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John Edwards Denies Engagement Rumors

1/7/2011 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A spokesperson for John Edwards is denying a report that claims the former senator recently proposed to baby mama Rielle Hunter.

John Edwards Engaged
According to the National Enquirer, Edwards proposed to Hunter over the Christmas holiday. But a family spokeswoman told The Daily Beast, “I can tell you that it’s not true.”

Before you completely dismiss the rumor, it's worth noting ... the Enquirer broke the whole Edwards/Hunter/love child mess in the first place.


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If he doesn't wait AT LEAST TWO YEARS before even being seen in public with that woman I will lose all respect, what little is left, for him. I NEVER had any respect for rielle.

1384 days ago

Inouno Nyx    

How long will it take for him to realize that Rielle is the one who gives the exclusives to the Enquirer? How dumb can he be? I hope she leaves him broke.

1384 days ago


I think this man is so ignorant and narcisstic he does see nor DOES he care how his conduct has impacted other innocent people. Whether Elizabeth was perfect or not, she didn't deserve what he's done, certainly he and Elizabeth's childern don't deserve to be exposed to his conduct and the end result. Doesn't seem to me they care to be either. I wouldn't if I was one of his children. I really do believe he only cares about himself and feels "he has a right to be happy". After what he's done - - JOHN YOU DON'T

1384 days ago


These two totally deserve one another, she's a homewrecking WHORE and is nothing more then a HARD-ON and he is such a liar and cheating s***bag, no-one would believe him. To think this Reille has the balls to have Elizabeth's young children call her mother is such an outrageous thing to do. I hope these kids make her life a living hell when they get a little bit older.
Their poor little girl has no idea what she will be facing when she grows up and realize her daddy lied and said she wasn't his, wait til she goes to school and the kids in her class make fun of her and taunt her, it will happen and God help this little girl.

1384 days ago


I don't think this sotry is true. I think Elizabeth is portrayed as 100% perfect, and John Edwards 100% bad.
He was married and faithful for 30 do posters compare that with Prince Charles?
I think Elizabeth was the power/status hungry one, and John really did not want to run for the Presidency. It was Elizabeth's ambition. Once affair story came out, how could John Edwards come forward and say, " I wasn't happy in my mairriage"?, He couldn't.

Ther is two sides to every story.

Posted at 10:17 AM on Jan 7, 2011 by Connie


None of us have a clue as to whether he was faithful to her for 30 years. He may not have been and we the public just never found out about it. And saying he "was faithful to her for 30 years" is insane. THEY WERE MARRIED, HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN FAITHFUL TO HER FOREVER. There is no "cut off" date to being faithful when you are married. The other comments are right, that guy is a slimeball, s***bag, d'bag, low-life and any other descriptive word that I can't even think of right now. And to cheat on your wife while she is fighting cancer? No, Connie, there isn't two sides to this story.

1384 days ago


I doubt that it is true. Anyone can say he is engaged because I think eventually he will be to someone, although I hope not to that whore Rielle Hunter. That would do serious harm to the relationship he has with his children with Elizabeth.

1384 days ago


there are so many people do not believe that..

But, you can see that on the video,, check here at

1384 days ago


he is such a POS! Karma is a bitch he will never be president and his career is in the toilet. Hope Rielle was worth that Johnny!

1384 days ago


He looks like John Ritter in that photo...sorry John Ritter, unlike him, you were a very decent man.

1384 days ago


I would give anything to run into this lower than whale sperm turd,then I would shave his head and stick a dried up dog turd in his mouth .

1384 days ago


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1384 days ago


At least Prince Charles had the decency to wait a few years before marrying Camilla.

1384 days ago


he is s*** is she for that matter!

1384 days ago


In response to your comment "There is two sides to every story."

In this story that would be 3 sides!

1384 days ago


Rielle actually stated on one of her interviews (I believe it was on Oprah) that John and her planned to marry when Elizabeth died. I saw it tht he had asked her then to marry him so she said. I do believe the enquirer based on what Rielle said and this mind you was when Elizabeth was in remission!! They were both just waiting for her to die to they could be together apparantly.

1384 days ago
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