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Alleged Arizona Shooter -- Crazy Rambling Videos

1/9/2011 12:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jared Lee Loughner -- the 22-year-old man who allegedly shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and 17 other people -- posted a series of videos to YouTube within the past month ... and it's both shocking and crazy.

The videos are a series of written slides -- topics include the Constitution, dreams, currency and mind control.

Loughner's profile page on YouTube lists his school history, interests, and favorite books (including "Animal Farm," "Brave New World" and "Mein Kampf") -- all written in the past tense.


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yo TMZ! Why did you leave out only one of the idiot's favorite book?? Which happens to be THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO?

You guys are so predictable over there in your WEHO office drinking starbucks telling one side of the story!

Why don't you post the following rhetoric from the president on page one?!

Here’s some rhetoric: “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” “Argue with neighbors, Get in their face!,” “If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard,” “I don’t want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry.” “Punish your enemies” “We talk to these folks… so I know whose ass to kick.“ “I’m itching for a fight.” “Hand-to-hand combat”. (Barack Obama)

DO YOUR HOMEWORK, read through his statements and speeches, you will find all of these quotes there!

1382 days ago


MK-ULTRA. Google it, I'll leave it at that. Keep your sons far, far away from the military, folks. I'm guessing this guy is from a military family, a generational. I could be wrong here, but I doubt it. It will be interesting to see his family background.

1382 days ago

Mickey Von Dutch    

He talks about dreaming. How about that little girl? All her dreams where shot when this delusional **** pulled the trigger. How dare one human being take the life of another for the sake of some lame political concept!

1382 days ago


Why did you leave off "THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO" as one of his favorite books?

Biased reporting?

Why did you leave off "THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO" as one of his favorite books?

Biased reporting?

Why did you leave off "THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO" as one of his favorite books?

Biased reporting?

Why did you leave off "THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO" as one of his favorite books?

Biased reporting?

1382 days ago


Its really sick that people are adding comments like "the tea party" "left wing" and "democrat" and "republican." I live about 20 minutes away from where this horrific occurance took place and i have to say no one here in tucson is even mentioning party names at the moment, theyre too focused on what took place and the precious lives that were lost. People need to take notice that these lives were just trashed by someone who obviously does not care about humanity. I really do pray that justice will be served.

1382 days ago


If this isnt an argument for gun control I dont know what is. There is something seriously wrong here when a mentally deranged person can walk in a gun shop and buy a weapon THAT easily!

1382 days ago

Hugh Jass    

this unfortunate deranged individual Jared Lee Loughner evidently also posted reader comments to all the TMZ threads on Michael Jackson, suggesting MJ: is still alive and talented, MJ was supposedly not a gay pederast. Jared Lee Loughner also made remarks condemning Conrad Murray M.D. on the TMZ reader threads re: Michael Jackson. So there.

1382 days ago

Fabio Thompson    

You americans are the biggest idiots, america is a socialist country, what do you call poice, firefighting and public schooling the only thing in america which is capitalist is your health care system and that is working out real great.

1382 days ago


Smart observations to #23-NobodySpecial, #8 Traci, and #42 JB. Especially #23 and #8 for mentioning 2 different things. Mark David Chapman who was 25 when he killed John Lennon, and 8 for mentioning late teens to mid-20's is usually the time frame for the onset of paranoid schzophrenia.

I grew up next door to a schzophrenic and ironically just befriended another neighborhood kid who 4 years ago jumped in front of a semi(survived) and is OBVIOUSLY schzophrenic. He thought he could stop the semi. People who find that comical are sicker than these truely tortured individuals.

I HIGHLY suggest Wikipedia'ing Mark David Chapman if you are not familiar with him and killing John Lennon. The common thread between him, Jared Lougner, and the boy I grew up with (call him Bob) are glaringly, frighteningly, and tragically all nearly identical.

I'm not a doctor but what you see with schzophrenics is their minds are firing a million miles a minute. Lougner states "I am tired I need rest." He also states "I am sleepwalking".."I am consciously sleepwalking but I am awake." Schzophrenics CONSTANTLY repeat themselves because in a sense they are making an attempt to establish what is 'real.' Bob will ask me from time to time "Does this sound crazy?" and I now know he is dead serious, because he doesnt know. All he knows is "If this is true...than this must also be true." This explains Bob's fixation with Ying and Yang: Taoism. Its not that he is religious BY ANY means...yet he will look into it assuming there is some sort of 'reason' or 'framework' in which he can mold a safe understanding of his surroundings. Chapman did this with Christianity and the book Catcher In The Rye. All 3 of these individuals took on a'God-like' personna it seems to make them feel in control of their mis-firing minds. Every human has a natural propensity to want to make sense of things. These men were attempting to do the same thing but for some reason did not receive treatment. Their paranoia consumes them over the unknown so (as I mentioned earlier) they attempt to educate themselves. This is the dangerous part if they are going this alone. Chapman shot Lennon because he felt Lennon was a 'phony.' That he was misleading the youth with lyrics from songs like 'Imagine'...mentioning imagine the world with no possessions/material things...imagine a world full of love. To Chapman he was a phony because Lennon had alot of money/material things and that was his only interest, which is self-love, not love for others. Hence Lennon is a fraud. This is Chapman logic. His words before sentencing were from Catcher In The Rye in which he claims to be Holden Caufield (protagonist in the book) where he is in a field of rye and there is nothing but children surrounding him and they were walking off an edge into an abyss, and he was the only 'big person to save them.' Hence I am the catcher in the rye. See the similarities? God complex. Feeling they see 'the real truth' and they are doing a service. Chapman sat and read that book till the police arrived.

