegally obtaining drugs for celebrities need to be prosecuted. Perhaps if there were better laws and a fear of prosecution & prison time, Anna Nicole Smith and Michael Jackson would still be alive.

1284 days ago


Brown needs to visit immigrationcounters . com and figure out WTF is wron gwith his state

1284 days ago


God help all you stupid Californians who knew that this was Moon Beam's character, yet you still overwhelmingly voted him in as Governor of your state. You wonder why you one of the greatest states in the Union is also one of the most pathetic, bankrupt, taxed states with massive unemployement. I'm sure Moon Beam with his Mafia-like tactics will help you out of your self-created mess.

1284 days ago


Jerry Brown could care less about anyone who aint in the Union, and even then he still dont care about anyone. Why should he, he is a career politician?

1284 days ago


Yeah, and now were stuck with the putz AGAIN as Governor...Do you hear that flushing sound? It's where ol' Jerry Ronstadt will send whats left of our state!

1284 days ago


Jerry Brown is going to do for The state that he did for Oakland. Nothing! If it is brown flush it.

1284 days ago


Wow....what a way to completely turn that comment around TMZ! he didn't say he didn't just wasn't a concern to him now that he's a governor! Sheesh! And to be honest, I am more upset at the JUDGE throwing the case out! It's an obvious sign of corruption when all these stars can pop multiple pills and get away with it. Jerry Brown isn't the cause. And to everyone who is hatin on JB...hahahahahahahaha! Believe me, he is waaaaayyyy better than what that **** Meg would have done to our state! Go Jerry! :)~

1284 days ago
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