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Dire Straits -- Classic Song Ruled Offensive in Canada

1/13/2011 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

26 years after the Dire Straits classic hit "Money for Nothing" first hit the airwaves ... the song has been ruled "too offensive" to be broadcast on Canadian radio ... because of a homophobic lyric.


The issue first arose last year, after someone filed a complaint explaining that the song contained the homophobic F-word ... three different times.

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council ruled that the word is indeed offensive -- and ordered radio stations to use an edited version of the song.

The CBSC explained that societal values have "shifted" since the song debuted ... and "the broadcast of the song in 2010 must reflect those values, rather than those of 1985."


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Zach Swan    

It's an embarrassing day to be a Canadian. Evidently we're a politically correct nation intent on coddling our citizens. Hell, let's wrap all Canadians in bubble wrap to ensure no one ever gets hurt and provide government funded ear plugs so no one ever hears anything that could possibly offend them. Our government is saying that none of us can think for ourselves and decide what is right / wrong / good / bad. How pathetic.

The worst thing is, the people Dire Straits were calling ***gots weren't even gay. They were the exact opposite of gay. They were the boys in Motley Crue.

1346 days ago


Doubtful that many people knew the f a gg ot word was in this song. Canada just called attention to it and now I love the song even more.

1346 days ago


Why is everyone always so damn offended? The direction our society is going makes me sick! I've threatened to move to Canada many times because of this......looks like I'll have to pick another country! It would seem they are almost as ridiculous as we are. Just sad. : (

1346 days ago

northern gypsy    

i's progressive legislation...however...
a federal election must be in the works...
that's right folks...the party in in trouble !!!

1346 days ago


That's plain stupid.....I didn't expect Canada to act like this. In UK..The word *** means a smoke....Please get over yourselves.

1346 days ago


To be fair the song was not insulting homosexuals. That part of the song is being sung from the viewpoint of someone who did not understand the new video music world of that time. It was not expressing Dire Straits personal viewpoints, but talking/singing from the point of someone who is jealous of the pop stars success, (a third person narrative)and lifestyle seen in a music video.. even their music video depicts a blue collar redneck saying those words...
The PC world is going over the top. Are we now gonna re-edit the TV mini series Roots because they used offensive language showing how bad things were during slavery?

1346 days ago

They are crayz!!    

it was one person that complained to the CRSC ( canadian radio service corp? ithink) that oversees this crap. The person heard the song at 9:15pm. They complained about the lyrics, but CRSC ssaid nothing was wrong with the song. The moron then had to write out the lyrics and re-submit the complaint because of the CRSC original decision. REALLY!! As for rap - hip hop, they are already edited for airplay up here.

1346 days ago


Read the classic book 1984. Apparently we can't stop the slide.

1346 days ago


Btw Dire Straits are British, so yeah...they can use the word ***.

1346 days ago

you heard right    

They didn't ban John Lennon's "Woman Is The ****** of the World" (7" single in 1972)...or his other songs like "Bring on the Lucie" where he sings " while your jerking off each..." or for that matter, the "F-word" in "Working Class Hero" it because these songs are "positive thinking" numbers???
it's ART goddamnit!
besides, the radio SUCKS. don't listen to it. BUY music from the artists and support them directly.

1346 days ago


Hey #9 Kate - The next line in that AIC song after they say "Jesus Christ, deny your maker" they say "He who tries will be WASTED" IE- DON'T DENY WHO YOU ARE or WHERE YOU CAME FROM. Don't let others tell you who to be or WHAT TO SAY!!! Just another song's lyrics and artists expression taken out of context to serve someone elses agenda. BLEH! I guess Dire Straits is in good company.

1346 days ago


The part that gets me is that if they would just LISTEN to the CONTEXT that the word is being used for in the lyrics, they wouldn't be so quick to be offended. The song is referring to how they, as rock stars, were being percieved by the public. They are referring to how people would snicker at them and make derogitory comments about them. People are so quick to jump to meet this asinine standard of political correctness, that they don't even take the time to really understand what they are sensoring. Get your heads out of your asses, people!!

1346 days ago


Read the classic book 1984. Apparently we can't stop the slide.

Posted at 10:35 AM on Jan 13, 2011 by Wiley

Hey, I was thinking that too. Since values have changed and everything, why don't we just go back and rewrite everything we find offensive.

1346 days ago


how gay

1346 days ago


I don't know.... they've only been playing the song for the last 26 years without a problem!!!!! all of a sudden it's offensive???? Get real!!!!

1346 days ago
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