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Arizona Shootings -- Take A Stand

1/10/2011 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Arizona shootings raises serious issues .... from Sarah Palin telling people to "reload," to banning automatic weapons. So we're taking your temperature.



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Clearly TMZ is a biased, liberal, Sarah Palin hating website. Harvey, you're kind of a joke. Let's not forget, you live in California with the rest of the whackos who gave us Nancy Pelosi, and decided that an Austrian guy with a background in body building and acting was the best qualified candidate to lead you out of the debt ridden cellar that your state has been in for SEVERAL years now, and back into prosperity.

Do yourselves a favor folks.....NEVER listen to a Californian in the realm of politics. They typically don't know their anus from a hole in the ground in the political arena.

1380 days ago


Violent revolution -- ever ok? you 78% haven't read much US history ...remember the British thing back a couple hundred years or so.My GOD.

1380 days ago


google://democratic target map

Guess who had their own target map....

1380 days ago


"Andy are you going to be the next shooter? What the HELL are you talking about???? Go read the history book dude. THAT revolution was for a good course. What GOOD COURSE do you see in a VIOLENT revolution NOW? "

Posted at 10:10 AM on Jan 9, 2011 by Janeny


The question was: 'Violent revolution -- ever ok?'

That word 'EVER' speaks volumes and most certainly includes the American Revolutionary War in its context.

1380 days ago


My God - even TMZ is jumping on the 'let's politicize this based on no info' bandwagon. You folks should stick to gossip - this story should not be in your purview nor should this tragedy be reduced to your idiotic "polls".

1380 days ago


Shame on you TMZ for pointing a finger on someone who has nothing to do with this shooting. The shooter was a liberal and he KILLED a republican Federal Judge on top of the fact that Gabby was a blue dog. I bet 90% of the people that read this don't even know what a blue dog is. Get your stories straight. I can't even stand sarah palin - but how dare you sensationalize this story and point fingers at someone who wasn't even there. If the shooter was a liberal why would he care who sarah palin wants out of office? The problem with this country is that most of the people who vote get thier political education from websites like this that don't know thier ass from a hole in the wall. DISGUSTED.

1380 days ago


It is stupid to blame the TeaParty for this tragedy. The shooter was an obvious nutjob who needs help . What he did he did against freedom and our country. We all need to listen more when people are voicing their outrage !

It was an act of true cowardice imo.

My thoughts are with the victims and their families today.

1380 days ago


Sarah Palin and the Tea Party are without question too blame for this incident. They should out a bounty on Sarah Palin. LOL

1380 days ago


Sarah is in no way responsible for this. The shooter was a far left nutjob.

1380 days ago


"How in the world, can any United States citizen suggest "NO" to this question??? Our country was founded as the result of a "necessary", violent revolution. It must be easier to forget, when we are constantly re-writing the history books, or dismissing them altogether. Violent revolution brought necessary freedom to North America, and laid the groundwork for the current rights and liberty which we are afforded today.

Posted at 10:05 AM on Jan 9, 2011 by andy

Andy are you going to be the next shooter? What the HELL are you talking about???? Go read the history book dude. THAT revolution was for a good course. What GOOD COURSE do you see in a VIOLENT revolution NOW?

Posted at 10:10 AM on Jan 9, 2011 by Janeny"


"Violent revolution -- ever ok?"

The word "EVER" means something, as do most words.

Don't attempt to affix labels where they do not apply.

I am a very non-confrontational, non-violent person, by the way!!! Enjoy the remainder of your day . . .

1380 days ago


@ Kitty

I can't see how you would NOT be able to point fingers at Palin, after putting crosshairs on the US map. This person does not have her finger on the pulse of America! You simply don't do that, if you do, you incite this type of anger.
Prayers to All involved.

Posted at 8:45 AM on Jan 9, 2011 by kitty
@ Inouno Nyx

Democrats used targets on their maps too.
Stupid liberal drama queens.
Posted at 1:19 PM on Jan 8, 2011 by angelatc

Ummm... is that all you got? They are targeting STATES. Sarah Palin targeted PEOPLE. Giffords was among them.
Posted at 1:46 PM on Jan 8, 2011 by Inouno Nyx

Ummm ... One would like to think that the Sarah Palin bashers are capable of puting 2 and 2 together … i.e. which STATES are represented by which PEOPLE and name the people as well as to work it out what policies they represent .. Or aren’t they? :-)

SO much hate in here!

People shouldn’t be too hasteful in judgement.
They may be accused of inciting the hateful campaign themselves even further !!!!!! Don’t give any more weirdos any more stupid ideas for the future, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheriff Dupnik revealed Jared Loughner had made previous threats to kill but not against Ms Giffords. 'All I can tell you is that this person may have a mental issue,' he added.
In one of several Youtube videos, Loughner described inventing a new U.S. currency and complained about the illiteracy rate among people living in Ms Giffords' congressional district in Arizona.
Postings included a number of bizarre anti-government messages and a picture of a handgun resting on a U.S. history book. He also claimed he was 'a mind controller... able to control every religion'. He is also a fanatical believer in Main Kamp AND .. a Mao communist doctrine! At the same time .. Etc etc

SO what do you make of that?!? Are you still blaming Sarah Palin ?!?!?!
And, yes! As much as some people wouldn't want to admit it - Democrats also used targets on their maps too. Fortunately nby has been shot then!!

Anybody who STILL lays the blame on anybody other then the actual shooter is off the rocker and wants the hateful campaign to go on and on and to score just a cheap political point only.

This is a time to pray for and think of the dead, the injured and of their families. Bless them all at this tragic time of yet another senseless loss.

1380 days ago


Obama said when they bring a knife to the fight we will bring a gun.

1380 days ago


BANNING automatic weapons isint going to resolve anything .Drugs are illegal u can still find them everywhere . PERHAPS IF PEOPLE EXERCISED THEIR RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS SOMEBODY COULD HAVE SHOT AND KILLED THE 22 YEAR OLD PERPERPETRATOR BEFORE HE SHOT AND KILLED A SIX YEAR OLD LITTLE GIRL........................

1380 days ago


Palin is a stupid woman and everything is a joke to her. Including her f' n family. Kill Sarah Palin quickly

Posted at 9:49 AM on Jan 9, 2011 by anni
What a stupid thing to say, especially in light of what has just happened. Nobody should be advocating for bodily harm to anybody.

1380 days ago


Everyone who makes millions inciting "right" stupid anger are to blame!
Yeah you--Rush, Glen, Bill, etal.

1380 days ago
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