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Alleged Arizona Shooter -- Crazy Rambling Videos

1/9/2011 12:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jared Lee Loughner -- the 22-year-old man who allegedly shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and 17 other people -- posted a series of videos to YouTube within the past month ... and it's both shocking and crazy.

The videos are a series of written slides -- topics include the Constitution, dreams, currency and mind control.

Loughner's profile page on YouTube lists his school history, interests, and favorite books (including "Animal Farm," "Brave New World" and "Mein Kampf") -- all written in the past tense.


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Pot smoking was the only thing he did right.

1390 days ago


and if I'm an impressionable, not so intelligent person with no knowledge of the communist manifesto; then I'd have been sold and rendered just as paranoid and radical as this guy...knowledge the only way to fight the crazy, trust me.

1390 days ago


Favorite books: "Animal Farm," "Brave New World" and "Mein Kampf", and the book TMZ conveniently excluded from this article, "the Communist Manifesto". These are not "Tea Party" favored books. These are not Republican favored books. These books are the favorites of far left liberal nuts.

TMZ, all you tried to do here is to convince your uneducated, misinformed visitors to this site into believing the gunman and murderer was some right wing, conservative, Tea Party attending, Republican voting radical. The fact is, this murderer is a commie-loving, pot-smoking, liberal nut job. Don't bother posing as a "news organization" if you are going conveniently leave out pertinent facts about a story or individual.

For record, I am a Democrat; not a Tea Party member or Republican.

1390 days ago


Nice job painting with a very large, obama brand rainbow unicorn brush, TMZ. You suck. The guy was not close to the Tea Party, and Sarah Palin had nothing to do with this tragedy. And it is "Animal Farm" not Animal Frame you insolent pip-squeak. This murderer is an anti-semetic obamabot, and just only slightly crazier than your run-of-the-mill baby-killing obamabot. No word about the ones who actually lost their lives and are worth something?? Of course not, because in the world of make believe, no life is valuable unless they can give you money for nothing.

Your dishonest coloring book journalism disgusts me. You people are responsible for nuts like Lougher. You over report innuendos and misleading fictional information, purposefully under reporting critical facts, inserting your own agenda to the masses of sheeple and obamabots. What do you expect? You have a 9-year-old's blood on your hands.

You're stupid to think anyone buys your load of bull when the facts are easily independently researched. You are now lower than the enquirer, and I'll not read your tabloid hyperfictitious crap anymore.

1390 days ago


Originally posted by logan

another left wing loon! The books that he listed as favorites were communists and socialist writers. Lets not leave out mein kampf. Hates mexivcans and jews (this will be out soon). A girls twitter account says he was Left wing and very liberal when she went to school with him and in a band with him. A real left wing Nutjob does another killing and MSNBC tried its best to blame palin and the tea party. Of course so did the idiots on this board. They are all eating crow today.

Posted at 8:34 AM on Jan 9, 2011 by logan

Liberals are not communists, please look up the definition or just eat your own crow. Liberals do not hate mexicans or jews, they embarce them, another plat of crow please. Last but not least the liberals are not spreading this derisive rhetoric around, that would be the conservatives. So I ask myself, how much crow do you eat a day.

1390 days ago


Firstly, the current government officials are in power for their currency but I am informing you for your new currency….
As a result, the people approve a new money system which is promising new information that’s accurate, and we truly believe in a new currency. Above all, you have new currency, listener?

First of all it should be "first, the government....," according to the correct grammar. Even though "firstly" is acceptable but "...Ultimately,.... Since first is a perfectly good adverb just as it stands, there is no need for the -ly. As E.B. White put it in the chapter he contributed to Strunk and White's The Elements of Style (1959): "Do not dress words up by adding 'ly' to them, as though putting a hat on a horse." Go to

Next, "in power of their currency" vs. "..for their currency" and "informing you of your new currency" vs "for new currency" (about what?) meaning 1) the power is in the possession of national currency 2) go to

1. Duration of time: We walked for two hours.
2. Distance: I walked for five kilometers.
3. Purpose: I bought this jacket for you.
4. In the direction of: She left for New York.
5. In favor of: We are for the proposal.
6. Considering: The boy is clever for his age.

1. Location: east of here; the middle of the road
2. Possession: a friend of mine; the sound of music
3. Part of a group: one of us; a member of the team
4. Measurement: a cup of milk; two meters of snow
Go to

Finally, he is totally incoherent and lacks logic. This guy may not be insane but he has a problem (first, the grammar problem) that needs to be addressed.

I wonder why would he use a "we" instead of "I"? Is it a group of "new currency" fans vs a loner we are talking about here?

1390 days ago


This guy isnt about the right or the left. This guy isnt even about the current events that have us all chatting 24 hours a day.

This guy has psychological problems. He sees himself as some kind of person with special powers. He focuses on pointless things like grammar controlled by society or the government.
He talks about how religions are rewritten for mind control. He goes on about currency in a way that doesnt make sense.

This guy thinks he is some kind of "Neo" character, just read about his lucid dreaming stuff. I bet he didnt target Gifford because of what she stood for but because she was accessible and represents the "government".

Meet your new John Hinckley Jr, another crazy who tried to kill for bizarre reasons.

1390 days ago


This world has become nothing more then a giant contest of egos. People take lives anymore without even blinking an eye. People watch other people take lives without even blinking an eye. What happened to Love! We need Love. We need to stop the BS. Get rid of Materials, Get rid of Money, Lets get back to living life. Stop buying into the propaganda, stop buying into the media, stop buying into our government, THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT US.

1390 days ago


EXACTLY #24 !!!!!!!!!!!


This guy isnt about the right or the left. This guy isnt even about the current events that have us all chatting 24 hours a day.

This guy has psychological problems. He sees himself as some kind of person with special powers. He focuses on pointless things like grammar controlled by society or the government.
He talks about how religions are rewritten for mind control. He goes on about currency in a way that doesnt make sense.

1390 days ago


It's like I stepped into Glen Beck's mind.

@15 Ron Paul and Glen Beck are the one's talking about the 'new' gold standard currency. Sorry to disappoint.

1390 days ago


Is it really so important to define the political position of a person who is OBVIOUSLY so mentally ill that he doesn't make sense anymore ?

1390 days ago


In this situation, his political standings are irrelevant. Evidently, the kid is not all there. Regardless of what any political pundit said he would still be ranting about something having to do with mind control because he is most likely schizophrenic-he his hearing voices, thus mind control. The military clearly saw this and rejected him, now if only we had a better mental health system so that he could be treated. I wonder what his parents say...

1390 days ago


#29, THANK YOU! Dude shot somebody in the face! and all these retards care about is what side of the political spectrum he was on, PATHETIC.

1390 days ago


@Megz...: "Firstly" is a word. I'm not sure what you're rambling about.

And who's running the editing desk today? Typos abound.

1390 days ago

Rok Yerbeav    

It's clearly a message about using 'grammar' to manipulate the constitution. We've all seen the questions on the ballots that are written ass backwards to deceive the voter... and on this issue he clearly has a case. Wouldn't surprise me if he was an insomniac also.

1390 days ago
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