Here is the legal catch that got Chapman and will most likely catch Lougner. Chapman killed a very popular man. Lougner killed some very important people and a child. Though many who exaluated Chapman said he was schzophrenic or full blown psychotic, the ruling was that he was "dillusional but still competent." Even though he refused his attorneys wish for an insanity plea OR to appeal any decision made. He insisted on pleading guilty. Don't mistake this for a change of heart and he became a good guy. HE WAS NUTS, but who is going to argue with him...he killed John Lennon.

In conclusion, I just want to say my prayers are for the victims and the sick man that shot them. This is FAR FROM A POLITICAL THING. I believe he shot them because they represented authority. Because they were no different than his school who he felt repressed him. His whole mindset was 'If my reality is this and I dont respect that? Then this is my reality...what is of value to you (currency) and rules (constitution) is phony...then I will make my own." These people arent seeking attention or politcally motivated. They are attempting to make pieces fit in a ****tered mind.

1382 days ago


and after watching these videos 46% of TMZ readers polled think sarah palin is partly to blame for this wackos actions. - ya ok right sure. I'm going with 46% of readers polled either wanted to check the box blaming palin because they don't like her or are just ignorant to the fact that this guy is a total nut job. After seeing these videos I have to go with the former because it couldn't be that 46% of TMZ readers are that ignorant. say it ain't so.

1382 days ago


this is as fake as bin laden tape!!!!!! there is no tape cmon only text? no video of the guy lol

1382 days ago


Thank you for your post. My son has schizophrenia and yes it is the same thing. Most will not harm anyone, but they do have tortured minds.

Sheriff Dupnik did have a point when he said that what comes out of washington, the media and the movies needs to be looked at.

I suggest we all not judge quite yet.

1382 days ago


1) That is NOWHERE near close to teaparty and my guess is if you are saying that you are Democrat and being a Democrat, it embarasses me how many like to blame and spread lies and not actually educate yourselves on what the teaparty really is. The boy is obviously mentally ill and to try to blame it on a party to make your party look better is insanity in itself....actually no its not insanity its deceitful and wrong. One person and one act cannot speak for an entire party. This should not be a witch hunt on either side.
2) it would have been nice if you would have put TMZ on the bottom so we could read eveything.

1382 days ago


The only people who are possibly more psychotic than loner is the ones ATTEMPTING to make this about politics. At least loner is schzophrenic, what is your excuse? This kid was out to shoot an 'authority figure.' SOMETHING that in his psychosis oppressed him...not SOMEONE! Clearly alot of people here have never met a schzophrenic. Its obvious this isnt a sane man. If it were truely about killing politicos why is only 1 of the 6 killed a judge? 2 of the 17 vicitims were in office or held the bench. He fixated on her no different than Hinkley did shooting Reagen to impress Jodi Foster, or Chapman did with Lennon after Catcher In The Rye. Keep in mind Hinkleys voter registration was Republican and Chapman was obssessed with Lennon and SOMETHING (in their sick mind) made them snap. If it was about politics do you think he would of shot a Democrat who is for TIGHTER GUN LAWS, LOWER TUITION (WHICH HE RANTED SHOULD BE FREE), AND A HEALTHCARE SYSTEM THAT IS BEING FOUGHT TOOTH AND NAIL THAT COULD OF POSSIBLY SAVED HIM?!?!?! DONT ATTEMPT TO EXPECT COMMON SENSE FROM THOSE THAT DONT POSSESS IT. This applies to Loehner when he was full-blown psychotic AND those in here who have no excuse of mental illness who claim this is a political thing. Keep in mind it was about AUTHORITY....PERIOD. This kid couldnt stand law enforcement either, the school, probably doctors as well cause they (are involved with mind control). I believe he fixated on her cause she was accesssible, he hears and reads about he constantly since she is local, and most importantly she represents Government = represents oppressor = evil. "Therefore" or "Hence" this is how schzoprenics think when they are psychotic. I have witnessed it MANY times.

1382 days ago


Very good post, #87.

1382 days ago
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