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Alleged Arizona Shooter -- Crazy Rambling Videos

1/9/2011 12:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jared Lee Loughner -- the 22-year-old man who allegedly shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and 17 other people -- posted a series of videos to YouTube within the past month ... and it's both shocking and crazy.

The videos are a series of written slides -- topics include the Constitution, dreams, currency and mind control.

Loughner's profile page on YouTube lists his school history, interests, and favorite books (including "Animal Farm," "Brave New World" and "Mein Kampf") -- all written in the past tense.


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Stop posting his videos. In psych 101 you learn that people that commit acts such as this want publicity and by doing this you are giving him what he wants. Instead try honoring the victims by only covering information about them.

1346 days ago

G String    

Lots of writing, and no pictures. Are we sure he did this, or was someone setting this up? It's easy to write stuff and claim someone else wrote it. And the music is a little weird. For a guy who doesn't want his face to be shown (if that was the reason for the text-only rants), he sure did put a lot of details about his life in his profile.

1346 days ago


This guy is seriously disturbed. He belongs in one of the mental institutions that the GOPs closed down to save money. However, I don't think this guy is intelligent enough to do this alone. He must have had an accomplice.

1346 days ago


Another left wing extremist.

1346 days ago


This guy was as far from being a Tea Party follower as they come, yet liberals are trying to make it Tea Party fault.

Here is what he is...some taken from what he has stated and some taken from what people the know him state.

1346 days ago


civil rights is constitutional.

1346 days ago


Any time someone goes on a killing spree, a background check is done on the person to see what could possibly have led the indiviual to such drastic measures. Seeing how a lot of people have their own YouTube channel, myspace, facebook, etc., anything that is posted on their personal sites will go against them in the most negative ways. People will find the dirtiest and ugliest things they can to say about a killer with even the bible listed as their favorite book, and Scooby Doo listed as their favorite cartoon.

Jared Lee Loughner's video's make sense. Everything he has said makes sense. What doesn't make sense is the point in it. What is the point in continuously repeating yourself by changing a few words in a couple sentences about currency and mind control? What is the point?

As for the little girl born on 9/11, it is a tragedy, yes, but 9/11 is a date. In the year 2001 something tragic happened. But there will always be a 9/11 of every year after. And there has been a 9/11 every year before the incident. There are other tragic things that have happened throughout history on certain dates, and those dates will continue to come and go. And births will continue to happen every day of every year. As long as we continue to breed.

I am not meaning to psychoanalyze, but society tries to make coincidences out of everything.

When they delve deeper into Jared Loughner and can find out if he knew this little girl was going to be there, then he will be one sick bastard. But until then, he is just another, "sick" man like, "Manson", and "Bundy" that craved attention.

I can only hope that Jared Loughner gets the chair soon for his punishment instead of sitting on death row for 20 years like most of the other criminals.

1346 days ago



1346 days ago


Im glad he doesnt control my english grammer cuz his grammer sucks! Plus he makes zero sense. Clearly someone who is a few crayons short of a full box!

1346 days ago


Lock him in a room with Mark David Chapman & John Hinckley forcing them to listen to his ramblings. Hopefully they'll all tear each other apart.

1346 days ago


This kid needs help. He's crying for attention and he never got it til now. Our grammar is controlled by the media. What words are "hot" for the year are shoved down our throats by the overpowering machines called media now days. What he did was tragic, his cause could have been known if he had taken a different path. But unfortunately we'll never know what his cause was due the the media not wanting us to sympathize for this kid.

1346 days ago


A person's "party" makes no difference here. Republicans, Democrats, etc...we all fit somewhere in the political spectrum, but we aren't out resorting to violence. "Change" isn't a bad thing, but there's a way to go about it.

1346 days ago


This guy is obviously psychotic, i.e. BLEEPING INSANE. He's no different from the poor homeless guy on the corner who thinks the government is reading his mind. None of his opinions matter because (again) HE IS INSANE.
The real issue at hand is how a mentally deranged 22 year-old got access to a semi-automatic weapon. If you really want to turn this horrible event into a political argument start there, not with the fact that he read Marx. What he read or didn't read, his politics, his favorite Starbucks drink: all irrelevant because HE IS INSANE.

1346 days ago

Linda Thompson    

People who do this sort of thing want attention.
Don't give them any.
Refuse to listen to what they say.
Refuse to give him the attention for which he did this thing.
If we ALL did that (including the media,)
if there were absolutely nothing to gain from doing it......

1346 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

The questions that should be asked is why can't the public see him? When is he going to be arraingned? Whom is his representative? Where did come from and who is he or she?
This young man was and is being brain washed. do your research people.

1346 days ago
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