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Heisman Winner Cam Newton Running to the NFL

1/13/2011 10:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cam Newton is no dummy -- the controversial and amazingly talented QB is done at Auburn University ... and says he's going to the NFL next year.


The Heisman Trophy winner -- who was in the middle of a recruiting scandal all season -- announced Thursday that he will skip his senior season and enter the NFL draft.

Monday night Newton lead the Auburn Tigers to a national championship victory over Oregon that went right down to the wire.

An NCAA investigation found that Newton's father attempted to sell his son's football services to Mississippi State ... although he eventually decided to play ball at Auburn instead.

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No Avatar


Cam: do not listen to all these jealous morons go get all you can and play hard! Best of luck

1293 days ago


One good year. Your smarter teams won't touch him. But a team like the Detroit Lions will covet him, even if he can hardly speak English. The NFL won't protect you like the SEC & NCAA did.

1293 days ago


And who is surprised by this? It was always about the money, it is with all these guys, they have no loyalty to schools or temas, only the paycheck. All of them are over paid, but yet you never hear politicans talk about raising taxes on them or saying thye make too much like the big oil comapanies do, etc...go with the wind Cam, we all know you knew all about your Daddy's sceme to get some money for you & him. They lookded the other way on all your crimes, includng stealing a laptop, anyone who breaks the law should loose their scholorship right then & there & it should go to someone who really wants an education.

1293 days ago


See ya later SCAM NEWTON. I can't wait to see you get knocked on your a@@ by the big guys. Maybe then you will get a dose of humility.

1293 days ago

Shame shame    

#9 Sounds like an Auburn fan who's in denial. Id be ashamed to be a fan of a team who had to PAY for a Championship. Cecil got 200,000 from Auburn and they all got away with it by saying Cam wasnt aware?? The same Cam who was asked to LEAVE Florida for stealing a laptop...and NO it was not his own. Still wanna tell me Cam didnt know?

1292 days ago


Way to go Cam. You goobers keep up with the hate and your petty jealousy. Now he can help his father remodel that church and continue give something back to the community he grew up in. And you morons can continue to waste your time and energy hating on good old Cam.

1292 days ago

Bama Mom    

Scam Newton is a great athlete. With that being said I am a CRIMSON TIDE fan. I bleed Crimson and White. (Don't get that twisted)He was stealing school work and computers while he was at FLA. He left (cause of Tebow, so he says)because he did not get enough playing time. He cheated when he got to Auburn, he got paid to play. Everybody says he ain't guilty cause "his Daddy took the money", well Reggie Bush's parents took the money. If Scam is allowed to keep his then give Reggie's back to him! Scam is taking a pay cut and going Pro......

1292 days ago


With your first NFL check, get your cauliflower ears fixed. No wonder you couldn't hear your dad taking that 200 grand from Auburn. Way to buy a championship, cheaters !

1292 days ago

Realist Tenn    

You are idiots for depicting this young man as a criminal. He would be in jail if he wasn't playing football? You people need to evaluate your reasoning behind not liking Cam Newton. Why is a black quarterback compared to Vick and JaMarcus? You are saying because he is black he will make mistakes like these individuals? Farve is a perv, Big Ben is a rapist but "you" love them They are criminals.....Get over it anytime a black man is successful "you" people get intimidated by his success as long as a black person is underneath "you" people you are ok with it but as soon as a black person appears "uppidity" and doesn't no his place "you" people panic. I say congrats to Mr Newton and I wish him the best. Focus your attention on the crazy shooter in Arizona and worry about how many lives he has ruined and what "you" could have done during his childhood to prevent that from happening instead of Cecil Newton's parenting skills and example..... imjs

1292 days ago

Wade Cothran     

"The media has made him out to be bigger than life and he will have a very difficult time living up to that."

Are you retarded? According to rushing and passing yards and touchdowns run and thrown, he's the best quarterback to ever play college football.

1292 days ago


@59you need to take a step back! I'm white, a DIE HARD BAMA fan and I do believe I was praising Fairley and Dyer at the beginning of these post! How many Bama fans do you know will praise ANYTHING Auburn? So stop with the race card. IT IS OLD! As far as Cam, he is a Big Ego Jerk. He acts like He won that game all on his own. NOT! As far as the other BS.. Don't care. We (Bama) have are title and heisman.

PS: Julio Jones is the TRUE BEAST!!

1292 days ago


hey #29, do some research cam told his coach he would be back. Looks like someone is a Auburn fan.....NCAA football fan

1292 days ago


You only wish you were good a person as Mr. Cam Newton.He is a wonderful young man. All you haters need to go right now and clean all those skeletons out of your closets. Cam is human just like you and we have all made mistakes trusting other people, like the person who sold him a stolen lap top and didn't tell him it was stolen. Just like some of those things you bought from e-bay are stolen.

1119 days ago
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