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Hugh Hefner -- I'm Taking Back 'Playboy'

1/10/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hugh Hefner has sealed a deal to buy back control of his Playboy empire from stockholders -- a deal that didn't come cheap.


The quick and dirty: 84-year-old Hefner will spend $207 million to buy out Playboy stockholders ... giving him significantly more control of the company he founded more than 50 years ago.

Hefner had previously stated that he intends to pass control of Playboy over to his two sons -- and this move will make it easier for him to execute his plan.



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eggshells los gogo    

THE STANDARDS of today make old hugh look like a real wife and likie the puspus maybe he`s no so bad after all.WIFE could run it and his sons after he checks out.

1382 days ago



I'm thinking he has 5 good years left before he needs help making any moves, so why would he want to go to work if you will?

Perhaps his new infant bride, who still needs a car seat to travel with him, is helping him make this decision? She could start getting all the control very easily.....

Nothing worse than an old fool. His daughter must be thrilled with his newest bimbo. I'm sure he will have yet, another child with her to prove he can still perform.

Is there not one part of his brain that tells him how stuipd he looks? How gross this is? That she would not be interested in him in a second if he didn't have what he has?

Is he THAT delusional already??!! Oh, she loves you Hef, even more when you are dead. She figures she has to invest a few years and she got it made in the shade, and laying men her our age who don't make her want to throw up.

Which she is probaly already doing.....pool boy, pool boy.

Wake you want to spend the winter of your life, which has been a ride with its high points no doubt, like THIS!?

Going out with that kind of reputation?

1382 days ago


What happened to his daughter who was running Playboy?

1382 days ago


Stick a fork in the business Hef, it is done. Don't flush more money down the toilet on a business that has been long dead. Have someone (maybe your child bride?) explain what a computer is and show you all the free porn on the internet and then maybe you will see what a mistake you're making. $207 million? Might as well also invest in payphones and photomats while you are at it. You can never lose enough money.

1382 days ago


LongJohn, Christie retired (quit) a couple of years ago. She probably got tired of being blamed for not being able to turn it around. Gandalf could not turn around a porn magazine in 2011.

1382 days ago

Jackie days people can get to look at hot girls in porn on site for free. All adult biz is going down and down. Nobody is gonna waste their money buying playboy magazine unless losers like Hugh will.

1382 days ago


he's dreaming, that ship has already sailed, give his sons the dough instead, let them strike outon their own. They aren't even out of college. This company is really history.

1382 days ago


Why not just divide that 207 million between his kids right now. Save a little for yourself to get by on and watch that fiancee run like the ****ens.You'll be killing two birds with one stone. The magazine is losing money, why throw away good money on a not so good thing. You'll also find out if your future bride is a gold digger.

1382 days ago


Hef also doesn't seem to understand that the internet has personalized porn. Whatever your specific fetish or thing is there is a site for it. Those are the people paying for it, for very specific content. You can't possibly make money from general softcore porn like playboy.

According to his 2009 divorce papers his net worth was $43 million. He is borrowing most of the money. Wonder who would be stupid enough to do that. Probably some rich hedge fund guys are buying access to the mansion. No other reason someone would willingly lose money.

1382 days ago

Physical Graffiti    

Greedy! Hugh, you've made your money. Not many folks are buying magazines anymore. I know you're older than Methuselah, but you have to have heard of the internet, no?

1382 days ago

Race care nut    

#9, I agree. The old fool is about to leverage himself into bankruptcy. He'd be better off just giving the cash to his kids. Probably ought to keep enough $ to keep a stash of Depends.

1382 days ago


Hef has 3 sons... why won't he give it to all 3 of his sons and his daughter?

He is not a good parent...shame on you.

1382 days ago


I'm glad that Hugh Hefner has his company back. And speaking of Playboy, I would like to make a plea to the people at Playboy to please get Jennifer Love Hewitt to do a nude pictorial for their magazine.

1382 days ago


He's pulling a Steve Jobs, nice move Hef.

1382 days ago


hes getting everything in order. I think he has some major health problem and hes not going to live long. thats why hes getting married to the 24 yr old. thats why hes collecting his money, so that crystal harris can have the money.
maybe his dr told him he dosnt have long to live or he has alzhimers or some other old age health problem

1382 days ago
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