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Dire Straits -- Classic Song Ruled Offensive in Canada

1/13/2011 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

26 years after the Dire Straits classic hit "Money for Nothing" first hit the airwaves ... the song has been ruled "too offensive" to be broadcast on Canadian radio ... because of a homophobic lyric.


The issue first arose last year, after someone filed a complaint explaining that the song contained the homophobic F-word ... three different times.

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council ruled that the word is indeed offensive -- and ordered radio stations to use an edited version of the song.

The CBSC explained that societal values have "shifted" since the song debuted ... and "the broadcast of the song in 2010 must reflect those values, rather than those of 1985."


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I am Canadian and just to make it straight this is not the opinion of all canadians. This is one gay man who decided he didn't like hearing the word in a song and in this day and age all you have to do is breathe that you are offended with something and it taken care of.

1377 days ago


Can you please tell me, D Wayne, what the French have to do with it? The song is in ....euh English! Soo easy to blame the French! Even if you don't live here, right?

1377 days ago


C'mon, this is so easy to fix. Since most of the people of Canada live in the southern part, I bet they all hear U.S.A. radio stations.

Have every rock station in the USA play the long version of "Money for nothin" at least once an hour. end of problem.

Being "Politically Correct" violates my 1st Amendment rights! And everyone else's in the USA. I am sick of it!

1377 days ago


This song is over 20 years old, and just now they realize it has the word f@990t in it? Sheesh, how far behind are they up there?

Some radio stations just edit out that whole part, why don't they just do that in Canada if it's that big of a deal?

1377 days ago


The whole point of the lyric is that the guy saying it is jealous and hating his life, it's not an endorsement of that attitude. Not observing context is idiotic, yet I'm sure these self-appointed censors consider themselves intellectually superior despite evidence of their stupidity.

1377 days ago


Political correctness run amok again!

1377 days ago

Kyle Templeton    

I am Canadian and this decision is an embarrassment. The PC douches out east are constantly forcing radio and television regulations, such as this, down everybody’s throat. They regulate what we can see and hear for entertainment and that’s wrong. Another example is that hours of airtime are wasted on lousy Canadian programming that nobody watches but is government funded. We used to condemn the Soviet Union for practices like this. I have an American dish and American satellite radio subscription to cir***vent this crap!

1377 days ago


This is no worse than the words TMZ edits on a daily basis. PC has gotten to far our of control. There are no "bad" words. Bad people and bad intent but no bad words. I dare to say if we as a society are raising or children to be scared of a collection of letters then I'll venture to bet we are raising a nation full of wusses.

1377 days ago


Ronald Raymond before saying Canada you suck why don't you listen to the song all summer long by kid rock, they blipped the words smoking funny things in the USA not in Canada.

1377 days ago


#27 Thank you for clarifying the lyrics. Using capslock was particularly helpful to me.

You still seem to have missed my point, though. The context of the offensive word in the Dire Straits song was not taken into account when this song was censored, so why would the CBSC take the context of the Alice In Chains song into account? It's all about being PC, and I think it's a load of crap.

1377 days ago


What? liberals are in favor of censorship??? hmmm

1377 days ago


I'm Canadian, and frankly ashamed by this decision. The amount of censorship we deal with up here is ridiculous. "Money for Nothing" is definitely not the first song to be censored on the radio. Afraid I can't cite examples as I don't recall which others in particular have received the 'PC' seal of approval, but they're out there. Hell, I can't even watch the average movie on television any more because of the level of butchering. It's insane.

1377 days ago


Canadians just officially became a bunch of wussies.

1377 days ago


As a Canadian it just makes me shake my head. This whole politically correct crap makes me ill. Did you know its not even PC to say Merry Christmas here anymore because there are people from different cultures that have moved here and don't like it?

1377 days ago


Apparently, those in Canada don't realize that the word's "usage" is meant in a somewhat derisive parody of what a "blue collar" type worker thinks of those "rock stars"; it's not meant to be what Dire Straits thinks of those "rock stars". Sort of like when a black comedian affects a stereotypical dumb, white, southern accent, and says something "that" person would say about black people, only using the n-word.

Get it?

1377 days ago
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